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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Re-Published: 11th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon) 2014
Asatro: The purity and beauty of the Northern Germanic Soul

Purity and Elegance
Asatro is our natural Northern Germanic ethnic spiritual expression or religion, Asatro is our only natural English folk spirituality, Asatro is our deepest ethnic English spiritual tradition of perception, inspiration and reflection, it is simultaneously an extraordinary spiritual, scientific, ethical, political, philosophical and cosmological system that gradually and naturally evolved itself into being alongside our ethnic folk as we evolved into being, well over 40,000 years ago. The period of Anglo-Saxon paganism was the greatest and most free political era in the history of our ethnic folk.

Asatro is the destined, perfect, age old, yet eternally youthful cultural, artistic and political soul-mate spirituality of our entire Northern Germanic folk.
   Our Anglo-Saxon, Old German and Old Norse sagas, lore and deepest spiritual instincts form what is defined as Asatro.

Asatro can be seen in all our ancestral lore and traditional folk tales, customs, names, days of the week, village names, old English language, political culture and even the basic principles of freedom and folk-centred governance as encapsulated in the Magna Carta.

For tens of thousands of years our folk were imbued with faith in the Asa or Æsir (Asa-tro.) Even throughout the last 1300 years of Semitic Christian defilement our Asatro spirit has permeated through, despite the genocidal suppression of our folk beliefs, the spirit of the Asa reigns forth in our spirits, unstoppable and pure.

   As is self-evident from the fact that you and all of the Asatro folk reading this are awakening to or are experiencing for the first time the true spirit and explanation of our ancestral Æsir spirit, it can be defiantly stated that the Asatro spirit not only lives on but is unstoppably on the rise in England.

Ásatrú/Asatro/Asetro/Odinism/Wotanism/Forn Sidr are all terms that describe the same Northern Germanic ethnic spiritual system, Asatro is the most relevant term as it retains a visible meaning in Scandinavian languages and a cognate meaning in English and German and thus has meaning to all our racial Germanic folk, the term is also natural and ancient.

   Asatro will in the next three decades come to dominate and lead English politics. If you care for the future of our ethnic English folk, understand who you are as an English person as the first step on this process to re-inspiring and restoring your pride in yourself on a racial level. This is the fundamentally necessary identity resurgence that has been missing from the politics of our nation for far too long.
The articulated sound of the term Asatro or Asatru, sounds like “Asa - true”, “true” is evidently linguistically connected in its etymological origins in the word “tro”, for being “true” to something is similar to having faith in it, thus Asatro = being Asa-true, as in being true to the Asa.
The term Asa in its most ancient usages refers directly to the Æsir our metaphysical blood ancestors, although in its modern usages being Asa-Tro also refers to the Vanir, Vaettir (or land/ocean spirits) and all the other beings (or Wights) that are considered divine in our ancestral philosophy, which also exclusively includes us Germanic folk within Midgard.

Asatro finds its ancient, effectively biological foundations in the folklore, essence and spirit of our folk, as encoded primarily through the Poetic and Prose Edda, numerous ancient regional Sagas and various Germanic spiritual texts, references and Poems such as encoded within the Saxo Grammaticus, Beowulf, and individually discovered documents such as the Merseburg Charm or individual runic carvings and symbols that still exist despite the vile era of deliberate denigration, defilement, destruction and degradation enacted against our pure Germanic spiritual traditions and culture enacted by the Semitic immigrant religion of Christianity.

Asatro is composed of all applicable texts that survived the Christian destruction of our ancestral lore, this includes vestiges still within our culture today, such as the days of the weeks, place names and seasonal customs, 100% of our ancestral lore, customs and traditions uphold Asatro and originate with our ancient and comparatively recent Asatro informed Northern Germanic ancestors and their racial or ethnic culture.

An introduction to some important core aspects of the universe:

The Æsir

The Æsir are the primary line of Gods and Goddesses that feature in and inspire the majority of Asatro lore and our ancestral Asatro poetry and literature.

As Northern Germanic folk we are the sons and daughters of the Æsir, as derived through Voluspa and the Lay of Rig (another name of Heimdallr)

   I bid a hearing from all holy Wights,
   the greater and lesser of Heimdall’s children.
   It is your wish, Valfather, that I speak
   the old spells of the world, the earliest I can recall.
   -Völuspá, 1st stanza

That it is written that the Æsir created us Northern Germanic folk is potentially an advanced metaphor for the understanding that our ancestral archetypes literally helped to give us intelligence and a refined evolutionary path that made us into the extraordinary, elegant and intelligent Germanic folk we are today.

