Article author: Asatro News Published: 11th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of Sol-month 2014

Anti-English and Anti-European discrimination and propaganda at universities and the criminal student VISA scam

The recent Panorama, documentary, that revealed systemic abuse of the students visa system was sure to upset the Jewish liberals and nieve, ill-informed, ignorant Marxists working in the rest of the BBC. This documentary revolves around and demonstrates the mass-criminal immigration scam of hundreds of thousands of non-whites continually being given fake grades, fake English language tests, bank statements and subsequently fake Visas so that they can immigrate illegally into the UK, for the purposes of crime, employment or general parasitism.

We have to realise that many of these entrance exams were deliberately destroyed under the last government, within which Ed Miliband was a government minister, with the likes of Ed Balls, (ex-education secretary) being personally in charge and responsible for this situation, the very same people who claim to have changed their approach on immigration...

Jewish activists and ideologues through the Labour party, as a political party and pathway into government for radicals, created this situation, which was then allegedly assisted and permitted by Jewish civil servants refusing to do anything about it or stifling legislative corrections (in a true 'Yes Minister' style) and then Conservative complicity and complacency on the subject.

Actually the Conservative government has been increasing the effects, under the false-idea of 'attracting bright foreign students', (a.k.a, students with better fake qualifications or from illegitimate examination systems).

Many thousands of University staff, many of whom are Jewish Marxists or other anti-white communists (whether they consciously know the anti-white racial implications of their ideology or not) will not report such, when a student turns up unable or unwilling to speak effective English.

Some will even joke about it and say "well that's cool", in a sickening nihilistic attitude that is so common among todays (anti-realistic) 'education establishment'.

How many of the non-European (non-white) students who can actually speak English have fake, 'augmented' or 'translated' grades or were given a place at the expense of an ethnically English student?

It is undeniable that there are fake 'qualified students', or students admitted to universities, even potentially the best Russel group universities as indicated by this BBC panorama documentary, and inevitable wider conclusions that must be drawn from it.

This not only breaches the law, but is also accomplishing (from a Marxist anti-white perspective) a far more significant effect, in that it is denying an actually more intelligent English or fellow European student, with real qualifications a place at that university.

The university of Sheffield has more than 23 thousand students studying here, countless universities have this many students, some up to twice this number, you would have to be naive to think there are no illegals among the 6,277 or so foreign students that compose that number. Although for legal reasons it cannot be stated for sure.

The number of foreign students at the University of Sheffield has increased by over 110% percent in the last 10 years making this even more likely, whilst the number of UK and EU students has actually decreased from 17,295 in 2003 to 16,893 in 2013 (source).

This demographic war against ethnically European students (especially us English) occurred and was occurring well before the tuition fee change in 2012, showing that it cannot be a result of differences in economic background. 

This is systemic anti-white discrimination. Which non-whites are exploiting, as shown by the students VISA scam.

Every white student at the University of Sheffield should be wearing this T-shirt in protest of the anti-white descrimination, not only, allegedly, at Sheffield, but allegedly at every University in the country.

Anti-white discrimination allegedly through internal, and implicit affirmative action has been the primary motor of this 'change', many have made the accusation, privately and publically that universities generally apply bias in admissions against white-students, under the anti-white facade of 'affirmative action'.

A head of the politics department at a leading school personally stated to myself and other students that he knew a teacher who had a black pupil who was given an interview at Oxford on only BBB grades at A2 level, when tens of thousands of fellow English students with AAA or even several English friends of mine with AAA* or AA*A*grades at A2 level did not even receive an interview.

It shows the sheer difference in academic performance between racial groups that Oxford allegedly has to interview Black students with grades far below its own admission standards in order to fulfill minority quotas, which are supposed to be formally illegal...

Denying education of our own folk, even if these foreign students pay us double the normal tuition fee, it is not worth it even if they are well-qualified, because in doing so indigenous folk, who will most likely be here in England their entire lives, unlike foreign students, are deprived of an advanced education (understanding of various aspects of life itself) depriving our civilisation itself of knowledge. This is a horrific, genocidal, anti-intellectual scam.

