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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 3rd day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 3rd day of September 2014
Asatro: through my example
To love life is to live our lives with the most pure and Germanic elegance, excellence and achievement as a civilization. Living in harmony with the natural order and our own natural, extraordinary, elegant, ethereal natures as Germanic folk.

My life experiences are wild and deep, mysterious and inspired, they have taken me from the North sea, to the Solent and the English channel, from the Aegean to the Øresund, with most of my life spent in the shires of England, my truest home, my life is filled with natural landscape artwork that the world of my folk lands holds before me, that inspires me to my own political and spiritual artwork in defence of my ethereal folk, whose blood is intertwined with the seas and soils of our lands that I have witnessed and worked.
Living our lives, truly living, is something we often forget to do in this cause on behalf of our folk, I personally often find myself instead opting to a life of almost stoic sacrifice and concentrated effort to awaken my folk, to such an extent that one often forgets that I too am part of my folk, this is something each and every ‘Ásatrúar’ or Asatru inclined individual needs to remember more often to be true to our own identity and lore.

Living your life as a beacon and example of positive, folkish inspiration to our folk is sometimes as important as speaking out or writing to inspire our folk, a good leader leads by example, be an excellent leader of our folk in your life, speak and write to (or refer people to certain enlightening articles) as often as you can but also live your life as an example of the best archetype of our extraordinary folk and in doing so preserve your bloodline through your success in accordance with all our archetypes, including the Gods and Goddesses of love and family (e.g.: Frey, Freyja, Idunna, Sunna), to safeguard your part of our folk, and through that example in yourself, live your life to inspire others to do the same in an ordinary and yet extraordinary way that upholds our Germanic, modern, dignified and fulfilling Asatro spirituality.

   The Valknut and Aegishjalmur symbols compose the symbolic standard that stands at the top of this website, depicted amongst the sky, representing the future of our folk, above the clouds, within the purity of the golden skies.

One day the Symbols of the Valknut and the Aegishjalmur will adorn the side of great space exploration and colonization expeditions, these sacred symbols will adorn our civilized, ceremonial dress & uniforms, they shall adorn our hearts, they shall adorn our town halls, clock towers and many millions will encode them upon even their own skin and tied within their blonde hair like flowers.

When the purity of our Germanic blood spirituality flows purely through the hearts and golden hair of our folk, then we shall be a complete folk, then and only then will we have been victorious over our current two millennia long struggle and then and only then will my task be complete.

Our people will live, I will give my entire life’s service to my folk through spiritual and professional racial rights advocacy on behalf of our Nordic & Germanic folk, for if I lived without struggling my entire life for my folk, when we are within the era of our hard-won pure-civilization afterwards I would not have tried hard enough, this struggle will need to have taken my whole life and total unrelenting, uncompromising effort, to give anything less for my folk would be to dishonour them.

I will give my people everything that I am, and much more, for the preservation and uplifting of our sacred Germanic folk one should not only be willing to give ones entire life, but to live ones entire life whilst serving and inspiring ones folk for decades and decades, professionally and purely until our folk are awakened and pure on every level.

This is my attitude, if your blood is Nordic & Germanic, you too should adopt this attitude, to make your life dignified and purposeful in accordance with our folk, even alongside myself if writing is your weapon of choice, but to do anything less is to fail, no matter what perceptions of success you have, to fail to serve our folk is utter failure and the life of a true Ásatrúar, Heathen, Odinist or Asatro individual demands absolute success in this ultimate folk-wide context.

The political and spiritual retaking of our folk spirit and country is about war, but it is also about life, how you choose to live your life will determine the future of our folk, learn from this personal Asatru ethic I have shared with you.
Hail our Æsir ancestors
Hail our Vanir ancestors
Hail our living folk, live to fight for our folk's future.
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