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Article author: Lars Alfgrim, Asatro News / Published: 3rd Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 3rd Night of May 2015
Germanic Asatro shall resurge to cleanse away the inferior, subversive agendas of Judaism and parasitic Christianity
Lars Alfgrim's 4th article: I find it somewhat amusing that the Ten Commandments which are the epitome of Christian morality come from Deuteronomy. This Deuteronomy from which the allegedly superior and uniquely moral Ten Commandments come is the same which condones and promotes horrific genocide and virulent anti-Gentilism. What is more ludicrous thus is that Europeans and millions of non-white gentiles perceive it as a source of "moral authority". It is somewhat interesting to see the basis of Judeo-Christianity (as Christianity is and remains an offshoot or weapon of manipulation beholden to Judaism no matter how you like to spin it) comes from such an objectionable “source.” Moreover, Deuteronomy makes it quite clear to all that the Christian god is an Jewish-ethnocentric god only, who represents only particularly Jewish interests and is at the core of that vile world-view. He is really the kind of god (deliberately using lower-case) who is good for the Jews.

As for the majority of the Bible, it too is preoccupied with Jews and their interests, history and conflicts to ever care about the well-being of 99.8% of humanity, let alone us Europeans or Germanic Europeans. Christians obviously have enough material to indoctrinate themselves with to develop their well-established sentiment that they basically have a Judeo-Christian religious duty to shield, protect and support the “Chosen People” at all costs like their ethnocentric god does routinely in the Old Testament and beyond, up to and including the rulings of the modern Pope. If you believe in such a god, it is no wonder that you become a cultural Jew, or at least a tool of Jewish subversion in preventing a cohesive, united gentile or European resistance movement, culture or even a cohesive, unified nation.

Christianity has been many things in different times and places, but throughout its entire history it has never been a stable, consistently pro-European philosophy nor such a strategy, although it has been consistently anti-European in its long term aims, which neglect the interests of us all. The strategy and message of the Bible as the proto-variant of the later and equally Jewish Communist Manifesto has also never really been consistently pro-human and philanthropic.

 In cataclysmic contrast to this: Asatru is good not only for Germanics but also for the whole of European civilization and the world as a biological entity, because if Germanic folk assume their natural role on the world stage, all other Europeans and the world as a biological entity can be sure that their rulers are benevolent and humane, with the objectives of long term sustainable advancement and self improvement, including great aspirations of going beyond our planet in accordance with the spirit of the adventurousness of Thor and the knowledge seeking archetype of Woden.

 Whether Christianity is really pro-human is quite dubious considering its history and dubious present role in the world, and for this reason a good case could be made that Christianity is not merely an offshoot of Judaism, but that it was originally intended and supported by Jews as a subversive anti-Gentile movement. If Christianity were a pro-Gentile offshoot of Judaism, one would expect that it would make them just as successful as the Jews if not more “successful” at whatever they are “successful” at doing. Christianity essentially revolves around "Semitic correctness" (which is what the modern coined term Political Correctness should be termed as instead), and it stifles all debate when people get too close to reaching the conclusion that Christianity is too pro-Jewish or that it is too anti-Gentile, or in relation to any intellectual and natural discoveries pertaining to the truth on every conceivable topic that Christianity has tried to supress in order to hold us down and maintain its power, from Darwin's "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" to modern discussions of theoretical Jewish parasitic evolutionary strategy and even common facts about economics, physics and the state of nature.

 Christians always cherry-pick what they like about the Bible, and they tell us that there is "a lot (of worthless degenerate Semitic subversion) to learn" from Christian ethical and moral teachings. One could agree and state that yes studying the Bible can help you to understand the malicious, subversive nature of the most destructive Intellectual virus ever created. Let me return to that “wonderful” Biblical source where those Ten Commandments come from.