You need only look at the low score rankings among non-white students (which is why the PISA rankings for education have decreased all over Europe) to realise how it also damages the performance of universities, in terms of grade output, but they do not care, they simply engage in marking up non-white's exam results, lowering the grade boundaries or skewing the result standardization (a scam in itself) and simultaneously lowering actual education standards!

Immigrant children are 200% more likely to be among the worst performing children according to PISA education score rankings, even when they speak English or the language of their host nation.

This statistic is consistent over all of Europe, with the figure of 200% more likely to be among the worst performing children increasing to 300% in schools in Northern European nations such as Sweden, England, Germany, Denmark and Norway where non-whites fall well-below the academic achievement levels of white students.

It is not a matter of speaking a foreign language, or being immigrants per se, but of having a lower genetic IQ (as proven in over 3500 studies into IQ and race) and a genetic character disposition that is incompatible with normal teaching methods and general academic lifestyle.

This is proven as the OECD statistics distinguish between the scores even of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, whose scores are respectively lower: 60 points and 83 points than those of Ethnically European students.

European immigrants on the other hand, from Germany to England or Denmark to Germany or in countless examples, even from Greece to Scotland, have almost no academic difference between their scores, highlighting beyond dispute, that it is a matter of genetic IQ, and racial academic suitability and character (virtue) than it is about language or culture.

This is also proven true in-between other races with substantial IQ differences by the fact that Japanese and Chinese students, although below the performance of the best European students, score considerably higher than African, Jewish, Arabic or South American students, who achieve comparably lower scores, as with their IQ, again this is validated by over 3,500 studies conducted into IQ (even marginally biased studies from groups such as the SPLC show this same racial IQ difference and comparative inferiority/superiority hierarchy) In addition to the PISA and OECD scores and over 3500 known IQ studies that incorporate race; In the United States there are more Blacks in prison than there are in college!

In the UK there are several times more non-whites in prison (primarily Africans and Pakistanis) than there are in University out of those which are residents of this country (excluding the massive number of 'international' students, many of whom should allegedly be in jail cells for fraud or immigration violation anyway according, ironically, to the BBC Panorama investigation).

It is a self-fueling decline from excellence to mediocrity and educational failure, due to the burden of non-white students and their requirements: translators, different teaching techniques, that achieve nothing, the need for a continual police presence in countless London and most non-white schools in the US, their low academic performances which damage the schools reputation and ranking score, the disruption of lectures and classrooms by non-white students and the high suspension, drop out and outright failure rates.

The reason the left (Jewish anti-white racists and their gentile followers) hated grammar schools so much (and subsequently shut 90% of grammar schools down) was not just because they themselves bitterly failed to gain entrance into a grammar school, but because grammar schools would, and were creating a de-facto segregation between generally academically low achieving and high achieving racial groups, and grammar schools highlighted the natural academic superiority of North East Asian and European students over all other students in 95% of cases.

And education standards themselves are thus being allowed to go through the floor, at the expense of white working class pupils, not to mention the massive discrimination against wealthy white (especially English) students that also occurs, via university quotas against private school educated white students, for the sake of 'social mobility', which means spiting those who have already achieved 'social mobility' in prior generations that allowed their parents to send them to private school (often-times to avoid non-whites) in the first place.

This is why the UKIP policy of bringing back grammar schools is a positive step in the right direction, not only will it improve the education of the white majority, and provide real social mobility for countless white working class students, above the stagnant, anti-white 'secondary-modern' state schooling system, it will show everyone the importance of race, in what Dr Kevin MacDonald calls the effect of "implicit whiteness' (see the video linked below).

 It will also make ethnically European students safer and less likely to be killed during the school day routine (as in the case of Christina Edkins), or forced to suicide by horrific, degenerate bullying from non-whites, such as in the case of 9 year old Aaron Dugmore. 

The education system is becoming a chaotic scam, an environment of indoctrination, ultimately it is akin to a meat grinder, where mediocrity is the only outcome, where the brightest and whitest are held back, anyone who fits this category knows and has experienced this in the state school system.

