Article author: Asatro News Published: 28th Ærra Jéola 2013 / 9th day of Yule 2263.E

A Nationalist Ásatrú England: A practical possibility, through our political & cultural struggle

Once England and thus 'Britain' stood up for the rights of us English folk i.e: became relatively nationalist the world political impact we would have and the cultural impact we would have would result in a massive pro-Nordic and Germanic movement all over the world in every single European population. 

In the context of a post 2017, post EU Britain: Our political establishment here in the UK, composed initially of a coalition of Conservative & UKIP MPs with a generic, and hated, immigrant fueled Labour opposition party would see its importance soar and the worlds eyes would be upon Britain as to what move we would take next. We would be the new Greece, but a thousand times more important. 

There would be an upsurge in pro-indigenous independent MPs standing in their local towns and regions, becoming MPs at Westminster with an increasing frequency, the media will have had its public reputation ruined, after its pro-EU campaign all the way up until the UK leaves the EU, and for that its reputation will have been shattered. Goldman Sachs has already promised to leave the UK for tax reasons if we left the EU, so the number of Jewish banks would decrease and anti-bank measures would find full public support from the indigenous population and even the temporary immigrant populations (Muslim's hate interest lending on religious grounds). 

The decline in the number of Jewish banks and their control over the UK economy, in addition to reducing the Jewish lobby's direct control of Westminster, it would also decrease their economic sway over the stability of the UK economy, gradually. 

Once we have control of our nation, we can literally use our nation itself and national budget to help all of our neighbouring Northern European nations and all of our fellow Nordic and Germanic further nations as far as New Zealand to reclaim their territorial nations racially and culturally, using direct intervention or soft power, such as offering trade deals with countries if they cease to recognize the abrahamic religions and the state of Israel for example or expell all of their non-white immigrants. Even at this point in time a nationalist UK, unlike Germany from 1933 cannot be isolated and destroyed economically.

In the face of such overwhelming historical evidence, it will not be long until Jewish power, criminality, sedition and hypocrisy is known, especially pertaining to their self-ascribed victim status, when in-fact they are the international victimizer and have been for over 2 millennium

In the commonwealth we have trade allies, even of non-white nations who would still trade with us, even in the face of massive Jewish international boycotts and currency manipulations directed against the pound, that Germany saw from 1933 until the Jewish communists physically took it over in 1945 (via the USSR and respective USA military attacks). 

We have Russia who would trade with us, Iran who would trade with us, a Syria that would trade with a nationalist UK. South Korea also has a history of defying Jewish international trade bans, having traded with Iran in oil, despite international embargoes against Iran. 

There are enough trade partners there to secure our safety with ease, but it gets better. With a pro-indigenous domestic and foreign policy, we would gain the support and help support numerous nationalist European nations, such as an emergent Greece, a Front National dominated France, and a increasingly right-wing Norway (which already has a government composed of a coalition of an anti-Islam hard right political party and a Conservative like political party and we are still in 2013). Being able to articulate the case against multiculturalism and increasingly against Jewish influence, by around 2030, a pro-indigenous British government would find itself becoming a beacon of a world wide revolution against Jewish power and influence, with a massive resonance in many key trading nations such as India (where Mein Kampf is a best seller, where Mahatma Gandhi once diagnosed the problem of Jewish power) and where Judeo-Christianity finds no foothold, as with Iran also.

And unlike the vulnerable German Reich in the 1940s we have Trident warheads (0.1 megaton warheads x 160 x 4) based on submarines constantly on patrol ready to fire at a moments notice, and strike their targets in less than 15 minutes, which could be used to take out all of Israel's nuclear launch silos and thier submarines before they are capable of launching anything in under 15 minutes, and thus negating all Israeli nuclear threats, that are routinely used to back up their financial terrorism over the rest of the world. 

Ever notice how the international media pays so much attention to England?: every time a bus crashes and a few people get some cuts and bruises it becomes international news...

The media in America seems to have a love fascination with England Especially Fox News, the biggest cable network in America.

Just imagine the media coverage frenzy once we Nationalists start to re-take England through independent campaigns and malleable UKIP MPs making 'far-right' comments and sponsoring 'far-right' 'nationalist' legislation, with numerous overtly nationalist and racialist independent MPs being elected. 

RT, Fox News and certain US political talk shows have already fallen in love with Nigel Farage. 

Nigel Farage, The UKIP leader who (allegedly) marched around Sussex singing the 1933 German national anthem and the Horst Wessel and who went far, far further than Enoch Powell at the age of 17 as he himself admitted.

The idea that we would become a small, irrelevant boycotted island nation is not realistic, the symbol of Britain is too important to the world, and each and every breath we take would be watched by the entire world, lets just make sure we continue to change public opinion and wake people up, so that our national resurgence results in the utter and complete downfall of all Jewish supremacists worldwide, and inspires our fellow Europeans to expel all non-Europeans from every White nation, including Australia, New Zealand and America especially (the so called indigenous people of Australia are arguably originally pre-iron age island-traversing migrants, the same with the Maoris of New Zealand). 

Once we have reclaimed England, the whole of Europe will follow suit, and being a center of massive global influence, symbolically and linguistically England and thus Britain could change the balance of global power.

Our struggle is that important, that is why obviously false & compromised groups such as the BNP, BDP, EDL, EDs, etc, were used desperately to try and stop genuine nationalists, for once Britain (through England) is reclaimed, Jewish power worldwide will be annihilated, that is why for over 5 decades Britain has seen numerous false movements and entryist movements. But these movements are all but dead and dying now and their larger host organisations a fraction of their former respectability, as with the BNP, as with even the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative parties increasingly. And the trends are encouraging.

