Article author: Asatro News / Published: 28th Ærra Jéola 2013 / 9th day of Yule 2263.RE

 Ásatru in Iceland: successes and contrasts

Iceland as a nation is heavily under attack from Jewish cultural insurrections and from a small but proportionally significant number of non-white immigrants that pose a massive danger to Iceland's fragile demographics, Iceland only recently overcame a leftist effort to push Iceland toward Europe (not literally, but in terms of a politically retarded EU application that the opposition party wants pushed, because Iceland's political left hate the people of Iceland) and Iceland only recently thwarted the Jewish bank's attempt to force debt upon the Icelandic people themselves. Iceland still has a significant number of Churches filled with subversive socialist Christian priests and clergy who are still attempting to subvert Icelandic racial lore and history in favour of their Jewish authored (Saul of Tsarsus) books of Jewish racial lore (the old testament) and spiritual, racial and cultural weakness (inherent to a true following of the new testament) upon the Icelandic folk.

Iceland is a nation with massive potential, and due to its volcanic nature it is scheduled to only grow in size as a territory, and thus so too its population and importance, as available land space and heat energy resources increase in Iceland. It is the duty of Icelandic folk to make sure their nation grows in a truly Nordic direction (referring to the Nordic race and its culture, not simply the Nordic countries) in accordance with our ancient racial and religious lore.

Expelling the small number of non-whites from Iceland, and then the Judeo-christian and overtly Jewish influence from Iceland is the number one priority for Icelandic folk at this point in time.

And they took a major step towards doing such from 2008-2010, which saw the expulsion of many bankers, including the abolition of the central bank manager and the head of the governmental financial department and the nullification of so called 'debt' under the justification that the banks committed mass fraud against the Icelandic people.

The cover up of the entire saga, by the mainstream media is more well known than the contents of what actually transpired, but essentially: 

The Icelandic people pressured their establishment banker-allied conservative politicians, by striking, balloting and demonstrating until the legitimacy of the banks became non-existent along with the entire political structure of the entire nation for a dozen months. Subsequently the Jewish promoted left took advantage of the situation and the newly elected opposition party started an EU application to screw the Icelandic people over, at the vengeful request of the same Jewish bankers who had just literally been forced to flee from Iceland. 

This reactionary, opportunistic Centre-left opposition party was then removed in 2012 after the subsequent election and an anti-EU Centre-right party resides in charge of Iceland which has rejected absolutely the proposed EU membership application, and upheld the restrictions on the banks and upheld the rights of journalists. In terms of cultural changes, the banks are hated and there is a newfound spirit of radicalism in the people of Iceland that seems rooted in the folklore and land of Iceland itself, rather than anywhere on the political spectrum, most recently exampled in their staunch defence of their land on behalf of local Elves.

 The church of Iceland, after pressure has actually campaigned for Asatru groups to receive a share of the Icelandic state religious fund, which would actually mean less funds for the christian church of Iceland. 

The Church of Iceland fearing and experiencing its own decline in legitimacy (and rightly so) sought to send a self-interested gesture of appeasement to the increasing number of Asatru folk in Iceland, which is the 2nd biggest religious affiliation in Iceland. 

Growth of membership of the Ásatrúarfélagið organisation on its own, consider also the population of Iceland is only 320,137

 Proportionally Ásatrúarfélagið in Iceland is doing quite well, its hand-fasting ceremonies are recognized by law as a form of marriage and so are 5 state Asatru clergy, inlcuding 2 women, Elves rights are also very well protected when it comes to planning permission, showing the influence Ásatrúarfélagið in Iceland exerts on the cultural and political discourse of Iceland as a whole.

An  Ásatrúarfélagið state-recognized burial ground

Although it has faced some major difficulties from universalist, Marxist and Jewish hostile infiltration efforts, in exactly the same way that Asatru in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and US has been infiltrated and co-opted by several effectively "going-no-where" movements that in their effect do nothing more than waste people's money, attempt to centralize the religion into a series of intrinsically-rival membership parties (at the expense of authentic local 'Kindred' groups rooted in the principle of subsidiarity) and prevent the rising of genuine, historically authentic Asatru in our Northern European populations at large. 

This has occurred for over 20 years now (often as a result of manipulations by the same old organisations and individuals, under different names) and these very same groups, that have existed on and off for over 20 years are effectively dead, compromised internally or nihilistic about the current struggle as to render them detrimental to Asatru overall.

 The only way around such groups is for there to be growth and advances in the popularity of Asatru as part of our cultural , racial and subsequently national identity over the general population as a whole. 

Until there is growth, these stagnant, 2 decade old pools of hypocrisy and betrayal will continue to defile Asatru, as any stagnant pool of water does to the environment which it is within. 

 This is why this website is dedicated to promoting Asatru independently of any groups, all of which have their own flaws, unlike Asatru in itself as a cultural identity and religious and political force, which is perfect for us Northern Europeans, for it is the religion that evolved along with us, our identity and race flows in its ancient sagas strong and pure, a racial lore made entirely from the minds, souls and racial being of our folk themselves. And is thus the natural root for us to return to our strongest and purest state of being.

 I wish to promote a pure and unending flow in the popularity of Asatru in the eyes of my English folk, and simultaneously to assist the promotion of Asatru in relation to our wider racial folk in neighbouring nations such as Denmark and Germany and also to provide the same inspiration to our extended populations in our ex-imperial territories of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere. 

I will never compromise on this goal, neither should any geniune Asatru individuals out there, do not join coalition groups for the sake of it, stay pure, stay locally organised and keep practical.