   From the host came three, mighty and powerful Æsir, to coast.
   There they found an ash and an elm of little might, and lacking orlog.
   They had neither breath (speech) nor wit (intelligence) nor life hue
   (white colour) nor manner (culture) nor good looks. Odin gave them the
   breath of life, Hoenir gave them 'Wod', Lothur gave them life and good looks.
   -Völuspá, 17th &18th stanzas
The Vanir

The Vanir are the 2nd family of Gods and Goddesses primarily representing natural virtues and the natural world, after an initial war with the Æsir the two families of Gods and Goddesses join together.

The Æsir-Vanir war is potentially a metaphor for the reconciling or unification of high virtues through the Æsir, such as justice and courage with the natural elements such as respect for the natural world, sexuality and fertility, that are balanced and in tune with each other in the unique Northern Germanic spirituality.

The Norns

The Norns are the female personifications of that which was, that which is and that which shall become, the more fluid versions of past. Present and future, which do not necessarily work in a chronological order.

The Norns are perceived as the spirits that therefore know the “lore” of the universe and are responsible for fate, but do not command control over it, as per the workings of Wyrd, or destiny.
   I know an ash that stands, called Yggdrasil, a tall tree,
   wet with white dews, dews dripping down into the dales.
   Ever green it stands over Urth’s well.
   From there come three maidens, deep in lore,
   from the water that stands under the tree.
   One is called Urth, the other Verthandi, the third Skuld.
   Scores they carved, laws they laid, lives they chose.
   They worked Orlog for the sons of men.
   -Völuspá 19th, 20th stanzas
The Alfar

The Alfar are Elves and are similar to the Æsir in appearance, as accurately depicted by Tolkien they are elegant and beautiful and live amongst the forests when upon Midgard and in their native realms, when not moving between the universes.

The Vættir go by many names, such as the Huldafolk in Iceland and old Norway and as Wights.

Vættir means land spirits, there are also sea spirits (Ægir’s 9 daughters) and spirits of various regional natures and purposes, they symbolize the person like attributes and worth of the natural world and that consciousness is to be found also in seemingly inanimate objects, such as oceans and trees.

Fetches or Familiars are Vættir who follow or protect a specific family bloodline or destined individual or location. Familiars are attested to as late as the 1700s with sightings of Vættir continuing to this day in Iceland, rural Norway and elsewhere.

The Valkyries are the female guardian spirits of the sky, related to the Norns, who carry the honourable dead to Valhalla or Folkvangr via Odin of the Æsir or Freyja of the Vanir.

   She sees Valkyries coming from afar, ready to ride to the Gothic host.
   Skuld held a shield, and Skogul another. There were also Gunnr, Hild, Gondol and Geirskogul.
   Now Herjan’s maidens are listed, Valkyries ready to ride over the earth.
   -Völuspá, 30th stanza
The Einherjar

The Einherjar are the purest of us Asatro folk who efficiently and significantly fight or serve the interests of our folk and are chosen secondarily by Odin as worthy of residing in Valhalla, and the 1st half of the Einherjar are chosen by Freyja and reside at Folkvangr. There they train for Ragnarok, to continue their self-sacrificial lives on behalf of their folk.
The Dwarves

The Dwarves are an advanced subterranean race of architects and smiths that are not analogous to any existing human group, legend states that they left Scandinavia in disgust when the folk stopped worshiping the Æsir and Vanir and will return with their great gifts only when our folk return to the old ways. The Dwarves are potentially seen as metaphors for the creative power and importance of the natural formation processes of the rock and land and of metal smiths and artisans.

Creative geological processes would have been easily visible to our Nordic & Germanic ancestors throughout the ice ages where rock strata was wrought above ground as far as the ocean to the west of England and volcanoes erupted all along the forming Norwegian coast as Iceland still does.

