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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 17th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 17th day After Yule 2264.RE
Ásatrú: The Germanic solution to the crimes of the Semitic 'religions' in our lands
A people can survive tens of thousands of years and even withstand the imposition of a Semitic religion (albeit, becoming substantially weaker as a people as a result), the only true danger to an individual folk is the base destruction of their biological existence, folklore can be re-found, religions re-established, cities re-built, empires re-gained, infrastructure re-financed and armies re-gathered but the fundamental genetic purity of a race cannot be repaired, damaged elements (multi-racial products) cannot be repaired, only deported or exiled and those blood lines that are lost cannot be re-found.
Although a race is not lost until each and every man woman and child has been wiped out, thankfully we are still at 70-80% of our population, and our people are becoming more and more conscious of fundamentally racial issues, so that is unlikely, the fact of the matter is, we have awaken at the right point in time, late enough that there is real danger to motivate our people to action and early enough that we can most definitely emerge demographically victorious (homogeneous via the exile of all non-Europeans to their own homelands through legislation or military force) with ease.
Those who say: "it is too late", are fallacious cowards, often Christian nihilists, Catholic manipulators, Jewish-bigots engaging in deliberate malicious sabotage, generic seditious enemies who are those whom we must cast out, those who are racially opposed to our existence, either intentionally, as exampled in Jewish-Supremacists and various other non-whites and Christian nihilists or unintentionally, as exampled by generic cowards and the genuinely uninformed and nihilistically so.
   They are the kind who would retreat or abandon their positions in battle in days of old, the punishment for deserters was death, for the cowardous are of no use to the future of a civilization, they are akin to enemies in their effect, never-mind their intentions.
Through human evolution at its earliest stages, biological instinct became partially substituted for reason, such instinctual truths became religious truths and it is possible, that religion owes its very existence (in the raw natural forms of religion before it was co-opted by the juvenile Abrahamic religions) to the evolutionary period where our ancestors instinct turned into reason, a necessary transformation that has allowed us technological advances, which in the long term will allow us to consciously improve ourselves through genetics.
This occurred via natural selection, as once we humans had reached the top of the food chain, evolution was slowed dramatically, and thus through natural selection those who were complacent and opulent at the top of the food chain were wiped out by those who continued to evolve higher mental capacities, which started a new inter-human evolutionary race, quite literally culminating in a 20-30 millennia old 'arms race', from stone spears to modern biological weapons that forged us into the intelligent Northern European beings we are today.
The distinction between the 1st and 3rd world came about simply due to the fact that we had won the preliminary genetic-intellectual arms race.
Our current situation is stagnant for our natural religion and evolution has been literally halted, held back and spited by a rival racial group (Jews), who lack the strength to openly challenge us, and engage in warfare in the form that a virus engages in warfare, by attacking its host population through non-physical means such as changing the way it behaves (through the imposition of Christianity, which was only ever adopted due to the fact that one single man was fooled into enforcing it, for his own short term political goals (Constantine).

Christianity sought to destroy places of religious worship or destroy their meaning and replace it with a Semitic meaning, to put this in perspective in the context of the times, it would be like taking the statue of Herman and making it into a Holocaust museum, it is that much of a cultural attack.
Pagan places were re-named into Christian places, to corrupt their meaning and make the people of that land forget their ancestors, typically done by taking a pagan location or events such as Yule :Christmas:, Celebration of the Goddess Eostre: Easter, for example, Christians even tried to assert that the Summer solstice is called "St John's day" or "St.Han's day" in Scandinavia which is akin to calling the summer solstice a 'Semitic religion day', it was and still is (as the struggle and resistance to Christianity has never been defeated) a blatant cultural genocidal attempt on the history of our racial, spiritual and cultural identity and its blatantly obvious, just as obvious as the Jewish nature of the Church today.
The early terroristic and radical far-left, egalitarian Christians took monuments, peoples and towns and named them after a Semitic 'saint', this was done with all of our ancient figures, including St George and numerous locations which were then re-named after invented so-called 'saints', knowledge of whom was completely alien and still is to our people.
Who honestly knows the meanings of any more than a handful of these 'saints'?
-Less than 0.05% of the population actually even knows what more than 5 of these saints mean, most people can recall the names of more Nordic Gods (prove the point by reciting the names of all the Nordic/Germanic Gods & Goddesses you know) than they can saints and they do such every time they state the days of the week alone (one naming system Christians failed to corrupt, although the Romans managed to corrupt Saturday, which is now named after the Roman 'Saturn' in English).
-This fact proves that Christianity did not seek to use the meanings of such places or people for a new positive purpose as Christian scholars attempt to argue in justification of their genocidal desecrations, but that they simply wanted people to forget about them, as they were not Christian.
Naming something (claiming it) with a foreign name is a way to deprive the indigenous people of their own heritage, it is akin to all the Muslim proposals being sent to town councils as we speak, and in the past, asking to have various roads named after Muslim figures.
   There are even 55 non-whites (Muslims in this case) in my city of Sheffield who want a road named after Malcolm X.

