Article author: Asatro News / Published: 20th Ærra Jéola 2013 / 1st day of Yule 2263.RE

An Asatru ethic: The Aesthetics of mass housing

If you take a train from Sheffield down through to Birmingham and down to Bristol temple meads railway station, even on the cross-country route, you will see hundreds of old, badly built, inefficiently spaced, decrepit mass housing terraces aside the train tracks, falling apart, often-times draped with wind-blown tarpaulin and smothered with graffiti and broken tiles. Such housing is an insult to the people forced to live inside such houses aesthetically, materially. 

For in this era where the economy has been desolated, intelligent, Germanic women, men and their children are forced to live in houses that are not worthy of their occupants. 

This is a moral, aesthetic, societal, ethical and medical travesty.

The graffiti alone is a condemning sign of a decaying Christian and atheist culture, that has left its youth disaffected and purposeless, graffiti, is a sign of societal decay. 

This is the sign of our governments disregard for the conditions of our lives. 

Mass immigration has fuelled the building of millions of inefficient housing areas, on valuable green belt and farming gradation land. But even prior to mass-immigration post 1945 our government built mass housing, ever since the industrial revolution. 

The old everlasting houses of centuries ago, that stood and still stand until this day, have been replaced by cheap, cramped housing, forcing millions of English folk to live in undignified accommodation, often causing a decline in the natural life expectancy of an English person, which is around 80 years old on average, it should be at least 85 on average. 

Poor housing and the subsequently unhealthy urban environments condemn each and every person in this nation not only to living in undignified housing but also to a reduction in the number of years within their life. A government should never build housing on a mass-accommodation basis. 

The distant bureaucratic nature of our government and its ugly Christian aesthetic morality creates a situation where the government only cares that each person has a house, no matter how unsafe, degrading or ugly such a house is. 

The result is soviet era style block housing and even before that, where industrial revolution era Marxist-inspired worker's barracks style terraced housing, like prison cells, row upon row, upon row, scarring the natural landscape with brute mass constructs with dull black tiles & brown-bricks that start to erode away as soon as they are built. 

Our people, the English, a Northern Germanic peoples deserve better than this.

We deserve ethereal housing, the dignified and intelligent blonde haired blue eyed English-volk, and the blue eyed, green eyed or grey eyed with medium brown hair, or wild red & ginger haired English folk too deserve housing that reflects our inherent brilliance, intelligence and purpose, where crowded urban environs no longer exist, where roads are ripped up, ancient fields re-sown, ancient forests re-planted and raised monorails dart across the landscape above the trees, and civilian light aircraft airfields adorn every village and town, instead of old inefficient, congested, tarmac roads. 

Through an Asatru informed philosophical perspective on life one can see the necessity of innovation and high-tech infrastructure advancement with renewed intensity. 

Our people deserve: each and every one of the sons and daughters of Britannia, to live in a house and a civilization that reflects pure nature, in its symmetry and beauty, simultaneously augmented with advanced technology, where mega-cities no longer exist, where people live in spacious towns and villages utilizing an efficient network of underground, over-ground and pillar-mounted train networks managed and maintained by the armed forces, with military efficiency, safety and speed. 

The mass housing of Britain, under an Asatru informed government, would be replaced by vast arrays of beautiful glass-clad, spacious bunker style, reinforced, self-sufficient housing worthy of the ethereal beings we are. 

Imagine a house like this, but made from stainless steel and titanium rods, using carved rock foundations and titanium rods instead of concrete, with the majority of the house being below ground level, using natural lighting and mirrors to light the underground sections, with the roof clad with solar panels over the top of the armour plating and a ground-water river running through the basement.

Housing constructed under an Asatru informed government would be designed to last over ten thousand years, each and every house should last for at least twice as long as Stonehenge has lasted, considering our technological advances. 

Compare this ethic of perfectionism to the ethic of short-term mediocrity of our Jewish and Christian dominated government over the last 200 years (the conservatives and the current prime minister still consider themselves 'Christian', not atheists as some assume). 