 Those teachings were obviously never meant for the rest of humanity if you take a closer look at the context in which those “commandments” are given. They were only meant as some kind of pro-Jewish code of conduct which is demanded by the Judeo-Christian ethnocentric god who represents Jewish interests and Jewish interests alone. Furthermore, this god is said to have “delivered” (i.e. subverted) different peoples to the Jews. In Ben Gurion’s memoirs he re-states this as the Jews delivering the wealth of all nations and political power to Israel, in a secular supremacist tone. With this idea in mind, it should not be too much of a stretch that any non-Jews who subject themselves to this “god” who only represents the Jews are essentially willingly subverting themselves to fanatical and vain Jewish ambitions for domination. It must have made perfect sense to Jews, such as Saul of Tsarsus (the true revelation he stumbled across on his road to Damascus), in the past to introduce non-Jews to this god, and to make them fear and revere this god who stands symbolically for the Jews and their interests.

The Jews through their maliciousness found out at quite an early stage that they could use aspects of their own religion to subvert other peoples, and there are hints of Jewish awareness of this fact all over the Bible if only you read it closely enough. Thus, knowing that Jews wrote Christianity, it is beyond reasonable denial or dispute that Christianity is a Jewish subversion attempt, and that this essential idea is not a mere philosophical abstraction that has no basis in reality or human history but belongs to a more subversive anti-natural, Semitic strategy to undermine their rivals, a vain strategy that has failed, is failing still today and it can never be fully successful v.s us Europeans as we are too vigilant thus it will fail. Asatru has a unique place in our history as our ancestral and reclaimed ancestral philosophy that will enact this killing blow against inferior, weakly 'justified' Semitic defilement philosophies and worldviews.

 I believe that Judeo-Christian monotheism originates from an inherent Jewish Supremacist desire for a god who represents them and them alone, a psychosis of sorts, with an attachment of a victim-complex that complains whenever their vile plans are overcome or blocked by other people, like an artificial, genetics induced or cultural imitation of some slight degree of Munchausen's syndrome, they complain they are victims when their attempt to be the centre of the world (through undermining other people) fails.

 Judeo-Christianity has obviously prior polytheistic origins, but a strong push for standardisation and centralisation stemming from a Jewish fanaticism for having their hyper-ethnocentric aspirations encoded in their religion is probably what reduced their pantheon to a single god who happened to be perceived as the most pro-Jewish one. Yahweh evolved from a prior Semitic god, which not surprisingly was a tribal god of war. Jews abolished their original Semitic polytheistic pagan faith; they abandoned their pagan roots long ago and circumcised themselves away from the traditional psychology of the rest of humanity by establishing a religious cult basically of Jew-worship achieved by using their new single “god” as a medium for such ethnic self-worship, a vain project, that has failed several times in our history, such as in 1290 when Jews were expelled from England and 108 countries since. Jewish Supremacism recurs like a recurrent disease that keeps coming back, via suppressing the peoples history that unveiled its horrors, by the time those stories are rendered or suppressed into non mainstream discussion or myth, this was done by the Christian church throughout European history, who taught forgiveness, the one trait that Jewish attempted-Supremacism relies upon in its enemies in order to gain infinite second chances at supremacy, every time it is exposed. Until Christianity is deposed they will keep on getting these chances, from our Judaized political leaders and Judeo-Christian cultural oligarchies.

 The concept of a single “god” is merely a symbol of the Jewish tribe from their perspective. There are dozens of quotes by Jewish authors that directly admit and verify this statement. Just search for them on Google, or YouTube. If Jews are the creators of their single divine entity which represents their interests and their interests alone, then the Judeo-Christian ethnocentric god cannot logically be anything other than a tool of this Jewish-Supremacist Munchausen's indicative scheme. To Jewish Supremacists, everything is a means to an end. This important insight should never be forgotten. To the Jews at the time and today, Christianity was and is just a means to an end, millions of secular Jews support and promote the "secular Christian ethics" that morally demand mass-immigration, sodomy (a sickening irony), parasitism (welfarism) and biological nihilism.

