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Article Author: English / Article Published: 17th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 17th Night of April 2019.CE
The Brexit Saga1
The story of the Betrayal Saga so far (as of the 17th of April 2019) started the moment David Cameron stepped down as Prime minister later in the morning after a significant majority of English folk voted to leave, reinforced by most of Wales and 1million Scots who also voted to leave the EU totalling 17.4million votes. Oh that felt so good when he stepped down, the symbolic victory, a polite civil war victory, though as expected they have tried to twist what should have been a victorious moment into a situation of out of the frying pan into the fire with the persons blocking against us leaving: something Cameron likely did not have the energy for after that defeat.
I remember it like it was yesterday, 23rd June 2016, our Independence Day! I stayed up through the night watching like a Raven, the vote count coming in constituency by constituency, and the moment of pure joy and hearty laughter when the BBC was forced to project that we, the English people would win! Oh was that a glorious moment, seeing the Jewish directed BBC tepidly writing Leave projected to win, and then it was confirmed within minutes later with mathematic certainly and then set into stone with the final count approximately by the wills of 17,400,000 people.

For me this process has been personal having campaigned to Leave the EU online and offline since 2013, from the age of 19 to 22. Thus the greater the betrayal it has been. One I will do everything I can in my own small way, alongside millions of others, to not let pass.

These quotes and statistics are proof that our victory was an English victory and a victory of Englishness
Vote Leave count by percentage UK1
Brexit vote by percentage proportional1
Brexit and Race1
LSE graph shows only 6 percent of young people think immigration is a force for good
The beginning of betrayal: The emergence of Treason May (13th July 2016)
After David Cameron stood down as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister: a Conservative leadership contest emerged. And with Shakespearean comedy and a sprinkle of pathetic egos: Michael Gove stabbed Boris Johnson's chances in the back then he himself quit, so too the others all in turn: a great pantomime of failures. Then stood Treason May and Andrea Leadsom: the media picked on a truthful point Andrea made: that she would make a better leader of our nation as she is a mother and has a "very real stake", a genetic stake in the success of our nation. The Media attacked and forced her out of the race to become Prime Minister: The Conservative Party who would have voted for any pro-Leave candidate over May ended up never having been given that choice. The Media with their Semitic dysgenic zeal gave Theresa May the keys to no.10 Downing Street. It emerged that she had prior to this organised a meeting with the Chief Rabbi of London, which then occurred as her 1st official meeting as Prime Minister. I mean that just speaks of conspiracy. Regardless it shows where her priorities lay. Theresa May, otherwise known as Treason May took office on the 13th of July 2016 without the consent of her own party members, the suppression and betrayal of which has continued to this day.
The Conference of Lies: 2nd of October 2016
Treason May lies to the conservative conference about her long term intentions to try to make them acquiesce to her illegitimate position as leader of their party and the country, her non-authorised status as the one candidate they were allowed and did not even vote for ultimately.
The double-speak; the Two -Faced leader: 7th of January 2017: Treason May at Lancaster House
Treason May sets out the Government’s ‘Plan for Britain’ and essentially lies and conceals her true intentions to delay indefinitely our victory.
The First major Delay: the reluctant 9 month delay of the activation of Article 50: The Traitorous Bending the Knee to the EU's leaving method specifically designed to stop a member state from leaving over a drawn out 2 year period.
During this time a subversive Remainer and non-white of Guyanese origin by the name of Gina Miller with the support of the Jewish law firm: Mishcon de Reya LLP wins a Supreme Court judgement that the Executive Branch of Government in the UK cannot exercise its usual authority (derived from Royal Prerogatives given to the Prime Minister by the Monarch) and had to seek the approval of a 75% Remain parliament in order to leave...

Subsequently this gave them the excuse to start the delay process: From June the 23rd 2016, it took all the way until the 16th of March 2017 for the "European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017" to be passed into law. Then another 13 days just to write to the European Council President to notify them that the Prime Minister had formally triggered Article 50, this was the 29th of March 2017. This began the formal 2 year countdown process that was itself already delayed by almost 10 months.

Treason May seeks to undermine the numerical weight of the pro-Leave section of the House Of Parliament further; The 18th April 2017 announcement to hold a General Election.
This was called I believe, deliberately and with sabotage as its intent: as political scholars in the future will come to realise: as many already have: that it damaged the ability of the Executive to command a safe working majority. However thankfully it brought the DUP into government who have been fantastic at opposing Treason May's deal and being the heroes of Brexit in standing firm and holding the line for Ulster in the face of disgusting Fenian subversion and a traitorous deal that sought to undermine the very constitutional integrity of the Uk.

