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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 17th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 17th day After Yule 2264.RE
Ásatrú: The ultimate perfection of our racial and spiritual future

The Ancient spiritual-ritual carvings at Creswell crags demonstrate that our ancestors used a ritual that focused on balance, symbolically bringing a deer into life by carving the symbol of one into the rock, so that you may be able to take one away from the world through hunting.

-From this an ancient reverence and respect of nature is evident in the lives of our ancestors and the deep spiritual understanding that we are a part of nature and protected or destroyed in accordance with her laws is demonstrated, just like every other species, which forces those with such a worldview to place a high importance on the elementals of survival of their folk (race), this comes through emulating or worshiping the ways of the ancestors, who's methods by definition were proven evolutionarily successful, a spiritual outlook based in nature therefore, through the honouring of the ancestors and what is actually a pre-scientific understanding of the elementals of evolution, means that those with such a natural spiritual outlook are more inclined to survive and flourish in life.

Rituals and folklore provided an effective way to teach (metaphorically) ancient natural truths to all who partook in these rituals and the passing on of folklore, that are in-fact an excellent form of revision or education, enabled our ancestors to remember their identity for over 30,000 years, prior to the suppression of such folklore.

Creswell Crags, Nottinghamshire: Ancient carvings were found in England (and Britains) 1st ever effective Pagan temple/shrine between 43,000 and 12,800 years ago In the Creswell caves. including an icon of a goddess in the form of a small carved figure, a common form of worship of archtypical Goddesses and Gods is through the use of such totems ancestrally.

Gravettian* tools and artifacts can be found demonstrating that there was a Gravettian use of the caves around 32,000 years ago, demonstrating that the ancient pagan religions of the UK existed for as long as we did, even before then Neanderthal traces were left in the region surrounding the Creswell crags dating back 50,000 years ago.

*(Gravettian culture is a phase (c.32,000–22,000 years ago) of the European Upper Paleolithic that is characterized by a stone-tool industry with small pointed blades used for big-game hunting)  

The massive timescales involved in our presence in Northern Europe and the UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden definitely destroy the 'out of Africa' hypothesis (and it is only a hypothesis) and absolutely annihilates any claims Christianity (falsified) to claim it was 'our' religion.

   The caves were used by groups of late Neanderthals at least 43,000 years ago and subsequently by modern humans, but it's not yet known how old the cave art is. Recently, the deposits of calcium carbonate that cover some of the figures have been shown to have started forming 12,800 years ago, so the implication is that the art is far older than this.


Despite the Semitic (Christian) suppression of our folklore, such works as Beowulf are still taught in schools alongside the works of Shakespeare, albeit not in non-white dominated inner city schools.

As the ancient evidence of religious items and iconography prove conducting rituals or inscribing ritual like patterns has always been important to our ancestral spirituality. Ritual practice is about the content of the ritual personified through the Gods and Goddesses themselves but ritual is also conducted for the symbolism that echos out from such rituals over the eons, that help the individual (in Asatru and all related European pagan religions from Asatru ( or Norse Paganism) to Hellenism or (Greek paganism) ) to understand their place in the natural order, in time itself, as a link in the chain of their ancestors and future descendants, with a spiritual grade of sincerity, a very, very complex, profound and 'deep' thought pattern to understand, from appreciating the entire universe and the eternal laws of nature down to the minute and incomprehensibly insignificant daily events in one's life, which only gain any level of significance, by being means to an end that is the improvement of the individual as part of the evolutionary improvement of that individuals form, in being a pursuit towards perfecting their own self and form in every way conceivable, through the pursuit of perfection, of an individual aspiring towards being better than even the best ideal of themselves, a process that ritual helps, an individuals mathematically insignificant life, becomes of phenomenal importance in the long term evolutionary (natural or Asatru) view of their own life.

   Asatru creates a profound sense of racial identity purpose and clarity in the lives of its Germanic adherents

Rituals ranged from communal blood rituals to solitary promises where a libation would be poured through blood or words to the Gods and Goddesses or a particular aspect of the Gods and Goddesses or just one of them for a specific purpose.

Rituals in modern Asatru follow this pattern, although due to health and safety mead is often used in place of blood, which also makes for better drinking.

The majority of Asatru rituals are done by solitary practitioners, due to the individual, isolated and un-organised state of our current nations.

   ''The first Asatru summit was held on the 22nd of February 2014 featured an Asatru ritual around half way through the meeting, which taught the 18 people attending some of the customs of our ancestors and forged a strong sense of alliance between the individuals presen, this Asatru group formation has met every month on the 25th since. On the 20th of June 2015 a number of additional individuals were also included in a free public Asatru experience day, which was the first Asatru Allthing open to random members of the public, as a part of an outreach effort, in modern history''

This is why rituals focus on the Gods and Goddesses, it focuses us towards our self-purification (evolution), our ancestors most likely came to this understanding, which could be viewed as a pre-scientific understanding of the elemental principles or existence of natural selection and our place within such a natural system.

