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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 19th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 19th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú Mindset
Asatru is our nature's religion, for Asatru is being true to the Æsir, Asatru is the religion of our nature for Asatru holds us in faith with the Æsir, it is our way of life, the acceptance of our ancestral Gods and Goddesses, with their own laws and outlook on life... and death that become our laws and our outlook on life and death.
Adherents of an Asatru mindset fear nothing and hold allegiance to nothing except the best interests of the best and most noble of our Germanic folk.
Adherents of an Asatru mindset look forward to death in battle and fear no loss in a dying for our folk, for Valhalla, Fensalir or Folkvangr await, but also in living a long dedicated life, 100% dedicated to our folk in addition to pursuing a worthy death in addition to a worthy, noble, significant and honourable life.
Adherents of an Asatru mindset hold it as a great honour to be sacrificed to their Gods and Goddesses, by their own free-will to give everything including their own life and flesh to the Æsir and Vanir, the symbolic representations of the great cause each worthwhile and valuable (Asatru) individual aspires towards, and the Gods and Goddesses whose tales inspired and guided us through our formative years of life and sustain us through until old age, and beyond to the time when through our honourable lives we may eventually meet those very same Gods and Goddesses, whose names we called out to over the decades that are our individual lives.
Adherents of an Asatru mindset during this era are engaged in a battle for the survival of our folk, adherents of an Asatru mindset intend to sacrifice ourselves, in dedicating our whole life's effort to the cause of safeguarding our folk and through our folk our Gods and Goddesses, many of us will give everything that is insignificant in serving the best and most noble of our Germanic folk.
In comparison with the interests of the best and most noble of our Germanic folk, everything else is insignificant, including our individual lives.
It is through this comparison that sacrifice shows its true worth, sacrificing the insignificant and less important aspects of our lives and even a small number of our lives themselves for the continued existence, safeguarding and augmentation of the best and most noble of our Germanic folk.
Ultimately although there is no such thing as 'sacrifice'... for in prioritising high and noble goals and ideals, through idolising and serving our own racial-folk, we live the purest, most idealistic and purposeful life imaginable, a life of natural divinity, of natural purposefulness and eternal value, through our eternal legacy that is the safeguarding, augmenting and uplifting of the best of our noble, beloved Germanic folk.
Through this the adherents of an Asatru mindset finds true pleasure and happiness, the only worthwhile form alongside their dedication to our folk.
Through this we embody the honour and purposes of our Gods and especially our Goddesses and become worthy of their folk names and worthy of our inheritances as sons and daughters of the Æsir themselves.
As noble members of the sacred European races
Hail our Gods, Hail our Goddesses, Hail our Folk
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