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Article author: Volunteer Writer / Published: 24th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 24th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú Resurgence:
Judeo-Christian cultural nationalism will not save our folk. Judeo-Christianity is a genocidal tool, forged by our enemies, designed to rot Europe from within – to degrade us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Although it is slowly but surely dying in England as a genuine faith, it still very much has its malicious hooks in our culture.
A recent poll revealed that less than 48% of the people in the UK and England are considered Christian by a cultural definition, although 3-5% of this change is due to the increase in the Muslim and other foreign religious populations, the majority of this change is due to the natural decline in Christianity. Less than 10% of this number ever go to Church and thus realistically Christianity has been rightfully ditched by our folk already.
   Although an increasing number of English folk are believing in 'Spiritual forces', a prelude to an Asatru resurgence.
 The 15th Century Italian patriotic political-warfare writer and political and moral philosopher Machiavelli predicted that Christianity would die after 1600 years, and indeed with prophetic foresight it seems Machiavelli was 100% correct.
Even nationalists, who are fully aware that Judeo-Christianity is a crock of lies, envisioned by the Jew Saul of Tsarsus, cling to the idea of cultural Christianity being inextricably intertwined with our English identity, believing that the two are inseparable.
   This is absolutely false and is exactly what Jewish-Supremacists are relying upon to split our resistance by a small (due to the proportionally small number of Christian racial nationalists) but pertinent extent.
What we today call 'England' was built upon a solid foundation of paganism. Christianity merely swept aside the ancient European beliefs in a storm of violence and Rome-enforced genocidal ignorance, which then pursued to pat itself on the back for being so “constructive” through co-opting, defiling, degrading and re-purposing all of the innovations and history of the English folk and militarily and politically laying claim to everything to assert its own hegemony.
When brilliant English men forced through technological innovations and scientific triumphs in spite of the Jewish yoke around their necks, the Jewish Christian early priests and monks, with a monopoly on the production of manuscripts and thus all historical records claimed and co-opted every great man, thought, war, accomplishment and city as its own, robbing our middle-ages English folk of a racial identity, supplanting it with a religious one, which could, as is happening now be washed away at any moment, thenceforth leaving a people defenceless and motivated by alien principles, rather than by pure ethnic interests.
It is our responsibility to not let the decline of Christianity result in a rise of Judeo-Atheism, which was planned 2nd stage to Christianity after it had served its purpose and weakened us substantially with its universalistic and egalitarian creed.
   -As opposed to the tribalist, folkish Heathenish or Asatru spiritual and moral outlook of our ancestors which put the honour and lives of our folk as the top priority, it was the perfect folkish spirituality, designed by our ancestors organically over 50,000 years, which put the honour and lives of our folk as the primary core of its outlook. If someone dishonoured your folk or endangered the lives of your Folk, you avenged them, you went to war at the slightest threat to the existence of your folk, family and folk-faith.
We have (technically and politically) been Christians for considerably less than 1600 years, we have been of our organic ancestral spiritual beliefs for over 50,000 years, in the very core of our being, each and every one of us European folk.
   One must keep in mind that Christianity in Europe is but a small blip or aberration in the totality of our history, signalling a very definitive point at which it all started to go wrong for our race. Consider this: There are trees in England older than Judeo-Christianity!
The Ankerwycke Yew of Berkshire is at least 2,000 years old, making it hundreds of years older than even the oldest church on our soil.
It is important to consider trees deeply as a metaphor. A tree only remains standing because of its strong roots. These roots are buried in the soil, unseen, just like our ancestors do to the majority of our folk at this time.
Without our roots, we too are destined to fall. And that is exactly the intent of Judeo-Christianity.
The roots of the tree are also the means by the which the tree is nourished, so that it may continue to live and to grow. It is no accident that the nine worlds of our ancestor's highly scientific, metaphorical cosmology are linked together by Yggdrasil, the World Tree.
The tree is one of the most symbolic aspects of nature we have in relation to our racial history.
   Further, one cannot help, when in the presence of an ancient tree, but feel a connection with the Divinity of nature and by appreciating nature we can appreciate our own nature.
It is little wonder that our ancestors considered some forests to be sacred, even as manifestations of the deities. The wisdom of trees, whose lifespan dwarfs that of man, is not to be underestimated. But to a Christian, a tree is just a tree, with no inherent value beyond the material, even when that tree is our race.

It only takes on a spiritual value when carved into the Jewish crucifix, to remember the execution of a Middle-Eastern criminal Jew who probably never existed in the first place, or who was merely the ancient equivalent of David Icke. In other words, a spiritual corruption, which takes a symbol of life and turns it into a symbol of death.
In time, without roots to nourish them, these wooden crosses rot. And so do the Europeans who worship them. A defence of Judeo-Christianity proffered by some nationalists is the factually correct claim that the Jews of today despise the religion of Christ, pointing to its routine mockery by talentless Jewish celebrities such as Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman.
They say that if Jews hate Christianity, then Christianity must be good. Why do Jews hate Christianity? I believe it is because, in order to gain a foothold in Europe, Christianity had to adopt many of Europe's customs and traditions, dropping much of its Judaic influence.

Christmas. Easter. Halloween. These are all bastardised versions of traditional European festivals. Inadvertently, Christianity has preserved a weakened and often perverted version of much of our old culture. With a few adjustments here and there, the true nature of these celebrations could be restored.

   Hence, Christianity has, for all its destruction, failed to erase our organic, natural paganism, and thus, the European and especially the Nordic and Germanic spirit lives on.
Christianity as it is, is not what its founding Jews had intended it to be. That is why they hate it, but simultaneously Jewish-Supremacists still utilize it to enact their defilement.
Christianity always will still be internationalist, tolerant, universalistic and egalitarian at its core, which is a threat to all gentile cultures. Christianity must be selectively and then totally removed. Our people can only become free and healthy when this curse is lifted. The culture of Christianity is one of weakness and hypocritical materialism; it is therefore worse than useless for the heroic struggle we are engaged in. Some say Asatru is weak, that it is no longer relevant in a technologically-advanced modern world. The entire mainstream political, media, church and education establishments of every European nation say the same is true of nationalism.
They say our numbers are too small, that we haven't the manpower to effect real change.
I say, believe that all you want, but remember:
   Colossal trees grow from small seeds.
    Today we are but a tiny green shoot, battling against the harsh elements.
   In time, we will be tall and strong.
   When that day comes, our people will seek shelter and be simultaneously inspired under our awe-inspiring branches and elegant stature.
   Then we shall see who and what is no longer relevant and we shall crush and wipe aside everything that stands in the way of the organic, total and uncompromising resurgence of our folk!
~Hail our Folk ~ Hail our Goddesses ~ Hail our Gods ~
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