A deal which as Treason May accidentally said in a Parliamentary Select Committee hearing was: "negotiated on behalf of the EU, umm, negotiated with the EU". That little slip up, which I watched live when it occurred (yes I was watching Parliamentary Committee video coverage like a nerd) really goes to show what the whole 2 year process of 'negotiating' was really about. It was Treason May subversively talking with her EU allies as how to make a deal so bad it would help the EU by stopping other nations from leaving. That is her 'deal'.
The Open Betrayal of the 29th of March 2019: The English Dragon re-awakened
This was organised beforehand yet the date was never publically cancelled until it passed. As early as the 20th of March 2019 Treason May had written to the European Council President Donald Tusk, asking to extend Article 50 until 30 June 2019. This was traitorously agreed upon by all 27 EU leaders, without exception (as it has to be unanimous) within 24hrs. [PDF]

The False Dichotomy: The deal or no deal: Delays until April the 12th or June the 30th 2019:
These were the facade dates of the provisional extensions given by the EU, if Treason May's Treasonous deal was approved or rejected, before this was even reached, the leaving date was extended after we survived a barrage of subversive votes and suffered numerous legislative subversions from the likes of the Jewish member of Parliament Oliver Letwin (who betrays his constituents through his Remain fanaticism) and Yvette Cooper (the Cooper-Letwin amendments etc) that became part of the "European union (Withdrawal) Act of 2019". [PDF]

They claim this has established that the UK can never leave with 'no deal' according to the illegitimate Parliament. These fools forget that "Parliament can make or unmake any law", as stated authoritatively by Walter Bagehot in the English Constitution [PDF] (it is an authoritative document not an actual Constitution, that forms part of the uncodified Constitution of the UK that governs or informs and assists Parliamentary workings and protocols).

Thus this notion of we cannot have no deal (actual leaving and honouring 17.4million votes) is false, we can, alternatively, if the subversive media blockades against us, if they want to go there, we can just overturn the entire Londonistan Regime, stop paying taxes, stop taking note of their false laws,  form our own police forces and arrest theirs, ultimately encircling and subjecting the regime to economic and political castle-siege tactics, in retaliation for them ignoring the biggest electoral order (sentient demand from the people via official referendum then corroborated by a general election and manifesto pledges) in the history of this nation.

It shows a clear 'democratic deficit' of apocalyptic proportions that 17.4million people are being not represented by a Parliament and ultimately an entire regime with a media arm that by 75%+ opposes that majority opinion of the population. That is precisely how they have violated the basic foundation of democracy in our nation and why subsequently they have no legitimacy, their laws and most certainly their parliamentary bureaucratic obstructionism masquerading as law means nothing to us, the true foundation of legitimate law is based upon the interests of the folk.

The Delay of the delay of the delay: 2nd April 2019
Treason May requests a further, delay of the UK leaving the EU: further violating the 17.4million votes cast in opposition to membership of the European (and by extension everything it entails: especially non-white migration "freedom of movement": one of the 3 pillars of the EU).
The Delay of the delay of the delay of the delay: Illegally 'approved' on the 11th April 2019, delaying to October the 31st 2019 (Halloween Deadline: wtf :L )
On this date Theresa May and her bosses in the EU agreed to delay the UK from leaving the EU until October the 31st of 2019. This destined 'Halloween' Brexit is undoubtedly just another ploy to delay further with the conspiratorial objective (however unconcealed and publically visible) of preventing us from leaving the European Union.

Ministers (such as Jeremy Hunt) stressed they are trying to organise something to avoid having European Parliament Elections (because they will lose massively) however we know that unless through our pressure we change this: they will seek to indefinitely delay us leaving. Then when their polls indicate they have imported enough migrants, they will try to have a 2nd referendum. However none of the 17.4million will accept this: and quite frankly the choice on the ballot paper for a 2nd referendum would have to be:

What would a 2nd Referendum Ballot Paper Look like1
The Jewish Supremacist political establishment, that Treason May met on her 1st day in office and their willing executioners (such as Treason May and her smiling, suit-wearing false representatives, government bureaucracy and complicit media) honestly think they can get away with just delaying and delaying and delaying until they think people will just give up and forget we voted to leave the EU don't they? Well your controlled opposition freaks might, but I won't, and likewise most of that 17.4 million-strong folk army of ordinary patriotic, English folk.

