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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 11th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú informed love for our folk:
Love is our shield, love is our sword.
The co-research between an Australian political scientist and a US based geneticist (Frank Salter) in accordance with substantial data on ethnic interests has revealed that between any two random members of the same ethnic or racial population, we are related to any random member of our folk at the level of 1st cousins.

This research implicitly shows the colossal importance of a spirituality which upholds, celebrates and seeks to augment this genetic reality, rather the modern non-spiritualities that reject notions of ethnicity or race or downplay their significance, such as the Judeo-Bolshevik, Christian or Judeo-Marxist liberal denial of race and its absolute importance. Select any random person from your immediate genetic folk population, be that ethnically English or Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, etc and that person on average is as closely related to you as a 1st cousin, and yet you are not even directly related to them within even 10 generations, due to the almost identical genes within our relative homogeneous populations.

On a genetic level, the ethnic German population of Germany is almost indistinguishable from our English population, the same is true also of Denmark, with the other Nordic & Germanic countries correlating at genetic difference levels from ourselves that are barely noticeable (compared with the rest of the world) solidifying the natural potential for a Nordic & Germanic racial, political and cultural alliance, as independent states in a post Jewish Supremacist world.

  All of our beloved folk are effectively our related family and our spirituality should reflect and highlight this elemental genetic truth, our true and natural spirituality of Asatru already does this. The undeniable genetic evidence pertaining to the human existence and human races, especially the natural fact that Human races also have genetic interests as with all biological species ties us into the same natural order as all other species in existence, showing the biological nature of our struggle.

The biological nature of our struggle highlights the fundamental impossibility of any form of Liberalism or non-biological ideology, such as the self-contradiction of futile fake-nationalistic movements within Christianity which controvert nature and instruct their followers to this day, to fanatically deny the existence or importance of race, especially genetic science, highlighting the necessity of Asatru as a form of pure, ancestral Germanic spirituality as the superior alternative to all of the non-spiritualities that have threatened our folk over the last 1500 years and continue to degenerate, defile and degrade our Nordic & Germanic folk in this era.

Spirituality or faith of some form is inevitable and advantageous to counter the opposing faith of Marxist egalitarianism, (which is effectively Christianity without its Yahweh, or the Yahweh part replaced with Jewish egalitarianism instead of the Jewish God, although then again Yahweh might as well just be shorthand for Judeo-Bolshevism or Jewish-Supremacism).

  Asatru, Asatro, Ásatrú, or Odinism through archetypal, spiritual naturalism is the diametric opposite of the anti-natural creeds of our age.
Ásatrú idolises, personifies or gives relatable conceptual life to our perception of our own nature and our natural genetic interests on a level that the average human mind can comprehend but also deeply understand. Spiritual understanding and feeling through Asatru is not an abstract deployment of religious feelings but an understanding and feeling of our own sacred natural existences and an understanding of the natural forces that guide our evolution.

A religion or spirituality should follow and uphold nature, not controvert, deny, degrade and defile nature as all Semitic philosophies and political ideologies do.

Semitic philosophies, such as Christianity, Marxism and Liberalism exist as forms of defilement, degradation and degeneration warfare techniques that afflict upon the groups which adopt their anti-natural teachings spiritual, and then societal, followed by racial degradation, as has occured in all Christianized European nations.

Jewish Supremacists are often found at the forefront of the promotion of Christianity at all levels, note the Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury who is the archetype of the reality that Jewish Supremacists not only designed the vile anti-natural, disease like degenerative force of Christianity, but to this day promote it.

Jewish Supremacists then utilize this very same Christianity as a tool for the reactive promotion of a false dichotomy which then facilitates atheistic Marxism, in an attempt to remove the last vestiges of Germanic spirituality, such as encoded in the hijacked, non-racial, twisted anti-natural Christian versions of the celebration of the Germanic Goddess of fertility and motherhood: Eostre or the folkish community celebrations of Harvest festivals or Yuletide, that were hijacked during the absorbative expansion of early Christianity as is universally known, even by the Christians and especially the Jewish Christians who deny such out of malice and through an intent to subvert our folk further through denying our ancestral racial spirituality in this crucial era of awakening.

None the less these Jewish-Subversive efforts will fail, for our folk are already awakening, this awakening like all of our folk's awakenings, is unstoppable.

