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Article author: Volunteer Writer / Published: 11th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014
“Why Asatru”

For most of my life I thought of myself as an atheist. It seemed to me that the options on the table were Christ-Insanity, or nothing. Given that my parents were not particularly fond of the former, and my strong dislike for singing hymns in primary school, I went with the latter. The thing about religion in modern Western societies that has always struck me as absurd is the illogical notion of “choosing” your faith. How can one's deepest beliefs be reduced to window shopping? Everyone, it seems, is looking for a religion that suits them, a pre-made label to identify with, because without it, they feel empty and afraid. But I never felt that compulsion to attach myself to something foreign (Semitic). I have no time for a life-hating book of lies, and have no desire to be judged by some childish Semitic “God”. The whole idea is simply ridiculous.

For a time, I had nothing but contempt for all religion, viewing it as a damning testament to human weakness and stupidity. I'm a very introspective person. Naturally, when one looks inside oneself, you have to ask: “Who am I?” It was one thing to ask, quite another to answer. Gaming and watching movies, I found, were highly useful ways of avoiding the tormenting question. In fact, it wasn't until I radically cleaned up my lifestyle that I found myself able to return to the question. First of all, you are not a random individual with a random soul plucked from the ether and placed in a random body.
You could not have just as easily been born black, Jewish or Chinese. You are you, and could be nothing else. You are you because of your parents, and their parents, and their parent, etc. In essence, without your mother and father, you could not exist. They are, therefore, your creators, your gods.
What has this got to do with Asatru?
Well, in my view, everything. You are your blood, which you inherited.
Therefore, if you want to get an idea of who you are, you must come to know where you came from. Personally, I come from a long line of carpenters and general working-folk on my father's side, and artists and noblemen on my mother's side. My mother did the research into our ancestry, and when she revealed her findings to me, I experienced a real moment of clarity. I suddenly saw before me the natures of my parents' bloodlines, and how they had been fused together in me. My personality and my talents finally made sense to me! Moreover, I felt a deep reverence for my ancestry, and an almost overwhelming sense of pride. It was also my first recognition of my wider, racial family.
We are taught by racial Semites and foolish Christians and atheists to believe that Asatru/Odinism/European Paganism/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is a dead religion. Or not even a religion at all – just a bunch of 'fairy tales' those stupid barbarians (our ancestors) from an unenlightened age used to believe in. Just some cute myths, nothing more. Naturally, I was always drawn to the characters of the Gods, but how could it ever go beyond fascination? I often wrestled with the thought that adopting Asatru as a religion would seem somehow fraudulent. It is a fact that the scourge of Christianity wiped out nearly all trace of the old practices, all but eliminating its very memory from the world.
To me, it seemed that I would be rather disingenuously attaching strings to the limbs of a skeleton and making it appear alive with marionette-style trickery, rather than truly breathing new life into a flesh and blood entity. This is especially evident in those trendy neo-pagans, whose faith amounts to little more than cosplay. But, in time, I came to realise something very important: the Gods and Goddesses are real.

Go outside and walk through any village, town or city where there are Aryans; you will find both Gods and Goddesses. They carry shopping bags and wait at bus stops, never knowing the power they possess, nor the importance of their existence.  We carry the blood of the Gods and Goddesses in our veins. The Gods are not our masters and we are not their slaves. We are kin.

They represent the best of us; they are what we should aspire to be. So you see, one cannot adopt Asatru; it comes from within. I did not choose Asatru, and neither did you, nor anyone else.
Asatru is what we are, and have always been for over 50,000 years. The only difference between us and those of our race who identify with some foreign religion or no religion at all, is that we have broken the shackles of Judeo-Christianity and its sister deceiver, Judeo-Atheism, to realise both who and what we are.
That is why race-mixing is the ultimate crime, for, in doing so, one slays the gods. A mixed-race person can commit to memory everything there is to know about the old ways; can tattoo Mjolnir on his forehead; can carve the runes into his own flesh; but his blood in corrupted. He can never be Aryan. He can never be Asatru. He can never be a God, nor she a Goddess.
Judeo-Christianity, the great Jewish weapon – built for the sole purpose of Aryan destruction – made us forget our identity, plunging us into a two-thousand year dark age.
But some of us are beginning to remember. Hence, we know that Ragnarok is coming. And we know it is the duty of the Gods to fight to the death to bring about the new golden age. To earn a place by their side on the battlefield, you must first take heed of the ancient 'Greek' (probably ancient Nordic in origin) aphorism: Know thyself. To me, Asatru is far more than a keen interest in ones ancestry coupled with the performance of a few rituals now and then. Although those things are important, what I consider of greater importance is the idea of self-overcoming.
Inheriting the blood of the gods does not automatically make one a god; it merely gives us the potential. It is incumbent upon us to put the work in, to test our bodies and our brains to the fullest extent, and, in doing so, transcend the human condition. Gods are worshipped because they are superior. Our race is instinctively drawn to those of exceptional intelligence, beauty, courage, and strength – the traits of godhood. If we are to attract our people to the nationalist cause, we must do all we can to embody such traits.
The archetypal nationalist image of a bald, overweight thug with bad tattoos is both unappealing and unacceptable. You honour the Gods by honouring them, by living in accordance with them. If you deliberately poison yourself by eating junk food, smoking, or getting pissed every Friday night, you disrespect yourself, and you block your path to self-improvement. The gods themselves are the standard against which we must measure ourselves. Asatru, properly understood and applied, is the most positive force in this world. A strong, healthy, intelligent, Noble Germanic man is the mightiest, most intelligent being on earth, second only to Germanic womankind. When a Germanic man is coupled with a beautiful, healthy, intelligent Germanic woman, they have the power to create the most devastating weapon against those who would destroy us: a new generation of Aryan children – the natural epitome of beauty, intelligence, youth, high-survival prospects and future nobility.
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