Quite frankly the entire education establishment should be tried for criminal complicity, and students should be brought in as witnesses to report the Marxist and anti-white lecturers and seminar tutors, all of these fraudulent admissions staff, and invigilators, need to be tried and sent to hard labour prisons, along with the predominantly Jewish education advisers and lobbying groups, that increased immigration in the first place and the New Labour and Conservative governments that destroyed grammar schools and have blighted and will continue to blight, defile and degrade the education of millions of our children until they are stopped.

Ideally we should send a bill to all of the nations of ethnic origin, from where these scam students came from, including Israel, many Israeli students also have fake grades, many would allege that the only qualifications Israeli students actually have are in anti-gentile hatred.

This is reinforced ironically by the actual 'mainstream academic' boycott of almost all Israeli universities. I have seen several Jewish students, who routinely miss lectures, seminars, act and dress like thugs, appear to have and routinely talk about taking drugs, etc, at a Russel group university, and who simultaneously take the time to physically threaten: with violence and intimidation, myself and countless others for their political views.

The idea that these people are qualified intellectually is ludicrous, I expect not merely that tens, neither hundreds but at least a thousand of each large university's international student body, have some aspect of false information in their application or who are at university due to 'affirmative action' (meaning in this case the 'smily face-codeword' for anti-white discrimination in university admissions), which universities are morally complicit in, by failing to detect the obvious signs of fake students and enthusiastically over-enforcing (allegedly illegal) affirmative action quotas, which are in themselves a racial and thus moral travesty against our folk and are in themselves hypocritically justified.

Affirmative action is a racial and thus moral crime*

 *morality is derived from what is good for a racial group in accordance with nature's laws and archetypal ideals (as in Asatru).

Affirmative action has harmed not just students, workers, employers, industry owners and social groups but even dominates government itself, a notable case is the case of: John Glen MP, who was denied a ministerial position,despite decades of political experience, on account of him being a "White, Married, Home Counties, Christian", although him being a Christian most likely had little to do with it, it was most likely a purely anti-white racial bias by the supposedly 'Conservative' government. Who instead gave Sayeeda Warsi the token position of 'minister without portfolio' post 2010.

Universities are undeniably, according to the evidence, engaging in affirmative action whilst lowering their own academic achievement standards and the reputation of the education 'system' in the UK and damaging our civilization.

The worst effect is the damage this does to the knowledge of our folk, by denying many of our brightest decent educations, in what is undeniably part of a wider anti-European and anti-English attack, in a systematic effort to deprive us not only of education, employment, political representation but also our demographic homogeneity.

The University of Sheffield has also evidently engaged in anti-white miscegenation propaganda.

The University of Sheffield Jewish society has also engaged in demonstrating its deeper anti-gentile sentiments and hatred through using derogatory, self-assured-supremacist terms such as "Pork eaters" to describe Europeans, as well as indisputably revealing the Jewish society at the University of Sheffield establishes de-facto and deliberate racial segregation, in violation of University regulations and Student Union regulations, in its contradictory website statement, where it states: "The Jewish society is open to ALL STUDENTS (emphasis here is mine) to meet up with other Jewish students", the use of "meet up with other Jewish students", proves beyond doubt and logically and necessarily entails that (successful) applicants to the Jewish society must be Jewish for "other Jewish students" to apply.

Jewish Supremacism at the University of Sheffield Jewish Society is so obvious from the website, all you need to do is look closely, as with wider Jewish (artificial, racism based) Supremacism in the media, politics and finance.

It is time students all over the UK start taking a stand against this anti-white discrimination

No other racial group or any current political figures or media figures will stand up for our rights, we alone stand to defend our rights, because when you are white, no-one cares if you suffer from racism, especially Jewish fueled anti-white racism, under the facade of 'anti-racism' or 'multiculturalism' (genocide), it is a hypocritical situation, it is in this light that the phrase "anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white" finds undeniable, irrefutable evidence to validate its ultimately realistic statement of our current situation.

Stand strong, Stand steadfast & Start striving