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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 10th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 10th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014
Asatru awakening: purity starts with you, the noble Germanic individual.

What effort we give here upon this day, tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow, we give as a sacrifice to our folk, to our Gods and Goddesses that we see in the sacred Blue eyes of our sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents, cousins, ancestors and descendants alike, so that our folk may bestow unto themselves a continued will-to-life, by re-lighting the eternal flame, that is their will to live and to fight for that right to live in the eternal spirits of our folk through political and informational warfare.                     

In this era of struggle, that we may prove ourselves as worthy of our own ancestral inheritance, as worthy of calling ourselves the sons and daughters of the Æsir and Vanir, our racial Gods and Goddesses, we sacrifice so that Odin and Frigga themselves will look down upon us in pride and truly call us their sons and daughters once more with renewed intensity.
   For our descendant's eternity we fight, for every principle of beauty, intelligence, nobility, Nordic and Germanic, we strive!

   For every aspect that is intrinsic to the beauty that flows like crystal water and simultaneously radiates like starlight through and from within the veins of our beloved, sacred folk.
We fight for our folk because they are ours, but for far more than that, we fight for our folk because they are objectively unique, brilliant, destined for eternity, enshrined in purity and endowed with the gifts of the Æsir, and both blessed and cursed to be faced with an existential crisis, through which our brilliance will be proven a thousand fold, on a level each and every Nordic and Germanic person after the conclusion of this era will never be able to deny.
-A realization that once this era is achieved, shall slow forth through the core of our folk identity, as high aspects of the universe and simultaneously as unique in ourselves beyond even our own comprehension.
   That we will come from a position of dire decline de-facto to a position of triumphant survival and a noble, unleashed, pure and ethereal future will be testament to what our identity truly means, we noble Nordic and Germanic folk!
That you may realize this identity instantaneously, imminently, will be necessary to forge you into a true Nationalist Ásatrúar.
If you want to know what it means to hold Asatru high in your spirit, you need only realize what it means to be a member of the Nordic and Germanic races, for that is Asatru, Asatru flows from our blood like pure water from the mountain springs, like light particles from the sun the outlook of the Æsir (Asatru) radiates, enshrining the pure reality of our ideal mentality, culture, spirituality, methodologies, tendencies, character and purpose.
To understand the bitter sincerity of the grievous crimes against beauty, intelligence, ethereality, and nobility that are being committed against our folk by Jewish-lowly-Racists you need to contrast this realization of what it means to be a member of the Nordic and Germanic races* of such objective ethereality and eternal worth with the reality that we sons and daughters of the Æsir and Vanir are being discriminated against, systematically by the anti-European lobbying of Jewish-Supremacists, within our ancestral lands, on the level of our very existences, identity, racial purity, freedom, spirituality, and racial cohesion, using what Immanuel Kant called nothing more than "low cunning and trickery".
    By the Gods and Goddesses I am not going to tolerate my people suffering and neither should you!
   Stand up for yourself, stand up for all our folk, especially for those you love personally and the rest of our folk we love through objective realization of their ethereal, eternal worthiness to exist and through adherence to universal principles and natural high-pride that uphold such.
    Stand by them, stand by yourself, stand steadfast in staunch defense of our folk.
*Note: Nordic and Germanic racial categories used to differentiate between the more Northern Nordic form of the wider Germanic racial group, within which Nordics exist, but deserve individually mentioning, as English folk we are both Nordic and Germanic, or simply Germanic, if you class Nordic within 'Germanic'.
If you are a racially aware English person, you have to go public with your beliefs if it does not damage your career in some way, if everyone who is racial from among our folk go public with their beliefs, whilst also paying responsible regard to your personal situation and security, you will be shocked and delighted to find that the majority of this nation will suddenly have revealed itself as racially self-concerned, even if just in a slight manner.
It starts with raising an English or other Nordic/Germanic folk flag outside your house (within the law) and at your desk at work.
