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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 8th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 8th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Each and every Asatru informed racially self-aware Nordic & Germanic person reading this, you must make an effort to become at one with as many of our racial folk as possible in your ordinary local community, for that is where the awakening of our folk must take place.
All Nationalistic folk, who in their self-identification see themselves as outside the political debates of our nation need to realise that this mindset is false, designed to be self-defeating, denying us our fundamental role in the politics of the lives of our people: folkish politics should be at the core of our folk's conscious and political opinions and this will be so if and only if ordinary and extraordinary folk from our population alike are motivated through an ancient force and spirituality that is Asatru, to realize their rights, to realize their pure racial and spiritual ancestry that is without Semitic compromises of impurity. Then and only then will our folk be truly unleashed.

   That path is paved with difficult years; common understandings and comparatively better political parties, that although not ends in themselves, need to be pushed into their designated place in history in order to facilitate further awakenings. That path is filled with half-awakened politicians, cultural figures, groups passively holding back and reversing the tides of Jewish Supremacist power and non-European incursions inch by inch as our folk become more and more awakened; from such a position forthwith, purer fully awakened folk will penetrate into the political stasis of the conscious of this nation and within the core of the composition of our government.

Our folk awakening will happen in leaps and bounds, the governmental recapturing of the apparatus of the state, the judiciary, the armed forces, the police and the ministerial positions within government will be forced in accordance with the opinions and voices of our increasingly awakened folk. It is your duty to be those voices, as one of the first amongst the awakened, you have a responsibility, which you, if you are an inactive racially aware person are currently failing, for I see not even one truthful voice at a national or even group level, not one who I can call an ally or a person of knowledge, wisdom and courage worth of our folk.
All of those true Asatru informed individuals or even Asatru inclined individuals reading this, those who understand their ancestral ways, even if by a slight degree, and those who know all too well the racial and political realities of our nation, you must realize your role in this political struggle and you must fulfil it with your perfected form and mindset.
It is your role, and your responsibility to teach our folk these truths, this is what I intend to inspire you into doing. You must become the centre of your local community, and from there you must stand guard against Jewish-Supremacist influence and corruption, to actively fight against it, from within UKIP or as just an independent non political social figure in your local area, you must stand against the misuse of local positions of power, write letters to your MP, become well established in your local community, for the awakening of our folk must occur on a local level, and in every locality before it can even be classified as a national awakening. Every true Asatru informed person who cares for the very survival and conditions of our elegant, ethereal, extraordinary Nordic & Germanic folk must seek positions within your local community, you must realise that our folk by virtue of our common racial lineage, share almost identical values and concerns with us, this is our soil, this war is on our home territory, we have this innate advantage, seize it, do not let any advantage go to waste, for the survival of our very folk is at stake.

   89-94% of our folk hate immigration, and encouragingly large numbers are openly replying in surveys that they know about Jewish domination of media and especially in relation to the banks. But our shared opinions with the majority of our folk across Europe are not refined to these abstract, but fundamental elements of truth of such controversy but extend to everyday normal things.
The perception of beauty and spiritual significance in nature, the love of our landscapes, wildlife, ancient pre-Semitic pagan traditions and seasonal tendencies to shared food tastes, linguistic and even basic shared behavioural tendencies and psychologies of dignity, sincerity, industriousness and willpower. In many of our folk you will find your opinions and personal traits are mirrored and these are the folk we must awaken, the strong points in each and every local community, family, farming community or school parents network. The Jewish Supremacists fear this awakening like nothing else, and they fear it when awakened folk law forth battle plans such as this in such clear and elemental terms, for a genuine, folkish, independent awakening is UNSTOPPABLE.

   No law, no media pressure, no infiltration can even come close to preventing such an awakening waged through the aforementioned elemental and NATURAL human societal communication level.
It is as a result of manipulation, or intimidation by Jewish supremacists and their infiltrators that we even think of ourselves as non-mainstream. The Jewish Supremacist conferred upon the ordinary racial opinions of our folk the false appearance that we are not only non-mainstream but that so mainstream that we are persecuted by our own laws and unable to speak about the main fundamental issues pertaining to the existence of our civilization and folk, this is not true, that is their method of literally intimidating and forcing the awakened of our folk into recluse. It is not illegal to name the Jew, it is not illegal to talk about racial differences. And our folk are doing such in increasingly large volumes at the local social and family level.

In days of old, if one member of our folk thought our lands were under attack, they rushed to the councils; men of war and men of the land alike would listen and consider. Although the format, structure and accessibility of our government has been corrupted to make this impossible, our people are still the same, and ordinary people, at the local level are more awakened than you would believe.
I was out campaigning during the Newark by-election, when I was not busy revising for my intense University exams for the last 2 weeks (thus the absence of articles in the last week) and upon the doorsteps of numerous houses I was engaged in some of the deepest and longest political conversations of my life, with ordinary seemingly non-political folk!
These ordinary people, whose concerns and ideology on the surface were identical to my own showed to me that our folk are more awakened than our enemies will allow us or any other number of our folk to realize. This is a fundamental deception which maintains Jewish-Supremacist power, by castigating ordinary awakened folk as extreme, casts to the shadows political opinions which are in fact truly the silent-majority that deserve to be at the centre of the political discourse in this nation but are deprived of their rightful ascendancy and governmental representation due solely to this Jewish Supremacist media and education establishment pressure, solidified in its security since the 1960s.

