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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú : Those who live as our pure Nature
All those Nordic & Germanic folk who walk in the light of the awareness of their own folk's nature, will be given in return their nature’s light, her beauty, intelligence, strength, willpower and courage. Those who do not, those who forget and neglect their blood’s roots and the principles that have sustained it, will like the tree among the forest that is uprooted, slowly die.
Once you have become uprooted there is no going back, but by the strength of your own roots, they will constantly seek to re-root themselves in your mind, your heritage and blood will call out to you and attempt to re-align yourself, your morality, life, body & mind and all that you are, in accordance with the archetypical sunlight that is the folkish, elegant, extraordinary  essence of Ásatrú.
Your roots are strong enough as a Nordic or Germanic European, it is simply that you do not permit them to hold you high, you grasp in futility to the comfort of the mud of non-folkish, non-aspiring, merely economic, cultural and spiritual mediocrity, which you have been felled upon for far, far too long. Rise up, for the sake of all our folk!  
You must realize your proud roots, your blood that runs through them, and you must allow them to re-awaken in you and carry you tall, using your own branches, your own conscious strength to self-right yourself. All we can do for you as your surrounding folk trees is perform the function of permitting the sunlight to permeate between our branches and down to yours. the sunlight of Ásatrú wisdom will guide your direction, providing for you a framework and inspiration.
But the truest inspiration comes from within you, far beneath your golden hair, white bark and red sap, within your very heart, and beyond that, it lies in your highly evolved sentient strength of logic and reason and your deep reserves of emotion and beauty which do not lie commonly with most or any at all, but through the strengths of your roots such attributes are sustained, remember that if you fall, it is by your own weak-mindedness, you cannot by natures dictation rely on the forest collectively to help you.
If you are worthy of your own roots you will let them keep you from ever falling and they will raise you tall.
Nature herself and our ancestral perception of nature; Ásatrú, is the perfection from whom we have strayed afar.
We must return to her embrace.
We must retrurn to her side and stand tall beside her before the darkness befalls us, and to grow in her lightness, likeness and ethereality, eternally and to uphold, protect and honour her through our courageous and noble lives and the preservation and expansion of that life for generations to come.
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