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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú : Why do you exist in this life, here and now?
I would ask you: do you know why you exist in this life, do you know why you are here? Think silently to yourself for a moment, "why  am I here?" What brought me here, what is my purpose in being here, who am I, who are you, what is that force which made you come here today.
You and I are here because we heard of the need to stand up for our folk, for we sensed that there was something wrong in this era, we are here because we know there is something wrong in our world, we know because we have seen, we know because we have understood, we know because we have felt it, in our veins, we have felt it all across our race, with a tear in our eyes we have witnessed, and we declared we would be no mere witnesses to the destruction of our folk, that we would stand up and fight.
What is it that brought us here today, we few who have sensed and then seen and acted upon the reality that there is utter hypocrisy and malice in our manifest enemies who have so conned our leadership, bought them out, stolen their beings political purposes to their own ends in our governments, schools, and in the defiled existence of churches and institutions of the state, all at our own, often-times personal expense.
But, why us, look down at your European hands whose blood has flowed throughout thousands of years past, unchallenged, unequalled, untainted, pure, brave and fair, why those hands, old and withered, or young and strong, or fair and elegant, what has brought we few here together, why is this so, why have we few noble Europeans from all walks of life, looked a little further, to this point, here to read and understand the fundamental political problems and threats facing our folk via this website.
Why us, Why are you here, what brought you here today. Understand these questions, and the answers to them. We are not many, but if we were many we would not be in the right place, in this era, for in this era it is the destiny and duty of the first few alone, whose spirits have known the truths and contradictions that others believe to be mere political ideologies, we are those whose eyes sit coldly upon the horizon line, like blood born guardians or sentries, with a demeanour of sincerity, we are those who stare with hope yet still for our nation and folk, although the days darken towards night and the threats loom ever closer, we few who have taken it upon our burden to fight for our entire civilizations, even if we stand alone, we do it with honour, we do it because that is who we are.
We are the eternal guardians our of racial folk, and our creations: our civilizations, we are seemingly ordinary folk and simultaneously extraordinary folk, armed with Asatru inspiration, informed with nationalistic information.
We are faithful, eternal Asatru folk.
Read forth, become informed, enlightened and in your own way through writing articles here or in your individual life: wage political warfare on behalf of our folk's right to exist on a person to person level, awakening everyone you personally know, to stand up for our racial right to exist.
Keep positive, keep practical and keep persevering.
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