   Our folk's freedom can only be assured by mobilizing their silent but wise and knowledgeable implicitly racial voices, by inspiring them by our examples, by leading forth our folk in freedom of speech, thought, spirit and soul, then only can our folk themselves muster the courage to stand tall and true to their silent and powerful, intelligent and instinctually awakened opinions. The same is true across most of Europe, as the most recent unleashing has demonstrated on a mere 0.1/100th of the scale our folks actual political awakening potential. Each and every Asatru inclined nationalist reading this message must if you do not believe this, go out yourself, door to door, asking our fellow folk what they think about immigration or in the words of Roger Helmer MEP: the "paedophile Catholic church" or Marxist 'Church of anti-England', you will find much agreement. Our folk, as the pure beings they are, are true to this land and soil, you will find numerous people who believe that stopping immigration: "will not be enough", and who state quietly that it needs to go further than that, or this nation has no chance or that they believe the political establishment all need to be hung, that immigrants contribute nothing whatsoever and that the media class needs to be deported: these are common opinions, that are fundamentally at one with our own.

These are the opinions of normal people, we need to take to heart the reality that our folk are true and uncompromisingly folkish at heart, despite the centuries of Judeo-Christian pacification, pessimism and Marxist suppression, many millions of our folk hold true. It is these ordinary, and yet instinctively awakened individuals in every city, town, village and hamlet that hold the key to the awakening of all our folk. The reality is that millions of our folk have already awakened and are in their silent majority, akin to a standing army, fully clad with the armour and weapons of knowledge, and instinctive scepticism of government, merely awaiting the call to charge.
All they require is the catalyst that is hope and moral courage. That is our duty, that is our foremost objective to restore hope and courage in our folk, Asatru holds courage and hope, fortitude and perseverance intrinsically but our folk need to be guided to their ancestral spiritual outlook for this courage to be unleashed.
Our folk are like a masterpiece awaiting the restoration of the final brushstrokes of purity, that purity is to be restored into the inner hearts of our folk, through our sacrificial examples and courageous voices, not solely through media and words but through the primary avenue of personal awakenings through friends and family and local communities. Fear not for our folk privately agree with almost all that we believe. The number of our folk who know the truth in what we speak are well over 20 silent Ásatrú inclined folkish nationalists to every one of us non-silent fools. Most of our folk will never even have heard of Asatru, neither had I, but this is irrelevant, for the only thing they need understand is the underlying perspective of nature, courage, purity and perseverance.

All of our folk will recognize the names of the Gods; Thor, Odin and numerous others. The numbers of silent nationalistic folk to non-silent nationalistic folk is an almost identical ration of 20 to 1, showing the true correlation between Asatru, or a generic 'Germanic spiritual outlook' and racial sentiments and self-awareness. Our folk, these silently aware amongst our folk are relying upon us non-silent individuals in our foolishness to take the first steps over the top on behalf of them. And if our careers or bodies fall with a thundering clash unto chains or untimely deaths at the hands of our enemies, let that death, in career, reputation or body occur as a beacon of inspiration, and hope of a noble political or reputational sacrifice, a hope filled beacon that shall inspire countless thousands all over the European world.
Our folk will see the unfairness of the attacks against us, as they have the same attacks against even the temporary nationalist allie and edge-of-mainstream UKIP. Our folk are Our folk, they are ours and we are theirs, we are one and the same bound by the eternity that is our noble blood, and for each blood brother and sister I will give my all.
This fundamental perspective needs to inform your daily interaction with your ordinary local community, family and friends. You must with moral courage seek to awaken all those you know, to never retreat into isolation or despair but always to persevere to awaken as many people as you can. There are those whose blood is not worthy of awakening, but 20% of our population even in this media climate already admit to having racial opinions. Our folk are easily reached, well relatable and can be mobilized themselves to articulately and respectably stand up for their right to exist, if only in conversation and political opinions on a local level initially. I can only hope that you will do the same, I can only hope that you will exceed the political and academic sacrifices that I enact in my personal sacrifices to awaken my folk. I hope that through my struggles your sacrifices will be less and with time, standing up for our folk's racial rights will become a positive beacon, never again a negative controversy. This state is almost upon us, if and only if we reach out and grasp this future, to bestow it upon our beloved racial folk, to hand it down for generations to come, generations that through our sacrifices shall live purely and freely, as Nordic & Germanic folk, in our homelands and worldwide. With faith in the Æsir as my folk, when I look to the archetypes that are encoded in our ancestral glory and folk-spirituality and sagas, I know and have always known that you, each and every one of you reading this who truly is of my folk will give your all in noble service to our Æsir folk blood.

   For the English, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, Austrians, Swiss and all our descended Racial folk the world over. For all the peoples of Europe, from North to South, from East to West, the world over, I know that Æsir folk will rise and give their all and no enemy shall stand in our way, and forthwith our folk will be free, free to be our own, a future of Germanic and Nordic beauty, where the Golden hair of our daughters shall glint and shine upon the horizon of the future that we shall attain for them at the price of our personal sacrifices.

Hail to the Æsir, Hail to our daughters and sons, all of the Æsir, may they live true and free upon the sacrifices of our coming political awakening.
Understand yourself what it is that you will do personally to awaken our folk.
Unleash yourself to your highest and purest form to awaken our folk through politically-awakening words, symbols and virtue in your personal conversations and everyday life interactions with all of our folk. Unleash yourself, start to become one with our folk, your effort starts locally and immediately.
Purity starts with you the noble individual.
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