The growth in UKIP is soaring, and through them massive numbers of genuine, pro-indigenous folk are gaining positions of political power, from where they can enact their true agenda, that goes far, far beyond the stated UKIP policy. 

Our history is encouraging. When 'our' government in Westminster was pressured to commit ethnic treason and fratricide against Germany many English households, farmers and large numbers of ordinary folk from the shires sent their daughters to finishing schools in the third Reich, English folk had a massive enthusiasm for the third Reich, and hundreds of the daughters of Britannia were honoured with finishing school educations in the purely German Germany from 1933-39, these women are now old women in their 80s and 90s, regretting the passing of a great era, remembering fond memories of the German cities of Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Konigsberg to little towns like Lindlar: we shall not betray their memories, and they shall regret no longer, all shall be righted in the end and the evil of Jewish power shall be defeated and our folk shall be free once again.

English visitation numbers to every pro-European website, even sometimes out-rank American numbers, and they are 4 times our population size... and sometimes outrank all other European nation visitation numbers combined. 

Obviously the majority of the viewers of this website come from England.

We are the most euro-skeptic race inside the European Union. -Meaning we are the most aware race of the horrific agenda that is the European (Jewish) Union. 

You think that the Greeks or the Russians are the foremost nationalists? 

Think again, the only reasons they are doing so well is because they have a wonderful economy, no BNP like party defiling nationalism, thug groups like National Action degrading the very image of 'natioanalism' or an unrepresentative electoral system to ruin their electoral chances, instead the Greeks and Russians have a quasi-genuine nationalist movement with strong leaders such as Putin, those are the only 3 advantages they have and it makes all the difference.

Proportionately we English are the most racially conscious European race on the surface of the planet at a grass roots opinion level, Ralph Miliband, the communist Jewish author and father of Ed Miliband was factually correct when he said "the English are rabid nationalists" if rabid in this usage solely refers to intensity, for our nationalism has always been dignified and elegant, as seen through our poetic national images and ancestral lore, despite the best semitic efforts to defile and corrupt our folk's self perception and image.

Simon Peres, the President of Israel once said England is Israel's "next big problem" (just behind what remains of Palestine and Iran), and he is absolutely 100% correct, in fact it will be English lobbying and international pressure that forces the terroristic government of Israel to collapse and seed power to a Palestine-wide Palestinian Liberation government within the next 50 years. 

Just remember this, Palestine is still technically British Imperial territory, the very soil under so called 'Israel' is in-fact British soil, as much as is Australia or the Falkland Islands, as it was and still is, another territory we English rightfully conquered, there is absolutely no legal basis for the state of Israel, let along in its current apartheid formation of occupation. 

It was only due to (Jewish international pressure caused) American & UN backed pressure, bullying, sedition and recognition of the Jewish terrorist government led by David Ben Gurion that Israel was allowed to be given away to the terrorists that were otherwise just about to be crushed by the British army.

Simon Peres also said such deep down as he knows, from the available statistics, that we English are the foremost awakening race and the biggest rivals to Jewish power not only in occupied Palestine but in the EU, the 'Western' cultural and political scene, but also globally. 

Even more so than the Russians, or the Greeks we English are pure, noble and elegant nationalistic folk at heart, we only do not see it in government, as we do not have representation, our electoral system was designed to stifle it, and numerous Jewish groups have overtly taken over our media far more deeply than with other European nations (note the internationally infamous BBC) and even nationalist political parties, such as the BNP, if we were in the situation the Russians or Greeks are in, we would already have ourselves an overtly nationalist Government and would already have sent a battle-fleet to re-take South Africa and reinforce New Zealand and Australia to force their governments to stop committing genocide against their own European populations, as the UN did in Bosnia in relation to Muslims, their is a legal precedent for doing such legitimately. But there is no reason to sit around and wait for things to change, we have work to do ourselves. 

Get active, I am always allowing volunteers to write articles for this website as a way to contribute to our effort to enlighten our folk, or you could (and should) pledge to yourself to enlighten your immediate friends and family and then do such without fail.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering no matter what method you are utilizing in enacting your personal political war on behalf of the English folk.

We are in the stages before the Greeks, or the Russians, and it is the duty of those who have no fear or do not care about danger to rouse in the majority of our folk the most ancient of English spirits, a spirit not seen in its true form since the times prior to 500AD, a spirit not seen since the days of Boudicca, and of Great ancient Kings long before then in time immemorial, of the days of Beowulf, when we evolved to become the fair English we are, when we were Angles, Saxons, Jutes and vikings. 

It is our duty to re-invoke the spirit of our biological essence, the spirit of our origins in lands of ice and of struggle, in war and in marathon eras of hardship. 

We must combined this, our purest and most ancient of English spirit into this day, once upon a time, in the generation of my fore-bearers, and yours, we held strong an empire, the biggest humanity had ever seen, and we held it strong for over 200 hundred years, a perpetual state of territorial war for over 200 years! 

And even then, there were great threats and sabotages to our English people from Jewish financiers and merchants to subversive Christian priests...

Imagine for a brief second, a glimpse, of a new era beyond multi-culturalism, beyond the weakness of the EU, beyond the weakness of Christianity and of all the other, irrelevant, pathetic, vile creeds. 

And Imagine our future era.

Imagine an era, where we are fully unleashed, held back by nothing but our unlimited ability to aspire and to achieve! imagine the nation you will build for your children...

Strive for this dream of the English people and all Germanic & Nordic people. 

Strive for this dream for our folk and all our blood-folk where-ever they may be, live out those dreams through hard, rewarding work.

Hail to (you) my English folk

Hail all our Northern European folk

Hail all our European folk worldwide