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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 15th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 15th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

Our civilization, our race, our society in order to operate at our highest capacity must be formed of individuals who themselves operate at their highest capacity, who are true to the archetype of Odin: the All-father and the God of the eternal pursuit of knowledge. This can only be achieved through a powerful , spiritual level of motivation pushing individuals to strive towards their highest capacity intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically and socially, to hold such a pursuit as integral to ones very spirituality, to hold success as a spiritual and ultimately genetic pursuit is Asatru. Asatru is a way of life that surgically removes and annihilates mediocrity and safeguards against its return. Asatru was only ever overcome by sheer military force, the existence of nuclear weapons now prevent any Rome like entity from militarily changing our socieities.
Asatru itself will motivate all Nordic and Germanic folk worldwide to excel to such an extent that a 3rd division between nations will emerge, between ourselves and the non-Nordic and non-Germanic nations of mainland and Southern Europe, and even the partially Germanic nations that exist but fail to return to the way of their ancestors. Nordic and Germanic nations would surge ahead into first world+ nations, leaving the merely 'first world' nations behind, along with the third world.
This is the inevitable outcome that will emerge between our Nordic and Germanic nations once we are unleashed to follow a spirituality that is 100% true to the Æsir and those European nations that do not, for Asatru is following the archetypes that guide our evolution towards perfection, thus pursuing a path towards genetic perfection will inevitably leave behind all those who do not pursue their archetypal genetic interests. The closest understanding the conscious mind can get to a pure understanding of our genetic motivations is through an empirical and scientific understanding of the processes of evolution, but to actually feel and be motivated by genetics, you have to value that understanding, that motivation to act in accordance with our highest and purest genetic interests can only be achieved by the majority of our population through a spiritual-intensity pursuit.
Which is why our enemies seek to promote Christianity, because even a Nationalistic Christianity will fail by default, in the conscious of our Germanic and Nordic folk, it failed a thousand years ago and has merely been declining ever since.
The non Germanic spiritual influence of the Semitic religions are horrifically degrading, the influences of the Romans (Latin) and Greeks are also damaging, for they are not our ancestral spiritualities, they are superior by far to Semitic Christianity, none-the-less they are not naturally native to our racial culture, history and spirituality, they do not fit our racial, spiritual and cultural archetypes and tendencies but have become established through mere force and status-quo adherence.  
The entire old political class were taught Roman and Greek for a reason, to remove any Nordic or Germanic identity from within them, ensuring a disloyalty to the Germanic and Nordic English peoples, our racial spiritualities, culture and history, combined with Semitic, often Catholic Christianity, the hostility of our political class to ourselves was inevitable.
This corruption at its foundation is Semitic, the importation of Roman culture and Greek culture was ultimately through the Jewish dominated trade and military expeditions of the Roman empire, even before Constantine finally capitulated to Jewish-Subversives in officially adopting the Jewish weapon of Christianity, the proto-variant of modern Marxism, bolshevism and all spiritual, cultural and historical corruptions since.
The dominance of Jews in both the historical and contemporary Churches proves the anti-European racial origins of Christianity beyond rational denial. Greek and Roman influences, as with Christian influences are inferior to our pure Germanic and pure Nordic philosophy and culture, we can only reach our cultural and racial generational epitome through following the purest outlook of our ancestors for the duration of our lives.
Through purifying our own individual lives, and striving in accordance with the Æsir, Asatru folk can start to re-establish strong communities and literally re-take pre-existing communities through educational literature and inspirational examples of moral courage on behalf of our right to exist as English racial folk, and as Germanic and Nordic beings, especially in the face of oppression (political correctness) and anti-English hypocrisy emanating from the enemies of our folk.  
Our ancestral, organic, biologically rooted spiritual beliefs are the only eternal, efficient and effective mechanism for motivating our folk towards the highest echelon of our own individual capacities, through which our highest echelon of cohesion and racial culture can be sustained on a familial and societal and then national level. Asatru must eventually annihilate all Semitic cultural, spiritual and political influences and return to its rightful place as the spirituality, racial culture and un-compromising, un-flinching, relentless motivational driving force in the extraordinary lives of our elegant, ethereal, extraordinary Nordic & Germanic folk.
On an individual level, you must first purify your moral consciousness, heighten your intellect, deepen your knowledge, purify your biological and physical life conditions and purify your outlook.  
Through an inspired pursuit towards self-perfection, inspired by the Gods and Goddesses, from the God of Justice Tyr, through to Thor, God of War, Odin God of Knowledge, Idunna Goddess of eternal life and health, to Frey and Freyjia, God and Goddess of fertility.  
The Gods and Goddesses of our folk spirituality are the archetypes of the ideal forms that an individual and thus through each and every individual, our entire nation should emulate, amplify and live in accordance with, in an unleashed form of being, without the chains of mediocre moralities and outlooks, aspiring towards honouring the Gods and Goddesses through your own self perfection. Before our nation can be re-taken hundreds of purified, pure-hearted Nationalistic Asatru folk will be required to wage war on behalf of our folk, politically, culturally and spiritually.
Only through the purest individuals can a nation be re-awakened, re-taken and re-birthed into its age of purity, perfection and persevering racial pride.
Those Jewish-Supremacists who currently rule tyrannically over us, and all their ideological and racial victims, who enable their defilement to continue, will all be laid down and cast to the mud and drowned-out of politics and every aspect of our nation, into the putrid mud of their own defilement and rendered unto a political sacrifice before the ritual-like, purifying resurgence of our ancestral Germanic & Nordic: English Gods and Goddesses that shall rise within and in the highest echelons of the spirits of our folk.
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