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Article author: Thomas Hammersmith (US), Asatro News / Published: the night of the 30th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 30th day of December 2014 / the 10th Night of Yuletide in Anglo-Saxon/English and all Germanic ethnic culture.
Asatru: our augmenting philosophical folk culture & spirituality
Vinland based Article writer Thomas Hammersmith’s first article and account of how he re-discovered Asatro as a spiritual and personal-political motivational force:
Throughout my years, I have always been interested in mythology and religion. It started back when I was but six years of age, and I picked up my first Greek myth book, as many will do in education due to the popularized nature and intact records of the Greek mythology and ancient Greek philosophers.
It entranced me and I moved North, investigating my own ancestral philosophy and culture through to Norse mythology and religions.
The valiant tales of the Gods, Goddesses and men of the Norse and Germanic tribes, including those who were the first to discover Vinland in the modern era, these tales and archetypal stories that resonate so deeply and profoundly have stayed with me ever since, from before I started to call these beliefs Asatro, they were already my ancestral beliefs, which I connected to and read over in all their complex glory and sophistication. Whether it was the tales of how Tyr gave his hand to safeguard the Gods and Goddesses from Fenrir, the tales of Thor's continual conflicts and triumphs over the manipulative Loki, or how Heimdallr defeated Loki through morphing forms to counter Loki’s forms, or how the Gods and Goddesses almost all give their lives upon Ragnarok and a new world emerges, a future is attained for their descendants no matter how inevitable and doom-filled Ragnarok appeared to be.

These tales have never left me, and when I first read them it was as if I had always known them, deep inside, they were always there, the archetypal stories and plots that resonate so perfectly with reality and communicate such important messages about our future and how we must fight and what devices and methods we must apply both in our individual lives and in our individual contributions to our collective Nordic & Germanic people’s future.
It wasn't until late last year I thought of looking into one of my favorite bands (Tyr if you need to know) and what the members believe in, that I actually came across the terminology and coherent doctrinal structure and religion that is intrinsic in our lore if only you read it properly: this is what we call Asatro. Up to this point, I had spent a good 5 years as an individual with no religion, just a knowledge of our ancestral lore, without the overt spiritual attachment and belief system augmenting philosophy. I found the term Asatru and looked it up, coming across Asatro News in the process, first over Twitter. It wasn't until January of this year when I pledged my Troth to the Aesir, Vanir, and our Folk and utilized our ancestral lore to motivate and drive myself to serve our folk.
Asatru then became a spirituality for me which informed my life outlook, the very way I perceived nature, from the sight of the landscape, to eagles and Wolves and ourselves became brighter and more natural and powerful, my perspective became far more biological and routed in nature, a oneness with nature and through that, utilizing our lore, I learned of the natural interests of our folk and the natural-sacredness of our people through our nature.
It has been, to this point, the best decision I have made. The lessons of the Havamal and Eddas have left a permanent mark on me. When I first started, I had no direction. No knowledge of the Eddas or the lessons of Har. It wasn't until I met my friend and mentor, John, who has helped me through the learning process. He and a few others sent me my first Mjolnir and a shirt with a Mjolnir on the front and Valknuts on the sides, to help me stylistically self-visualize myself as Asatru with more ease, and through myself to make a statement to hopefully encourage others to investigate what these symbols mean.
Through this friend of mine and the Gods and Goddesses, I have learned the true meaning of Honor, of Frith and friendship, and I will never forget these lessons. I in turn made a natural and glorious decision to pass my Mjolnir on to another member of our folk and thus I do not have a Mjolnir pendent, but there is a reason for such loss, for through giving my Mjolnir as a personal gift to another member of our folk, I started in them the process of their awakening, a Mjolnir pendant is a surprisingly powerful item, it is almost as if it has a spiritual power in itself.
For the past few months, a close friend, a sister to me, has been going through pain and strife. Just recently, I made the voyage to meet her again. She lives thirty minutes down south of me, and it isn't too bad of a drive.
She comes running out to meet me, having had a stressful past few months and I had a long talk to her about the Gods. She is a Christian, but she is open to almost anything, and she loves to hear the tales. I ended up giving her my first Mjolnir and it was tough. I then went into the nearby woods to give enact a Blot ritual with the Gods and I asked them to keep an eye on her.
Since I have given it to her, (After a very intense and emotional 'ceremony') her life is better than ever. She has love and she has been able to improve her life and make personal improvement to her life, with her family life improving also simultaneously. It seems the Gods are looking over my fair sister. Myself, not the best, but here is not the time nor place for that discussion of my singular life, I prioritize the future and well-being of my Germanic blood family and wider Germanic folk above myself.
I would like to thank the kind folk of this site for letting me write on here, and it feels great to finally openly write on the subject and I hope I can communicate to others that Asatru has a real personal power-potential to enact real life changes and motivational improvements, that have the capacity to help you improve your life and to help awaken others.
Through writing here I am demonstrating the fact that Asatro has the capacity to inspire our folk to speak openly about the excellence inherent to our folk spirituality and the real world benefits of our natural spirituality.
Hail the Gods
Hail the Goddesses
Hail the Folk
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