All of the ancient spiritual places of our ancestors followed places of significance created by nature and natural processes, unlike the artificial religions that built synagogues, churches and minarets that violate the natural landscape and follow no geographic features, our original religious places of worship were not based on places of (Human) political power, it was not until the arrival of the vile Semitic cult of Christianity in Britain tens of thousands of years later that Churches and religious buildings were then constructed in visible places, so that they gained authority over the lives of the people in that area, this continued unabated until the reign of Henry the 8th who thankfully destroyed almost all of the Abbeys and Cathedrals in Britain that were built in obtrusive locations, in what was the single greatest legislative and military action of any monarchy Europe has ever seen, in destroying the foreign authority that was encoded in the Church which imported its authority from Rome or symbolically from Jerusalem at the behest of vengeful anti-white Jewish exiles of the 1st Israel who were involved in international manipulation almost immediately after their anti-natural state was destroyed by the then Pagan Roman army and Empire up until today, where their international manipulation continues, even after having been thrown out of over 109 different European territories alone.

   Our ancestor's religious places grew around natural formations, such as waterfalls, lay lines, coastal caves, cliff caves, lonely trees and beautiful geographically symmetrical locations: the sign of an organic, biologically rooted ancient religious custom, well over 20,000 years old.

Some religious historians claim our ancient Pagan religions are up to 50,000 years old in their proto-variants, it is indisputable that they are at least 32,000 years old in a raw form, and widespread almost universally across Europe from 21,000 years ago, as indicated by archaeological artifacts recovered dating from that time period.

The artificial religions base the location of their places of worship on convenience and power from a human perspective in direct opposition to natural logic, such as in the middle of London (a flood-plain) or near to the mass-housing areas or city centres.

Our religion rooted in nature, followed and still follows nature's convenience and contours instead, such as dedicating waterfalls or hilltops as sacred places, through an understanding that nature's logic, order and purpose is higher than ours, as it is timeless and encompasses everything unlike the restraint of limited human understanding which is restrained to what we can perceive and understand, naturally our most ancient worship sites, have by definition been far more long lasting therefore, than churches for example built on floodplains or near retreating cliff-lines, where nature punishes the designers of such artificial places and shows the futility of their short-term world-view, by subjecting them to her unending powers of erosion, weathering and flooding.

   These futile short term world-views, that are un-natural are the same Semitic philosophical and political traditions and tendencies that engulf modern politics and religion today.

A civilization's laws, religion, military, science and infrastructure, including worship sites should always be based on nature's laws first and foremost, instead of human convenience or human 'logic' as nature's logic (or the personified wisdom of the Gods and Goddesses) is vastly superior, passed down from our most successful ancestors.

The remains of the founding generations or first ancestors that first cultivated the land are those who are in burial mounds, that can be seen all over Britain and Denmark.

   Our ancestor's religion shaped and guided their lives, and led a metaphorical understanding of basic scientific processes, such as of agricultural science in relation to planting and harvesting, and of the biology pertaining to animals, natural medicines and the cosmos.

Asatru or Nordic/Germanic paganism even includes understanding pertaining to the creation of the universe through the story of Ginnungagap.

Ginnungagap has an uncanny similarity to the Big bang theory, if not an identical idea, explained through the metaphor of two opposites clashing (Ice and Fire) causing the explosion from which the universe was formed: in our lore it was ice and fire meeting, as a metaphor, it could literally refer to matter and anti-matter, two other opposites meeting, Asatru encoded such an understanding at least 2500 years prior to the modern academic and scientific public discovery of the concept of the 'Big Bang'.

The recorded tale of Ice and Fire meeting in the Sagas may have been symbolic even of the temperature (energy) properties of matter (comparatively warm, via internal friction between atoms) and anti-matter or some other combination of two-opposites that caused the big-bang.

Ginnungagap, either way is an essential and basic way of teaching the concept of the big-bang to as many people as possible and thus why it exists still today, as it was taught successfully and in a widespread format.

How did our ancestors come to such an understanding?

I am supposing no divine intervention or supernatural means in how our ancestors came across such knowledge, on the contrary it could simply have been the fact that our ancestors uncovered such ideas over thousands of years of thought, remember that theoretical physics does not require test laboratories to understand, merely a long period of time learning and logically (theoretically) testing concepts in relation to established truths, we do not have evidence of ancient laboratories, but we do have the theory, Ginnugagap, which had to emerge from some initial source.

