Article author: Asatro News Published: 23rd day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 23rd day of Sol-month 2014

Asatru cultured Denmark rightfully puts the rights of Animals above the 'rights' of Jews and Muslims

On the 17th of February Denmark solidified its pagan nature, by enforcing a ban on Kosher and Halal production, sealing the end of any potential for Muslims or Jews to engage in the manufacturing of Kosher or Hallal foods in Denmark, or any of the territories within the Kingdom of Denmark, which also includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands. 

The legislative move is highly symbolic, indicating that, despite being generally corrupt and unresponsive to the opinions of the Danish folk, the Folkething (Parliament) has finally been forced via public opinion to encode the ban on Kosher production. 

Although prior to this there were no Kosher factories in Denmark (officially), the ban will prevent what otherwise would have been the inevitable establishment of Halal slaughterhouses in Denmark noting the small but persistently growing Muslim population within Denmark (that will at some point need to be politically and demographically confronted by concerned Danish folkists).

The degenerate and cruel Jewish ritual slaughter method: Shechita, demonstrates the horrific tendencies of the Jew's evolutionary psychology (for such a custom like this to have evolved among Jews in addition to the fanatical Jewish rituals of Kol Nidre (religiously justifying all their future lies each year) and circumcision of males), that it is not an argument about cleanliness of the meat, as is often argued in relation to cutting the neck of an animal upon death to drain the blood quickly, but Shechita actually specifies that the animal must be 100% conscious to feel its own death for the meat to then subsequently be classed as Kosher, showing how the Jewish cultural spirit that created this ritual is, allegedly as abhorrent as the Jewish genocidal political tendencies as seen in Palestine and the genocidal situation they have engineered inside every European nation.

"animal rights come before [the Jewish and Islamic] religion[s]"

-Agriculture & food Minister Dan Jørgensen 

The statement above demonstrates that Denmark is not capitulating to the growing political influence of Islam and the continued influence of Jews, like countless other European nations Denmark is making legislative moves against Islam, immigration and Jews, as is currently the trend in both domestic and foreign policy attitudes (especially in regards to Israel and the West bank) all over Europe and in every European nation (except the horrifically Zionist occupied United States and Canadian governments, who staunchly defend Israel even when the rest of the world is moving against the Jewish-genocidal-state).

Jews within Denmark, that number around only 6,000+, heavily lobbied the government of Denmark, both religious and atheistic Jews lobbied the Danish government through the media and petitions over the last few months, showing beyond dispute that it is not merely a Jewish religious problem (from the perspective of animal welfare), but a problem caused by Jewish culture and Jews themselves.

To demonstrate the reality of what this single legislative move in Denmark means in terms of a symbolic revolt against Jewish political power, one needs only to look at the media reaction from Jewish self-proclaimed authorities, media groups and the opinion from within the Jewish-genocidal-state itself:

"European anti-Semitism is showing its true colours across Europe, and is even intensifying in the government institutions" -Israeli Deputy minister of religious services, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan

In the UK there has been a similar growing hostility and boycott effort towards Jewish Kosher slaughter (Shechita), especially from the RSPCA, RSPB, British Veterinary Association and countless animal charities, vet associations, British farms, local shops and political campaigns.

To help aid this effort, and also to fight against Kosher imports, do not buy anything with these labels on them, note there are other symbols, but these are the most common:

"Until that time we are calling for clear labeling so shoppers are armed with information that can enable them to make an informed choice about whether they buy meat from animals which have not been stunned before slaughter." -Dr Julia Wrathall, head of the RSPCA’s farm animal science department

The degenerate, inhumane Jewish practice of Shechita is banned by law in Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand and other nations, it is time it is also banned in the UK.

"[Shechita/Kosher slaughter was the] bare minimum necessary for the survival of a Jewish community anywhere. Shechita bans in Denmark are hurtful to Jews in the country, in Europe, and throughout the world.” -Rabbi Margolin in a public letter (that reads like a threat) to all Danish officials

There have also been threats that Jews will leave Denmark due to the ban, although this is unlikely on the surface (as all Kosher in Denmark is imported anyway), there is a hidden truth in these statements, that the trend of going against Jewish degenerate rituals or any act of going against the political interests of Jews, when conducted successfully in the case of these Kosher bans, like the Israeli deputy foreign minister stated, is part of a wider growing trend against the horrific practices and tendencies of Jews.

I would ask this question, what is more disgusting, Jewish Kosher slaughter or the Jewish authored and advocated attempted demographic genocide of Europeans through mass-immigration?

Or the stifling of freedom of speech through Marxist Political correctness?

The right to freedom of association and affirmative action?

The promotion of circumcision, sodomy and porn?

The promotion of homosexuality and miscegenation?

Or the advocating and espousing of genocidal Marxist ideologies to young gullible students in universities?

Now you see where the legislative and political course of action of preventing Jewish and Islamic food from being prepared in Denmark necessarily leads once it has started, in that it prevents Jews or Muslims from gaining a logistical (culinary) foothold in Denmark, all it takes to go further than this, to the full and logical move to remove Jews and Muslims from Denmark, for the sake of the survival of the Danish folk and culture is for courageous Danish folk to stand and speak up against Jewish power and Jewish-sponsored immigration and foreign policies that are subverting Denmark.

To understand why this legislative move against Jewish power was possible in Denmark (as a result of Danish folk themselves) you need only understand the defiance and incompatibility between the Danish spirituality, culture, customs and laws in contrast to the Jewish efforts of corruption and manipulation.

Note also the comparatively tight Danish immigration laws, that have largely safeguarded Denmark from the open-door complete racial warfare Jewish-Supremacists have unleashed on other European nations such as Sweden, France and here in the UK.

Ultimately the cultural strength of the Danish folk comes from their strong racially rooted Asatru and Vanatru cultural heritage that is standing defiant even in the face of systematic and generational Jewish manipulation and corruption efforts, as indicated by polling data, not least the worldwide Heathen census.

It is our duty to spearhead our nations resurgence and victory over Jewish-Supremacists.

It is our duty to be the vanguard against Jewish politics in defence of our folk.

Nordic & Germanic racial Nationalism is our political perspective, Asatru is imbued in our spirits, our ideology is thus the perfect combined defence mechanism against external subversion and internal decay.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering.

Nordic and Germanic folk will emerge victorious in this era, by our dedication and inherent brilliance.