 Is Christianity good for the Jews? Definitely. But why do some Jews oppose Christianity then? Because it is not radically pro-Jewish enough, and there is a strain within the Jewish left who want to push faster than Christianity is capable of at this point, but they still promote "secular Christian ethics". Christianity is, doubtless, part of the problem. As we have seen with communism, not necessarily everything that Jews oppose is good for us. Communism fell out of favour among many Jews when it turned out to be a too obvious system for them to get away with using, also some Russian gentiles took positions of power. So when the communists stopped being 100% subservient to the Jews, as seen in Stalin's later years (resulting in the Jewish doctors plot, assassination attempt on Stalin's life) communism needed to go, it had become too inefficient and obvious. Communism awoke more people to the Jewish Supremacist agenda than any other movement, besides Zionism.

This, however, does not mean that communism was ever good for us. Quite the contrary is true. It just means that Jews hoped we would be the only victims of communism, and they changed their political preferences the moment they found out that they were not totally safe and immune from anti-communist, or natural blow-back. What had started as a Jewish-supported misanthropic movement which deceptively used claims of altruism (like 100% of Jewish philosophical or ethical theories) as a façade for its murderous scheme, soon backfired in public relations terms on the Judeo-Bolsheviks. This is not such a rare event in the history of Jewish-Supremacist support of subversive movements, in fact it is the rule, because such “monsters” such as communism have often backfired on them as well.

The same is true for Christianity. It is nothing but a monster or religious-golem which has sometimes backfired on them as well, but when it did, such as during the Inquisition, the damage it inflicted on Europeans was proportionally far greater. Therefore, it is merely a mental trap to think that if Christians ever turned on Jews, they are actually, or if not overtly perhaps even secretly, a religious bulwark and movement against international Judaism, this is a ludicrous statement. This is an important point, and it cannot be repeated often enough, Christianity is our misfortune.

 To illustrate this even the devil portrayed in the Bible is a quite benevolent and irrelevant figure in comparison to the relevant divine devil who is the supreme and only Christian god, whose name still bears the Jewish tribal name of Yahweh. The Judeo-Christian “devil” as described in the Bible appears to be to my mind nothing but a cunning distraction from the Abrahamic monotheistic god who is merely a supreme, divine devil in disguise, a projection of Jewish-Supremacism's crimes onto an external "scapegoat" morally within themselves. All the cunning words that this devil called Yahweh speaks do not seem to be for the benefit of all of humanity, but merely for the benefit of "its" Semitic tribe.

That small group which benefits from the whole theatre of deception can only be Jewish-Supremacists, because that is the only racial group that this daemonic “god” is truly concerned about. If Christianity is not even pro-human in its message and strategy, then how can it ever be pro-white or pro-European, let along pro-Germanic? Christianity is a impossible to sell to the logical mind, because it is really worthless to humanity, particularly Europeans. When it is said in Deuteronomy that Jews may not practise usury among themselves but only among Gentiles, it should be loud and clear to us all that this faith is obviously not the right one for us!

 Asatru, in stark contrast with Jewish-derived Christianity, is good for all of European mankind, and will even benefit the stability of the world overall, precisely because it is beneficial in a positive and constructive way for our Germanic folk. There can be no doubt that the fair-haired, light-eyed races of this planet are the most benevolent. The etymology of why our people are called "fair", as in the term used to describe a "fair" looking person, also has a moral and philosophical connotation and origin. If we Germanic folk achieve our full racial potential, after we have positively reclaimed and helped others to reclaim Asatru which is our only genuine ethnic religion and culture, then the world will get to see and witness the highest heights of human civilisation and global political stability.

 Asatru and Asatru alone can help us not only to become great again but also to reach higher heights than we have ever reached before.
Asatru is a never-ending evolution; it is the continuous and eternal improvement of our race.
Only the religion of our ancestors can be this positively progressive in an evolutionary and technological sense, because the key to unlocking our hidden potential has been codified by our Goddesses, Gods and ancestors in this unique religion that is also a high culture, a philosophy, and a civilisation, that exists through a positive, creative method of self-improvement that relies on nothing other than ourselves.
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