   How dare this irrelevant Pakistani demand the placing of "a permanent plaque in Sheffield city centre in memory [of an anti-white racist]" !!
Christians already assaulted the name places of our nation, not completely but substantially and the loss to our heritage has evidently been great, if not the cause of our later susceptibility to further Jewish-supremacist weapons such as socialist class identities designed to deprive us of our real identities and racial memories even further, which then allowed the next phase: immigrant onslaughts, to be utilized against our folk.
The Germanic & Nordic and wider Teutonic gods were worshiped as the majority religion from as far back as 50,000-32,000 years ago well into the 5th century, with Christianity as the rulers religion increasingly becoming more and more enforced upon the people, in the same way that our ruling class today pushes their religions, (anti-scientific religions of) diversity and equality (which means conformity with genocide).
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end" Revelations 21:6- New Testament Christianity is literally its own beginning and the beginning of the end for the people who adopt it simultaneously, that is the true meaning of a seemingly harmless quote such as Revelation 21:6, it refers to the end of the racial evolution of the people it touches, which is the act of its own beginning, via assert anti-natural creeds such as "help the poor", "love thy enemy as thy friend", etc, which does nothing other than destroy a race, "love thy enemy" is literally promoting miscegenation, the racial suicide inherent to Christianity is so obvious it is almost un-believable, demonstrating that this juvenile Semitic religion must be disposed of at all costs after the disposal of direct Semitic influence or during that process most likely.

All Nationalists who consider themselves Christians should not take insult at such, but simply realize, that like the liberal members of our population they have simply been victims of manipulation into following a creed like communism, like Christianity and the final solution to such is simply to throw off the chains of any and all Christianity and return to the religion of your ancestors.

Asatru was still prominent in areas of England such as the Viking controlled coast lines and areas such as Yorkshire and Wiltshire until the 11th century and was prominent until Christian rule went psychotic with Catholicism and puritan variants, culminating in the witch trials, a facade, which covered for what was a genocidal series of war-crimes committed by the Semitic dominated Christian church against the English people, where all those who did not believe in Christianity were executed and tens of thousands repressed from expressing their religious beliefs.

The fact that one of the tests of a witch was whether they knew the 10 commandments demonstrates this, which is even admitted in academic history.
   Once we re-take our culture and through that our nations we can do the necessary research to find the original names and form of all aspects of our culture, things Christianity defiled and attempted to destroy and return every aspect of our nation to its English or Scandinavian name-sake, depending on location, such as in Nordic Scotland, Yorkshire and Norfolk, or the Germanic home counties of central and southern England.

   Bringing our folk home to the philosophy of their own relatives and ancestors is a moral imperative duty derived from a categorically imperative racial duty. to our Gods, Goddesses, ancestors and descendants.

   The only foundation for morality is upon what is good for us racially, spiritually and materially, in Asatru material reality is in harmony with and compliments the spiritual in perfect (natural) harmony.

Unlike in the past, where Rome was able to corrupt the South of our land through sheer brute-force and occupation, with the presence of Nuclear and biological weapons, Northern Europe would never again face the prospect of invasion from hostile races and their cultural weapons of defilement once we re-take control of the governments of our nations and guide our civilizations in the direction of self-augmentation for all eternity, on every level.

   Ásatrú and its compatible regional variants, thus, once re-established, will safeguard our race for all eternity.
   Ásatrú will not 'only' safeguard our race but ensure the continual evolution of our race and way of life over the centuries, millennia and eons of time that our ancestors will inherit from our struggle in this era.
   It is for the unleashing of that future for my people, that I shall give my entire life in servitude to, awakening our pure racial folk, inspiring in our purest folk the courage to stand up for our collective right to exist in purity and flourish, the ideals that Ásatrú enshrines...
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