   The symbolism of the purified racial awareness prelude to a national resistance, starts with minute shifts, and they start with you personally!
No European wants to be something that is castigated as negative, for we are a fair and noble people, that is why we must instill in our folk, a high degree of moral courage in this era, to overcome the castigation of that which is natural and naturally in our interest, and the very idea of pursuing an Æsir given ideal outlook that is in our racial interests.
The love of our folk, of our continued evolution is the highest and most noble life course, the highest belief, it is down to us to awaken our folk to this realization that our cause is noble, our cause is the definition of doing what is good and right and those who have inverted the situation, who have promoted the opposite of the truth are the opposite of good, the opposite of nobility, the opposite of rightness.
    For when did we let Jewish-Supremacist evil become stronger than us, never, and it is not stronger than us.
   Awaken noble English folk! -From the shires to the on-sea towns, from the suburbs to hilltops and coombes, rise tall, re-kindle that flame of objective, ancestral love for your folk in your mind first and foremost, until it engulfs every aspect of your identity and person in purifying light, as your Asatru realization and identity cleanses you of Jewish-Propaganda, as you understand what we as a folk have lost, simultaneously as you find it again personally.
If by time and the wisdom of Odin, if you have but only one eye, you shall still see.
The truth shall behold itself before you and thenceforth you will feel like you were wrong, but armed with our ancestral truth, the temporary feeling of wrongness shall be replaced by a titanic feeling of rightness and righteousness, when you understand truth, all lies shall fall before you like the bodies of frail enemies, and with Mjolnir around your neck, or adorned upon your chest forward you shall march for family, faith and folk!
Through that awakening process, or re-awakening process, the transition from a mere Nationalist to a Nationalist Ásatrúar / Ásatrúar is what it takes to motivate yourself truly to the highest degree possible in your individual being, to the defense of our noble folk.
Our cause, it is naught less than beauty, it is the only cause worth pursuing at all costs, dependent solely upon your individual will, which will be awoken when you return to the way of your ancestors, the psychology and religion of your blood will forge itself into a whole, like two parts of a jigsaw, like two elemental parts of your being, that once forged will shape you like a weapon on behalf of the salvation of our folk.
    We, carry in our blood the gift of Heimdallr, his blood, and more than that, more even than the divine blood of the Æsir.
We carry everything that this world has ever seen in terms of high-technological evolution and innate understanding, but far more than that, we carry the potential for infinity in our blood, our ability to evolve, like none other , our recessive genes, that are like an open door, through which our future generations will step through with ethereal and unfaltering pride, evolving towards perfection, according to the archetypes of our Gods and Goddesses for eternity.
Our spirit, is so, so deep, our reality as the 'sons' and 'dottirs' of the Æsir is that we are the inheritors of the Æsir's title themselves, and more than that, we shall achieve beyond the status of the Æsir, we shall become more than our own Gods and Goddesses.
   We are limitless, our spirit knows no bounds, no bonds, no baggage, she strives relentlessly, restlessly, rejuvenating within herself for eternity.
Those who have positioned themselves as our enemies are insane in their delusions, to honestly think they could destroy us, it is impossible, our awakening is unstoppable, and that unstoppable awakening is only the start... The prelude to the future, our Nordic and Germanic future, where there shall be no suffering among our folk, no poverty, no injustice, no war, just elegant and efficient eugenics, high-culture, technological leaps, cultural flourishing and eternal uplifting and the pursuit of knowledge and all things eternal and noble
We will triumph, no matter the defilement waged against our noble folk, no matter the suffering we will persevere.
We fair and noble Germanic and Nordic Europeans shall persevere.
Truth will prevail, beauty shall permeate the darkness of our era and everlasting fairness for our noble folk shall come to rise before the Dawn and it shall be a Golden One.
We underestimate our own strength as a people.
Sons and Daughters of the Æsir, upon each day, upon each night, do your utmost for our folk, never falter, never fail, never compromise, hail to you first amongst the awakened, my fellow battle-brothers and shield-maidens.
Stand steadfast, Stand strong & Start striving for our Folk.

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