The anti-racial teachings of the communist (or Jewish) dominated academia on race, which was a transformation that was only possible through academia's prior passive Christian tolerance and actually welcoming stance towards Jews and Jewish ideologies en-masse into academia in the 1950s and 60s shows the origins of the most recent anti-natural and thus anti-racial domination of the university systems, and through those key institutions. The only Christian universities to restrict Jews in the United States permitted Jews to still be several hundred percent over-represented at 15% of the university staff. Most of the educated political class, and thus inevitably our entire government has had the same Christian attitude that results in the welcoming of Jews and Negros almost by default. Our government is merely composed of people (or lesser people), who all at some point went through the university system, most of them through the Jewish-Supremacist occupied Ivy league US universities or Russell group universities in the UK and thus were educated in Jewish welcoming or Jewish occupied institutions.

It is up to us to overthrow this communistic hegemony over mainstream politics, that self sustains itself through the Jewish-Supremacist corruption of the school and university curriculums and departments that direct, control and subvert with anti-natural lies, political discourse and the perceptions of 80% of mainstream or Judaized political commentators and politicians that emerge from such institutions or centres of anti-natural re-education that destroy the human spirit and replace it with a vile, Jewish infested semi-computer like individual who too often than not is entirely controlled by "the two sovereign masters [of the weak-minded] mankind: pleasure and pain" (Jeremy Bentham quote) and thus become highly manipulatable and easily subject to blackmail and life-long political and attitudinal control.

These Judaized institutions systematically attempt to cover up the genetic realities of our existence, that are the overriding factors in all sociological debates, that would otherwise discredit 100% of Marxist, Jewish-Supremacist ideological manipulations.

Genetic research for example proves that there is an undeniable and pervasive ethnic tendency that creates and upholds a sexual, spiritual, cultural, matriarchal, familial and societal love between fellow members of a race which demonstrates that our folk is defined as and should only be defined as our genetic folk, highlighting the anti-natural corruptions of Christianity and almost all modern political or 'religious' movements created by Jewish-Supremacists, which subversively and genocidally extend the definition of a nation beyond ethnic lines.
  Serving our racial folk, for us Germanics is a biological perspective that is motivated out of LOVE FOR OUR FOLK by at least 99%, the 1% of hostility towards other racial groups as a form of motivation simply occurs when they are threatening, oppressing or trying to or threatening to attempt to exterminate, assault, degrade, defile or degenerate those who we love (our racial folk), within which all of our families, friends, lovers, and everyone we have ever valued on a biological level exists.

  This is a fundamental articulation that must be made to our folk, that we are motivated out of love FOR THEM, and that they too should be free to love their fellow racial folk on multiple levels.

It is only the unbalanced, Semitic racial-interest psychologies, that are primarily motivated by hatred, jealously and malice towards other races, the Christian inverted-nationalist psychology, is semi-afflicted with this anti-natural frustration, which simultaneously makes such people afflicted with Christianity's last vestiges of corruption extremely inactive, unproductive and unable to properly articulate our cause, other than in terms of negativity, apocalyptic and unwarranted, illogical pessimism, which deliberately deters our folk.

  This is why Jewish-Supremacists seek to promote Christianity in an inverted-nationalistic form, as it self-defeats itself and thus poses no threat and can only cause conflict with and attempt to defile or block the ascendance of our pure, ancestral Germanic racial spiritualities.
It is a Jewish-Supremacist projection of their own motivations when the Jewish dominated media or academia ascribe hatred as our motivator, like all Jewish-Supremacist lies, this is the opposite of the truth, for we are motivated out of love for fellow members of our folk.
We who are pure and Asatru informed are motivated through fair racial self-love of our folk.

Jewish Supremacists simply hate our fair racial self-love to such an extent that from their perception they can only psychologically describe or rationalize it as hatred, towards them, even through it is purely love for our own folk, because it is their ambition and goal to destroy our folk, so our love that is destined to defeat their efforts, is the one political perspective (politics ideally should always be racially inspired at its core) beyond all else that Jewish-Supremacists hold a racial hatred and jealousy against and thus seek to demonize and disrupt because they know that once our entire folk, or even 30% of our folk re-awaken our sacred, ancestral and eternal capacity for rightful, beautiful and fair racial self-love, all Jewish-Supremacist or subversive attempts to destroy our folk through mass immigration and social engineering: their hatred derived and motivated acts of racial warfare by proxy in all but name, will be defeated and reversed by the eternal force that is our capacity for fair racial self-love.
This is the fundamental distinction and truth that must be articulated to all of our folk.
This level of love is beyond explanation by any economic or social factors other than genetic and racial factors.

  Race implores love between each normal and well functioning member of that race on an unequalled level of intensity and potential and also between the individual and the whole. It is only through fair racial self-love that individualism can be combined with a simultaneous regard for the success and genetic wellbeing of our entire racial or folk population, from Iceland, to Germany.