   There was Motsognir, the greatest in speech of all the Dwarves.
   But Durinn was second. These Dwarves made many man-like-bodies
   out of the earth as Durinn had asked. Nyr and Nithi, North and South,
   East and West, Allthief, Entranced, Nar and Nain, Nithing, Dain Bifor,
   Bofor, Bombur, Nari, An, and Anarr, Oinn and Meadvolf. Veig and Gand-Elf,
   Windelf, Thorinn, Thror and Thrainn, Thekk, Lit and Vit, Nar and Nyrath,
   Reginn and Rathsvith. Now are the dwarves rightly listed. Fili, Kili,
   Fundinn, Nali, Hepti, Vili, Hanarr, Sviurr, Billing, Bruni, Bild and Buri,
   Frar, Hornbori, Fraeg and Loni, Aurvang, Jari, and Oakenshield.
   I speak of the dwarves in Dvalinn’s host to tell of their kind down to Lofar, of
   those who sought the abode of Aurvang at Jorovallar from the stone of the hall.
   -Völuspá 10th-14th
The Jotun

The Giants, although they are effectively depicted as racially Nordic and Germanic looking, like the Æsir and Vanir, the Jotun are almost always the rival species waging (possibly symbolic) war against the Æsir and are the primary negative force that fights against the Æsir upon Ragnarok.

The Giants, although they are effectively depicted as racially Nordic and Germanic looking, like the Æsir and Vanir, the Jotun are almost always the rival species waging (possibly symbolic) war against the Æsir and are the primary negative force that fights against the Æsir upon Ragnarok.

Our hyper-scientific ancestral Cosmology

The ancient Northern Germanic or Norse cosmology and understanding of the universe centres metaphorically upon Yggdrasil a great tree, composing what is evidently an ancient and long since understood multi-verse theory of the layout of the universe.

   I know an ash that stands, called Yggdrasil, a tall tree,
   wet with white dews, dews dripping down into the dales.
   Ever green it stands over Urth’s well.
   -Völuspá 19th Stanza

The metaphor and artistic inspirational symbol of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil sustains 9 universes or realms, 9 is consistently found over and over again in Germanic mythology and has mathematical and biological significance.

-See the article series pertaining to Yggdrasil via the Asatro, Autumn Archives or News Central pages.

1. Ásgarðr (The main realm of the Æsir, contains Valhalla, Fensalir, Folkvangr)

2. Miðgarðr (Middle Earth, Humans, Germanic folk)

3. Vanaheimr (The main realm of the Vanir)

4. Álfheimr (Realm of the nice elves)

5. Svartalheimr (Realm of the Dark Elves)

6. Jötunheimr (Realm of the Giants, the Jotun, similar to the Æsir but rivals)

7. Niflheimr (Realm of Ice, part of the initial Ginnungagap reacion*)

8. Muspelheimr (Realm of Fire, part of the initial Ginnungagap reaction*)

9. Helheimr (Overseen by the half-Goddess Hel, who oversees the unworthy or neutral/average deceased spirits)

*Post Ginnungagap, the initial reaction between Ice and Fire is thought of by myself alongside others, to actually have been a highly elemental metaphor for the reaction of two opposite forces together, potentially representing anti-matter and matter or some other elemental reaction that caused what scientists now call the big bang or a similar epicenter emergence theory of all existence. Ginnungagap.

   It was in the earliest times that Ymir dwelled. Neither sand nor sea,
   nor cold waves, nor earth were to be found. There was neither heaven above,
   nor grass anywhere, there was nothing but Ginnungagap.
   -Völuspá, 3rd stanza


Ragnarok is a pyrrhic victory won by the Æsir at great cost, after which our world will grow anew and pure from our folk alone, cleansed of Loki (the ex-God of manipulation and lies) and the vile children of Loki and all the evil and hideous creatures and traitors alike that afflict us. Brothers shall battle one another and fight to the death. Sister’s sons bring ruin on their sib (siblings).

   There is hardness on the world and great whoredom
   An axe age, a sword age, shields are cloven.
   A wind age, a warg age, before the world falls,
   no man will spare the other.
   -Völuspá, 45th stanza

   The sun turned dark, and the land sank into the sea.
   The bright stars fell from heaven (Asgard). Steam and fire ferment.
   Flames leap high to heaven (Asgard) itself.
   -Völuspá, 57th stanza

   The unsown acres will then grow.
   Evil will turn better, Baldr will return.
   Both Baldr and Hoth shall live
   in Hropt’s victory hall, the work of the gods.
   -Völuspá, 62nd Stanza
Purity Of The Germanic Soul
Asatro: the nature-embracing spirituality of our Northern European folk
We Germanic folk, especially us English folk are a naturally magnificent part of our natural order as a magnificent and pure upper echelon of a natural species, humanity, like all species the human species and its races are all inherently folkish and with vast differences and distinctness between them, this can never be denied, nor suppressed and neither can our natural nobility as Germanic folk, we should be motivated out of a love for our own people, as is healthy and normal.