   Asatru also contains the concept of there being 9 realms in existence, this theory, called the 'multi-verse' theory in modern philosophy and physics is well-accepted in all University Philosophy department teaching as a valid and potentially true theory, our ancestors understood this well over 2500 years ago, maybe even as far back as 10-20,000 years ago, the precise date of the origin of the stories within the Eddas is unknown as writing only became widespread from the Rune Era onwards (-250.BC), this is the historical term used to describe the period after which Runes became widespread in normal everyday writing across Northern Europe. The Rune Era is the dating system this website uses, in addition to the Anglo-Saxon month names.

Christianity deliberately and maliciously suppressed our ancestor's scientific outlook, in an attempt to destroy our identity, which did not succeed thankfully, this is self-evident from witnessing how Christianity suppressed later attempts to (in hindsight) re-establish the dominance of science over religion pertaining to the existence and orbit of the planet and the stars, and elemental laws such as gravity that emanated from such.

Scientific theories pertaining to the orbit of the Earth around the Sun infuriated Jewish-Christians who wanted the world to believe the lie that the universe revolved around not just Earth but around Jerusalem specifically.

The anti-scientific Semitic cult of Christianity still seeks to suppress further scientific truths today, namely Evolution, a natural process that is fundamental to an accurate understanding of race, that even our ancestors 20-30,000 years ago had a cultural metaphorically illustrated understanding thereof.

Oxford, Weyland's-smithy,  a Neolithic, long barrow: named after a Germanic and Nordic God, as detailed in the epic Völundarkviða

Some archaeologists state that the stones symbolise the dead in rune-stones and stone circles, if this is so then it is a fantastic pre-scientific understanding of the process of fossilization, before science had even come to explain how it is that the 'bones of the dead' eventually turn into rock, our ancestors knew and valued the fact that the dead would eventually become one with the land their ancestors and children alike worked upon, and in this way our homeland is sacred for its very soil is infused with the particles that were once a part of the bodies of our ancestors.

   The post-funeral ritual of spreading the ashes of the cremated dead follows in this traditional understanding of allowing our beloved dead to become a part of our very land itself.

Asatru as a pure religion was forged by farming civilizations (the opposite to an economic trading (parasitic Semitic style) civilization), the very essence of celebrating seasonal celebrations, reminds folk of the natural cycle, an understanding of which is instrumental to survival, such as when to plant crops and where.

Dorstone hill, Herefordshire.

Dorston Hill in Herefordshire was the 1st proof of a house being re-purposed into a worship site. Burning the old buildings, returning them to the earth and turning them into sacred places, was a way of making a memorial out of the founding generations of a village and over an entire territory, remembering the founders of a race or that races founding era, this memorialization of old buildings helps to keep a folk on course, by keeping themselves in line with the memories and evidently successful ways of their ancestors, in doing so it provides a base level of identity to a people.

At the Grimes Graves flint mines, an English heritage site, one unproductive shaft (pit 15) was turned into a shrine.

An altar of flint lumps had been built with a chalk bowl at its base and antler picks piled around. In front of the altar had been placed a Venus figure, the 'Venus' figure, was a mother Goddess of sorts that is common as far back as 23,000 years ago and earlier, although not specifically of 'Venus' as Venus is the Roman name, the Goddess, who's name differs between area and in most cases is unknown shares the symbolical role of Venus or the Vanir Goddess Freyja or possibly of the Vanir Goddess Nerthus.

Going down into the designated mine was used as a form of rebirth-ritual, going into the earth and then coming back out of the earth, this was utilized for manhood and womanhood ceremonies, where the teenage child being tested would retrieve flint from the deepest mine as a test, as a ritual task of ascension/graduation into adulthood, an ancient pre-cursor to the graduation or confirmation ceremonies that exist today.

There is an actual verifiable psychological effect caused by being underground and then returning to the surface, (in addition to the obvious effect of killing of the claustrophobic people) the light effect in particular, the need to re-adjust to the surface light, analogous to re-adjusting to a new, life as an adult, a ritual which no doubt prevented the existence of pubescent teenage years of nihilism or waste, by focusing those years into one singular psychological transformation.

   Such a ceremony, would find great use today in combating what is an era of disengagement and nihilism in 'students' and 'teenagers'.

The rituals of our ancestors evidently brought order, strong social constructs of manhood and womanhood and a linear life path into being, keeping each generation in line with the prior generation, making our ancestors practically immune to generational decline through loss of identity (albeit until the Roman invasion).

   From this it is evident that ideas such as using Manhood and Womanhood ceremonies would be highly beneficial, if not crucial to re-establishing both reinforced gender roles and an adult sense of discipline into people today.

