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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 9th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 9th Night of January 2015
Asatru: An Elegant and Pure Vision for our Germanic Future
Germanic children are born with an innate sense of justice and logic, children identify logical patterns that help them to learn languages faster than adults, it has been proven to be a biologically successful trait and so too many children have an innate understanding of what is biologically advantageous and disadvantageous, Germanic children even have a sense of what is just and unjust, what is fair and unfair is known purely through the 'innocence', or uncorrupted instinctively logic and natural minds of pure Germanic children, I grew up as one of these gifted children.

I made my first public indications of my natural moral purity, casting down and denouncing the immorality of the state education system, in its mediocrity and atmosphere of anti-intellectual conformity as early as year six and seven, by year ten I had openly endorsed a positive view of Eugenics "making mankind better and driving forth of our own evolutionary process" in-front of an entire class during a speaking assessment and had during those early years of my life was known to my entire year group and almost the entire school for my artistic, naturalistic vision, my year eight war-poem, "Perish-Song", detailing the nature of war, was posted on every single door in the English department and Science department blocks and my right wing political frankness was known widely, I have long since had an innate understanding of what should and should not be, in accordance with my vision for the future of my people.

Since this early age I have had a pure vision for the future, drawn entirely from my own idealistic vision for what the future and in-fact the present should be, a vision created without external influences and articulated in defiance of the current prevailing orthodoxy of our time, the world as it was, as it still is today, does not match up to my vision for what the future should be like in its excellence.
Our course, the course of the future of our civilization and people must become greater than it is today, if we are to fulfil our nature as Germanic folk, to honour the promise of our ancestors in the actions of our today.

   In accordance with Asatru, “faith in the Asa/Æsir”, we should aspire towards an adventurous political future that is an endless pursuit of our intellectual and racial internal and external self-improvement, in accordance with our noble, Germanic archetypes and ancient potential and promise as a unique and to-be everlasting people, capable of fulfilling and advancing our noble ancestral genetic inheritance.
Odin wanders endlessly upon Midgard and throughout all the realms seeking ways to further his knowledge, power and understanding, as Germanic folk we must follow in his example, engaging in securing our future and travelling to other worlds, advancing into space and into realms of knowledge and wisdom previously unknown to mankind, Asatru motivates us towards this course, this is the power of Asatru, through a correct understanding of our ancestral lore it is realised, that our ancestral lore and records are encouraging us to honour them through achieving greatness, as a people, as Germanic folk, Asatru inspires us to defend our folk, and to ascend with our folk to higher levels of knowledge and excellence and ethereality as a folk civilization.

To honour the pure archetypes of our ancestors and oldest ancestors, our Gods and Goddesses, to further our best individuals energetically and genetically, to live industrious, courageous lives, imbued with an adventurous spirit, honouring our ancestors and securing greatness for our descendants, to carry the dream of our people and to enact our promise as the sons and daughters of the Æsir.
In accordance with this I am implored to articulate to you my vision for the future of our people, in the hope that it will inspire in you and in us collectively, to inspire a new generation, the 1st generation of this era, of Asatru informed, Germanic folk, informed with an uncompromising scientific understanding of our world and our biological existences and ethnic nature reinforced through a willpower and conviction to achieve great feats as a people and to furnish our people with a purer future, embracing an adventurous human spirit, that shall carve us like our Gods and Goddesses and take us on a course towards excellence as a civilization of Germanic folk, through literal time and space, it is my hope that our future shall be empowered with a vision and drive to achieve more for our descendants than our ancestors left for us, to improve ourselves, our world and our understanding of the world and our triumph over it and the space beyond.

If we are truly to attain a great and significant future, in comparison to the overwhelming size and infinite colossal nature of the universe, we must ascend in accordance with the adventurous spirit of Thor and Odin to explore and understand and traverse our wider universe, to ensure the eternal future of our elegant, extraordinary Germanic folk, by this definition requires, an elegant and extraordinary vision for the future and a more extraordinary and elegant willpower to enact and follow through with unleashing this future.

To re-take the power over our own destiny and lives and to reinforce and enshrine our lives in excellent deeds, extraordinary feats and elegant advancements.
This is the destiny and future I aim to attain and bestow upon my Germanic folk.

   You must help to unleash our people's future, to re-take our national governments, to re-forge our cultures and spirits with renewed purity and purpose and to help inspire and inform our people towards a divine future, as the Sons and Daughters of the Æsir we so truly deserve and are destined for.
   Our test, our task, in all its colossal, superior demands is to inform and inspire our people to drive themselves towards a future worthy of our racial dignity, beauty, intelligence and excellence, for political control is essential in order to protect these attributes, and without which all is lost.

Only an informed and inspired Germanic population is capable of overcoming our current situation and of protecting and then honouring and advancing our folk in the future we shall carve for ourselves. Be a visionary, inform and Inspire our folk to stand up for this vision for the future, which honours and safeguards our people themselves as its primary purpose, so that the purpose of our Germanic people may be unlocked and unleashed to fulfil our destiny and dreams.

I have always had a great and uncompromising expectation as to what my nation should be like and I have always perceived and identified great injustice in the anti-intellectual social atmosphere and anti-natural governmental policies of our current Semitic political, cultural and spiritual occupying establishment, who are nothing more than parasites and complicit opportunistic criminals who have attained governmental level office, influence and thus hegemony, due to their suitability to those who control election to government office, but all this is changing, and in this time of flux, it is up to us to determine the future, by remembering our past and demanding our present honour our past with an aim towards an informed and inspired future.

These observations that I made as early as the age of fourteen have now been vindicated by the ongoing scandals and revelations not only of the genocidal anti-English immigration and constitutional policies of our government, but in their personal degeneracy and corruption.

   Through the expenses scandal, child-prostitution scandals and the yet to come scandal that will reveal that almost all of our political establishment are financially or politically compromised or bound in their loyalty or dependent in their re-election efforts to groups such as the friends of Israel group and numerous key Semitic members of the media , such as the Jewish CEO of the BBC, and key political and cultural career "king-makers" in groups such as the Fabian society, dozens of other lesser well known meeting groups, the Jewish led Christian Church's political and cultural suppression effects, with additional political career ending/making influence exerted from the likes of the Jewish Board of Deputies and their international and inter-governmental counterparts and complimenting elements in Brussels, New York and Washington D.C.

This is why our political establishment has no positive nor idealistic visions for the future of our nation, because they do not have positive nor idealistic natures nor ethnic spiritualities, they are opportunistic parasitic egoists and conveniently controllable manipulators, who having showed political or power potential, climbed the rotating ladder through party political positions, eventually occupying Ministerial positions, not through having vision or naturally positive political ideals, but through having the opposite and through being obedient and politically useful to their departmental seniors, Ministers and their political fundraisers, thus creating a self-perpetuating supply of vision-less, political trend-conformist, negatively minded, pessimistic and thus controllable quasi-individuals within the key offices of government, leading to absolute political stagnation, by the truest definition of the word stagnation.

This is what we are fighting against, remember also what we are fighting against, in addition to the positive future we articulate, observing the horrific defiled and stagnated past that should not be, is additional motivation, that conclusively proves the importance of informing and inspiring our folk to change the situation through unified and organised visionary action to gain the ascendancy.
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