The very philosophy of Asatro is imbued with stories and conflicts between different races and groups, even related groups and kindred folk and thus Asatro as a spiritual system is highly aware of the reality of the importance of racial group allegiances, as the epitome of Ragnarok demonstrates.

   Asatro is the perfect defence mechanism for our Northern European folk in the face of the mass-immigration being forced upon our nations as it restores and upholds our natural folkish identity in the face of external (racial) and internal (cultural) attempts to destroy our folk, by properly understanding the folkish nature of our existence it allows us to exist in balance with folkish politics and realities.

European folk are not naturally egalitarian, nor pathological, nor liberal, nor cowardly, Christianity was the sole cause of the defiled era of our current history and the decline that preceded it, through Judeo-Christianity's 1600 years of defilement, this is the only reason we are defenceless enough to be taken advantage of.

A resurgence of Asatro would prevent this, thus why Asatro had to be suppressed by the early Jewish Christians and then Semitic dominated, genocidal anti-Germanic Roman empire and later waves of Christian missionaries (through their subversion and manipulation).

   Asatro is resurging in the face of the anti natural artificial spiritual disease that is the Semitic designed racial-cultural defilement philosophy known as Christianity, when leftwing commentators state that Christianity is about "tolerance" they are 100% correct and that is why it is so detrimental to our nation and to all European nations in the face of "tolerating" mass-immigration, that threatens the future of our folk on every level from the economy to our demographic composition and national futures.

The deliberately false, anti-natural, contradictory, anti-scientific creed of Christianity and its proxy political creeds (Marxism, Feminism, Liberalism, Socialism, false-nationalism, etc) seek to deny nature and our biological natures as an intrinsic part of the natural order specifically in order to undermine our folk’s existential security, demographically, politically and spiritually.

Christianity’s fundamental and malicious denial of humans as a natural, biological species divided into races as a part of the natural order within the entirely natural universe was enacted specifically in order to destroy our true spiritual, racial and political ideals through confusion and subversion and simultaneously inflicting an attempt to destroy the host populace (our European folk) who are enslaved within such systems of anti natural theological thought and Christianity's subsequent, cultural, racial and economic defilement as we are witnessing today.

   The folkish future of our folk will be upheld by Asatro, if and only if we have the willpower to promote and restore our ancestral faith to all out English folk, so that our people can truly learn to love ourselves and through that love: to secure our national future as a people.

Learning of the lore of Asatro is learning how to love of our folk and through this the motivation is gained to stand and fight on behalf of that love of our folk, a pure motivation for a pure cause.

Let this article be the beginning of your love for your folk, let your love for our folk drive you, let it imbue you, this is Asatro, ancestral love for our folk, reborn through necessity in the face of an existential crisis.

Asatro is our natural shield, Asatru is our natural sword, Asatru is our natural spirit, Asatru is the embodiment of our perception and experience of the universe, through blood and spirit alike that fulfils each and every Northern European who is true to their ancestral nature.

Asatro embraces the biological and racial realities of our world as it evolved through these realities and enables us to flawlessly embrace and flourish in our natural world, especially in the face of external threats.

   Asatro is the ancestral mother of the ethos of Hero’s* and Heroine’s**, literally embodied through our natural Archetypes that we can idolise or draw inspiration from via stereotypical images of the roles and ideals of our specific Gods and Goddesses.

*Especially through the archetypical Æsir Gods of Thor, Tyr, Odin and Heimdallr
**Especially through the archetypical Goddesses Freyjia, Frigg, Idunna, and Skathi

Asatro is the purest and only valid spirituality that is statistically growing amongst ethnically Northern European folk, this is undeniable.

   The only other ‘religious’ affiliation that is growing is atheism, all other religions are in terminal decline, especially Christianity, the future spirit, culture and politics of Northern Europe will once again be Asatro imbued, alongside a scientific rationalism, this is undeniably the statistical future path for the spirituality of Northern European folk and through this future, if we act to safeguard our folk, we can truly pass down to our descendants a future worthy of honouring our ancestors, this is the core ethic of Asatro.

In the darkness, defilement, destruction and emptiness of the existential crisis facing our folk there is but one light, and that light is folkish Asatro.

Asatro is the logical purifying flame of love for our folk and folk spirit.
Asatro is the only force that shall resurge to revive our folk spirit.

Visit the Asatru explanation page and Germanic Symbols explanation page for more information.

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