In exit polls on the day 2/3rds of those 17.4 million people (those who voted to Leave) said they didn't trust the government to count the result...And I think that natural, what you might call 'radical' opinion carries over into opposition to the Londonistan Regime that can very easily be mobilized. I have news for the Jewish Supremacist dictated political establishment and all its supporters at all levels from the indoctrinated lecturer or city worker to the controlled opposition frauds who pretend to be on our side, were not going to forget, I am not going to forget. And true hearted people just like me, with our websites and leaflets, will make damn sure that every single member of our nation 'knows' and acts upon that knowledge.

Jewish Supremacists authored the racially subversive Christianity, they promoted destroying nations, they promoted Communism, they promoted race mixing and they denied each of these charges and still try to do so to this day, despite proof, whilst ordinary people fully know the truth from quotes openly admitting such, for example: the indisputable Barbara Spectre video quotes. See the full context of that quote in the 1st video below (to overcome disbelief or cognitive dissonance reactions that it must have been taken out of context, 'it can't be true': it is see for yourself). To the right is a montage of various political figures and Treason May's attempts to manipulatively satiate and misdirect the will of the people (and obstruct that will from affecting actual policy) through lying over and over again now that they have lost contradicting all prior statements.

My message to the political establishment is this:
We won the referendum and you: the slaves of the political establishment and their Jewish Supremacists colleagues lost and your attempts to turn your defeat into anything but a defeat will result in the acceleration of my people's awakening and adherence to the truths I am writing here. So thank you really for exposing yourselves so blatantly and transparently. Your agendas are in the open and people are rejecting them equally openly. I came back to writing online, after 3.5years of not publishing, because of this betrayal, I am proof that this is happening. And I won't stop until we reclaim our nation.

This is the age of the internet, with information so readily available no one will ever again forget your lies against our Anglo-Saxon nation, or your crimes against European human-kind as a whole. Europeans are not going to stop being nationalistic because you keep the EU alive for a few months or a year longer via delaying the member-exit and organisational-collapse trajectory of the EU. Nationalists may even simultaneously take it over from the inside if you force us to, well win there too, albeit less efficiently.

This rising racial nationalism will not stop no matter how much you try to stop it or misdirect it into controlled opposition in childish denial of the will of my people's natural end goals of securing our nation's natural, racial, cultural and spiritual homogeneity against your Semitic-derived subversion and defilement.

This reclamation is going to go all of the way. In your hubris you foreign subversives thought in your panic, at the sudden halting and reversing of your EU project's otherwise continual record of expansion, that you could stop us from gaining our freedom? All you've done is make us rage and this rage, this English Dragon you have awakened, will burn the political establishment down from all flanks.

From the political smoke and the roaring glare of this political inferno shall emerge, pure and strong: an English Dragon, purified on -every- level (especially on a racial level), through struggle until free of chains, no matter the cost, despite your worst efforts.

The spirit that forged the Magna Carta, that drove the toll puddle martyrs, the Jarrow Marchers, the English fleet in 1588 and over centuries prior and since: carried by the common folk of pure heart and spirit that won 2 civil wars*, our natural folk-democracy has not died in our hearts as it has in yours, the only thing that has died in the minds of 2/3rds+ of the 17.4 million people is the last grains of faith in your Londonistan, migrant fuelled regime.

The Londonistan Regime has violated the social contract between the individual and the state: the foundation of democracy in our nation via ignoring our referendum (with the transparent facade of 'delaying') thus: let slip the dogs of war: Odin's Wolves and the living Einherjars of England and all the inventive methods we have to reclaim our nation from this foreign-regime's occupation.

We shall reclaim our nation, the humble and pure-hearted folk of The English Reclamation, willing to give their all for this, our English Reclamation.

*Legal Notice: This quote and the entire article is not an endorsement of Civil War as a method but a prediction of its increasing likeliness. Ideally the Londonistan Regime realises this and lets us leave but I doubt they will. Thus this prediction. There are various methods of overthrowing a government that do not involve open warfare, such as mass non-payment of taxes, civil disobedience, economically boycotting the regime from within, etc. This article is a prediction and analysis of past trajectory and precedents.

As the LSE admits its about Race its about our national future
This is a good and natural thing: This is our English Reclamation Movement rising.
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