The very layouts of our cities, towns and villages to should be monuments to the brilliance of our folk. Statues of the archetypical Nordic and Germanic man and woman should be seen in every town, great glass monuments to the gods and goddesses, houses constructed in a traditional circle layout, around a central statue, built with the creation of a community in mind is the style a government should pursue. 

If there were an Asatru informed culture or government in this nation in 2 decades time you would see a mass upgrading of the very way we live our lives. Some assume Asatru informed folk tend to think the ideal housing is a Stonehenge with a roof on top, this is not true, although that would be a far more intelligent and long-term housing method than our current housing trends. 

Asatru inclined folk think forward, drawing inspiration from our ancestors wisdom in accordance with how to live, in-fact how to design your entire civilization, is not to look back wards, but to maintain those eternal principles of nature and apply them forwards to modern technology and understanding. 

Under and Asatru informed government: Housing would be made to withstand earthquakes, floods, air strikes, nuclear shockwaves and sub-zero temperatures alike, whilst simultaneously being shaped like artistic, monuments, dedicated to being worthy of our folk. 

The cost is worthwhile, for such housing would be designed to last 10,000 years a piece, if Stonehenge had lasted as long at it did, then we, in this age, with our technology can design housing than can last 50,000 years each. 

The cost of building a partially underground, mansion-sized house, once, with the aforementioned attributes is more efficient and cost effective than building 500 so called 'modern' houses over the same timescale of 50,000 years. 

Such housing would also be able to protect our population from nuclear strikes, meteor showers and numerous types of natural disaster making our nation effectively immune to any form of mass-destruction natural or artificial, a hurricane like storm should be able to pass over Britain without a single person being killed or injured when inside their houses, that is the gradation of housing I am proposing. 

There is no reason not to engage in such a project once all of the non-European have been expelled. 

In a 21st century where most third world nations are predicted to have nuclear weapons by around 2090, in addition to the un-natural presence upon Midgard of a genocidal-massacre inclined Jewish state that will be nearing its international sanction and world-wide boycott fuelled end, suggests also having your population shielded from nuclear shockwaves is a very, very sensible idea. 

Although I expect Israel will be wiped out of existence before such housing can be constructed, maybe even before we get into government (which I predict will occur via the general election of 2035, ousting the failing Labour minority government or a UKIP/Conservative unofficial 'coalition' that will exist in Westminster by 2035).

But never the less, building robust housing that can whether the shifting of tectonic plates and storm surges for thousands of years, despite the seemingly costly appearance of such a grandiose housing plan is absolutely worthwhile and cost-effective in the thousand year+ long term.

An Asatru informed government would gradually phase out all of the old housing, and mass housing once the more important task of expelling all non-Europeans and rebuilding our cultural and national institutions, such as the education system and Armed forces has been completed. 

The surplus of housing (by several million) caused by the flight of the third world parasites will result in an abundance of housing materials and houses, so that each and every Northern European can have a house, and in time be re-housed into super high tech, circle or pyramid shaped, long lasting house, dedicated to being a mirror of the beauty of our folk and of nature itself, some houses could even be clad in mirrors, so that they reflect the trees around them, powered by solar panels, thermal ground heating and superb self insulting controlled convection currents so that the housing is environmental, intelligent, robust and long lasting.

Only housing of the aforementioned quality would be worthy of our folk and the civilization that I and I know most of you reading this want to see for yourselves and all of your descendents.

 The purpose of this article is to draw your attention to the squalor our government has forced its people to live in for the past 200 years, but also to the worldview that Asatru creates in the minds of its adherents, by my example, to look to the future, planning for thousands of years ahead, with a mind grounded in the eternal guiding principles of nature, encoded and demonstrated by our ancient codex and specifically the Poetic Edda, our folk lore, ancient building styles and traditions of our ancestors coupled with an appreciation for Nordic highh-technology and artistic perfectionism.

Asatru necessarily results in Ancient wisdom enshrining a futuristic foresight in every aspect of life and governance of our lives.