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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 20th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Ásatrú : From our city and rural Skylines to the hearts of our Ancestral spirits

When I look out across the great skyline of Sheffield from my (old) bedroom window (picture of that view above the houses) upon the setting of the sun, what do I see?

What I see is a civilization, a great northern city, forged by European brilliance like so many of her European sister cities, not from equality, not from diversity, not from multi-racial defilement, not from our comparative demographic genocide, not from anti-natural moralities, not from a welfare state, not from egalitarian delusions, interest banking or state sponsored defilement.

I see a great endeavour, I see intelligence, I see beauty, I see an everlasting spirit of creativity that emanated solely from our people, of Nordic and Germanic blood. From the blood and sweat of European men and women, over hundreds of years, from centuries of endeavour, by the sheer power of the hands of thousands of English Men and women, an endeavour of endurance, endless ingenuity and constant renewal and maintenance and advanced planning.

And in this city I see the signature of an eternal spirit underlying everything that we are, have ever been and from where we will ascend to overcome our current existential crisis and continue to better ourselves, ever ascending, never even to dwell in complacent stasis, but always to augment ourselves, our land and our generations to come, that is the eternal signature of the European spirit, by our own strength, will power IQ and knowledge.

I see a truth that upon every single generation, it is an absolute necessity of each and every man, woman and child to partake in the holding high of their civilization and racial folk, that in itself will make life gloriously worth living, the strength of this nation, our people as with this city of steel, this county, comes from its combined folk strength.

The strength which is being replaced by third world dependency, genetic and economic, a self polluting cycle of degeneration. Induced by those Jewish Supremacists and corrupt elements who hate our folk's beauty, who hate our folk's accomplishments, for our accomplishments are great as a nation, as a folk, as a group of European races, Nordic and Germanic alike.

That it falls to each and every one of us to strive until dawn turns to dusk, and we have stood tall in defiance each and every day and night if necessary to have ensured the protection and enshrinement of the ethereal, Germanic nature of our civilization from our spirituality, culture, architecture and folk spirit of our civilizations, to our people, to whom I and you owe everything, and yet I ask for nothing more than that you too stand tall in proud, eternal, stoic defiance, pride and solidarity on behalf of your Nordic & Germanic ancestors as they once did for their descendants, you.
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