To illustrate how Asatru not only upholds but in-fact augments the appreciation of our genetic existence, in order to safeguard our folk's future, I will articulate our genetic reality briefly in relation to a few of our archetypal Gods and Goddesses:

  It is evident that biologically sourced, ethnic self-love has simultaneously the ferocity and uncompromising, unflinching fury of Thor and the Aryan to Aryan unrelenting sexual passion and unstoppable Matriarchal personal and caring passion of the Goddess of Love, fertility, war and motherhood: Freyjia and the God of fatherhood and male prowess: Frey.

  Racial self-love has the unequalled power to create immense acts of kindness and care between members of our race, in the same way that Idunna of the Æsir gives her apples of life to her fellow members of the Æsir to sustain their everlasting youth for eternity and the care and love between ancestors and descendants, parents and children, from grandparents to their grandchildren, from the Æsir to ourselves and our Disir and from ourselves onwards for the eternity that shall follow for our noble, Nordic & Germanic descendants as they become ever closer to perfection, becoming thus more Nordic & more Germanic upon each generation if and only if we secure the existence of our Nordic & Germanic folk and a future for Germanic and Nordic children.

The scientific concept of racial or genetic self-love and its de-facto reality demonstrates that so called racially aware or racially realist Europeans are in fact the MOST mentally, biochemically, biologically, emotionally and attitudinally healthy people within our population, for we are at one with our nature and thus our love for our folk knows no bounds.

Those like myself (and I sincerely hope you also) are willing to give all for our sacred Nordic & Germanic folk, to face imprisonment, academic discrimination, and even death, so that our wider folk may live in such an ideal form without such persecution and dangers.
The concept of Valhalla and its related after-life realms, encompass the ideal justification of dying for or living and fighting on for eternity afterward during ones entire life and afterlife in service towards our folk as the highest and most worthy ideal, that should be the life objective for each and every member of our highly intelligent racial-folk.

Biologists and geneticists state this willingness to die or make sacrifices for the greater good of our folk is a natural or genetically rational perspective and it is actually the most healthy and macro-logical perspective founded upon a logical, mathematical-biological calculus of reasoning and genetic interests (Dawkins. R, The Selfish Gene, 1976).

  Asatru incorporates this undeniable reality, and has done for tens of thousands of years, whilst false Semitic religions and empires ruled, Asatru remained in the shadows but now it is the time for Asatru to resurge and for Nordic & Germanic folk to re-awaken and safeguard our existences, the rise of Asatru is indicative of our folk's inevitable victory over all forms of Jewish-Supremacist Abrahamic defilement, degeneration and ideological diversion away from our true nature, of our noble and worthy existences that must be understood to survive the threats and realities that we must overcome to safeguard our folk as a whole first and foremost and thence forth to secure and safeguard the rights of millions of individuals and individuality itself.

Our nature that is beautifully animated and artistically articulated through our ancestral Asatru spirituality, holds high and preserves our racial self-love on a level of almost super-natural intensity, not merely following but augmenting and amplifying our nature and natural pursuit of our genetic interests, a feat no atheistic societal attitude could ever achieve, showing how scientific racialist atheism or empiricism, although logical and vastly superior to any form of Christianity, is still and always will be inferior to our natural ancestral ethnic-spirituality articulated through Asatru and its variants.

We Nationalistic Asatru folk are the archetypes of love for our folk, and through this love for our fellow folk we are the politically, attitudinally and spiritually healthiest members of our ethnic populations.

Through this love for members of our fellow racial-folk or ethnic group, we confer upon our folk, through our individual sacrifices, both the shield and sword like capacities of Asatru that awaken in our folk their own ability to defend their individual ethnic rights as elements of our Nordic & Germanic whole.

  The perfect lifestyle for our people is a Nationalistic and Asatru imbued and informed life.

  It is the biological and spiritual reality, call it folkish Asatru (the only valid form) or Nationalistic Asatru or simply 'Asatru', 'Asatro' or 'Ásatrúarfélagið', or simply being 'True to the Æsir (as the English translation of the term) is the perfect lifestyle for us Nordic & Germanic folk, it is an undeniable fact, that as Nordic or Germanic people our best form of life for ourselves and to safeguard the future of our beloved people is to live in accordance with our Nordic or Germanic folk spirituality that implores and inspires us to defend our folk rights at all costs.
It is time we start making advertising campaigns, that tell the truth, by telling our folk about the healthiest lifestyle and spiritual perspective of Asatru.

Take the first step yourself: Email this article URL to every viable European person you know, to awaken them to this reality, so that they can in turn awaken our wider folk.

For the already dedicated Asatru folk in addition to this: Print out and distribute leaflets.
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