Around 7,000 years after the carvings at Creswell caves, old stone burials were closed and became disused and a new era of stone circles and rune-stones emerged, aligned with the sky, the stars and the seasons, a religion of life aspiring to the skies emerged, prior to that point our ancestor's religion had looked deep into the earth for its meaning, after that point our people focused their attention on the skies and the world around them in addition to understanding the metals and stones of the earth, our ancestors started to build monuments that demonstrated their prowess and aspirations, erecting colossal stone monuments to their own racial, spiritual and cultural stature and prowess.

Sarsen and bluestone boulders were even towed 160 miles in the construction of Stonehenge.

The construction of stone circles, stone lines, rune-stones and wood-circles was an act of dedication to our ancestors purpose in life and a symbolic declaration of rightful inheritance of the lands of the folk who's ancestors bones lay in the ground around them.

From this, the magnificent motivation Asatru and its proto-variants infused in its followers is evident, demonstrating that once our folk have returned to the way of our ancestor's religions, our civilization will be infused with a spirit to create such great feats once again, a spirit not seen since the Victorian era where engineering feats and the construction of our Empire was at its height, despite the Christian influence, it was during the Victorian era that formal Asatru re-emerged in England, Germany, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, Norway and Sweden in the discussion circles of educated, wild spirited folk and antiquarian traditionalists alike.

Our ancestor's construction of great stone monuments, in place of natural significance, such as upon the lay-lines of Stonehenge and Externsteine was also an act of refining the landscape, balancing the natural environment in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, the spirit of the artist was evidently universal in all the ancestors of Northern Europe.

   Our ancestors were artisans, warriors, farmers and artists, all living purposeful lives.

Standing stones have a deep psychological meaning to us still today, despite the corruptions of Christianity and modern atheism, approach a standing stone and just see how you feel, you will understand, it is a biological and spiritual feeling beyond mere surface thought.

The Avebury stone circle is the largest stone circle in Europe and the world, here in England, in Wiltshire no less, the county that is also home to Stonehenge and dozens of ancient and more recent White horse carvings, a dedication to the perceived spiritual sanctity of horses, epitomized in Odin's* Sleipnir.

*Odin is the same God as Wotan, Wotan is the High Germanic name for Wōden, which in turn is the West Germanic name for Odin. Odin is the pure Nordic name, most likely the original, therefore I use Odin primarily, it also makes it easier to relate with our lovely Scandinavian racial-relatives in religious and cultural understanding.

The Ness of Brodgar in Orkney is 5,500 years old and is the largest series of Pagan temple buildings of its era in the entirety of Europe, built near to the Ring of Brodgar and also in a position that is the centre of the surrounding landscape, for symbolic and mathematical significance, on a stretch of land that has not eroded since, despite having the ocean on both sides, as our ancestors knew how erosion worked and equllay important: how deposition worked to preserve the land and construct alluvium farm lands.

The alignment of buildings with the natural processes of the landscape and the solstices, reflects a core part of our ancient religion, which mirrors and understands nature and the cosmos.

   100m+ across, with each stone having been brought from a specific direction to the construction site.

   The Odin stone, part of the standing stones of Stenness Even in the 18th century the site was still associated with traditions and rituals, by then relating directly to the well-defined Norse gods.

There are over 2,000 ancient Pagan religious hillforts in Britain, tens of thousands of sacred Pagan sites and thousands of remaining stone cirlces and individual standing stones.

List featuring most of the known stone circles in Britain  

   "Warriors, settlers and poets crossed the seas (from Denmark & Norway) not just to Orkney but to Shetland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Scotland, weaving Orkney into a rich Norse culture."" -www.VisitScotland.com

It is Estimated that 90%+ of all our ancestral religious sites were destroyed and that even in-tact monuments remain undiscovered, beneath our very feet, as we have built towns on-top of towns on-top of older towns, villages and then hamlets for 21,000 years or more.

It should be the duty of an Asatru inclined government to do everything to re-discover the identity of our folk through engaging in massive projects of historical, racial and archaeological investigation in order to re-build, reinforce and safeguard our ancient and noble identity as a race in these lands.

We have lost so much from our ancient heritage, but enough exists anyway despite the most malicious efforts of Christians, Jews and now Muslims, in enough quantity to be more than anyone would be able to learn in a single life.

    It is just a matter of teaching that heritage to all of our folk, to bring them home... to their natural biological outlook on life, to replace the artificial non-outlooks and nihilism with an outlook of eternal purpose capable of self-augmentation, instead of dogmatic stagnation, nature is endless through her evolution, Asatru is our continually evolving understanding of nature, our nature, Asatru or 'Nordic & Germanic Paganism' assists individuals to understand and improve themselves in accordance with an understanding of their nature.
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