Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Anti-Germanic and anti European Diane Abbott was removed as shadow minister on October 8th: hillarious, but is it to be called a good sign?

Anti-European Diane Abbott was removed as shadow minister on October 8th 2013.

After a series of overtly vile anti-white comments and sentiments Diane Abbott, elected as an MP upon Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) racial votes in her constituency, is removed as shadow culture minister.

Dianne Abbott has consistently shown a continuous support for anti-English policies, effectively proposing genocide via demographic replacement, and the acceleration thereof through sustained levels of mass-immigration, continually attacking any attempts to crack down on immigration, legal and illegal, even by her own party.

It is evident that her loyalties like those of Michelle Obama are "first and foremost to the Black community" i.e the African Race's increased presence in European countires (Michelle Obama quote allegedly from a piece of written work in her university days).

Her sentiments were not sited in the shadow cabinet reshuffle by the openly "socialist" (Marxist) Ed Miliband, who is of direct jewish blood, instead it is evident that the sheading of Dianne Abbot off the front benches is a facade by Ed Miliband that his party is becoming more mainstream.

Dianne Abbot stated that she believed it was because she was de facto: a threat to his leadership, having criticised Ed Miliband's new found rhetorical (facade) of immigration control. 

Dianne Abbot has in the past been quietly reprimanded by Ed Miliband for failing to show adequate stealth when espousing her vile, anti-white racist ideology. 

Just to clarify, Ed Miliband's reprimand of Dianne Abbot for self-evident, undeniable anti-white racism was not out of principle of rejection of anti-English racism, on the contrary it was an endorsement of it (as is well known of Ed Miliband's atavistic hatred of us English folk), the only reason she was reprimanded was because she was caught saying such, that is self evident. 

Ed Miliband himself fully agrees with Dianne Abbots anti-English sentiments as demonstrated through his actual record in government whilst New Labour started sending out search parties for immigrants, it is also evident from his allegiance with his fathers ambitions, which were the effective destruction of England, our empire (post tense) and all of European civilization.

Dianne Abbott is in a strong Labour constituency, if she is re-elected again on ethnic minority votes alone, this will show the danger that ethnic minority populations pose: they prevent us via their blind BME*  'block vote' from removing politicians who are opposed to the existence of our Northern European race as the majority of this nation's population. 

*BME: Stands for 'Black and Minority Ethnic' = essentially the anti-white method of covertly saying anything non-white or non-European.

If Diane Abbott is re-elected it will prove a vital point pertaining to the political damage caused by the mass-immigration Diane Abbott wants more of, if she is defeated, that teaches the political class and anti-white racists like Diane Abbott that they will not be tolerated in office.

It is a win-win situation for waking up our nation, as long as it is publicized well and made into an active political issue.

UPDATE: 5TH NOVEMBER 2013 / 5th Blót-mónaþ 2263 RE

On behalf of our folk: Nationalist Ásatrú News will be producing a complete and well publicized compilation of all of Diane Abbott's anti-white comments and sentiments in a video before and in time for the 2015 general election, it is time we English folk show this anti-white racist that she cannot get away with her racial slanders and racially intolerant hypocrisy.

I will also be producing URL links on advertisement cards to deliver to the doors of every constituent in her consituency, multiple times over, linking to the expose video... 

 On a level designed to appeal to 'her' white and non-white constituents in condemning her backwards, anti-white racist attitudes towards the natural inhabitants of these islands, and the damage she has also allowed to occur hypocritically to her own ethnic minority communities in preparation for 2015. 

Diane Abbott has been sacked as an opposition minister, now it is time to sack her as an MP