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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 28th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 28th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
The absolute, totalitarian, anti-English and anti-ethnic-European, Jewish nature of the EU is exposed again

David Cameron, the tacitly Euro-sceptic but fundamentally pro EU national traitor again is subjected to a pathetic, humiliating defeat, as stated by Nigel Farage, simultaneously as malign, manipulative and anti-ethnic-European Jewish leaders within the bureaucracy of the EU mock Cameron for his utter defeat and futile attempts to prevent their genocidal expansion of the EU from within.
Cameron's "battle" was ultimately a futile one, and more of a public relations stunt to attempt to appease and fool the anti-EU sentiments of our folk.

The Jewish EU has once again pushed onwards despite all democratic opposition, not least the overwhelming surge of pro independence political parties in the prior EU elections, and the UK's increasing anti-EU stance, which is a product of our folk's honourable, defiant and proud nature's combined with the electoral catalyst of UKIP and the subsequent pressure that has applied to the political class in Westminster.

Albeit the Jewish Ed Miliband, and pro Jewish Nick Clegg still support the EU fanatically, Cameron pretends to be a sceptic as a result of this pressure. But despite all of the public pressure and pledges of a stronger line against Europe, that "business cannot go on like usual", it has, and a semi-Marxist, anti-nation state, anti-English fanatic (Jean-Claude Juncker, who has partial Jewish ancestry, explaining his fanatical support for the Jewish EU, driven by anti-Germanic ethnic motivations) has just been allocated the position of the successor President of the European Commission, annihilating Cameron's futile attempts to prevent the appointment of this fanatic to this office.

Cameron's façade of opposition to Juncker was a futile gesture, a vile attempt to placate our English folk's political natural and positive hostility toward the EU and the threats it enables to occur against our nation, such as mass immigration through the EU.

Cameron's façade of opposition was ultimately a foolish attempt to halt the rise of the pro-UKIP sentiment, as all of the EU Commission nominees were fanatically pro EU, so it technically did not matter which one was appointed, they would all have taken the same orders from the Jewish dominated EU elite and media.

Although Cameron's defeat has been a fantastic demonstration of the undemocratic, anti-patriotic nature of being a member of the EU, that our state's interests or even the façade of its tacit opposition was crushed by 26 to 2.

The other opponent was Hungary, a staunchly anti-EU nation with a natural potential and tendency for a political alliance with us English folk on many things anti-EU, anti-Banker and anti-immigration.

This loss of Cameron's famed re-negotiation skill hopefully will awaken our folk to this reality that our current government is utterly powerless to stop the EU from the inside, it is impossible by definition.

Cameron's opposition to Juncker was nothing more than a PR stunt in order to appease the otherwise UKIP leaning electorate and thus shows how much the Jewish European Union technocratic establishment fears UKIP, to the extent they would permit one of their slaves (Cameron) to pretend to be in opposition to Juncker and the EU solely in order to desperately stop or slow down inevitable rise of UKIP followed by the inevitable rise of a Nationalistic English folk, which is all UKIP is the prelude to in terms of being a political manifestation of our English folk's rising folkish identity, righteous anger and political will.

Some sources have revealed that this negotiation loss will force Cameron to offer an EU referendum before the 2015 general election in order for there to be any chance of him retaining the credibility to defeat Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage and form a majority Conservative government post 2015, although realistically such an occurrence is still unlikely.

Mr Cameron said:
   ‘I believe our national interest lies in reforming the EU, holding a referendum and recommending we stay in. Has that got harder to achieve? Yes.’

Increasingly there is also talk of a legislative change in the EU that is going to occur by 2016, that will make it impossible for the UK to leave after a referendum, potentially even making a referendum politically powerless before we even reach 2017.

UKIP presents the only viable opportunity to cleanse ourselves of the Jewish EU but ultimately this fight for our nation's independence, and the subsequent domino-of-independences, in France, Hungary and elsewhere will rely solely on our effort as the English people to pressure our current government out of power and to support UKIP's effort to take power.

After all, at the end of the day the entirety of each political party is just made up of other people, although less English and less European people than ourselves, UKIP is just a party or group of ordinary patriotic folk, that needs our support to triumph in this critical fight for the survival of our nation as an independent entity.

Revealing the necessity of leaving the EU and exposing the increasingly anti-English or anti-British sentiments within the predominantly Jewish leadership of the EU is the following revealing conversation transcript of a conversation between Ministers of the Polish government that occurred in the last month:  

Note that the Polish Minister of Finance Rostowki's grandfather was Jakub Rothfeld an ethnic Jew who adopted Catholicism as most infiltration-intent Jews do to be less noticeable, he also changed his surname into Rostowski to attempt to hide his Jewish identity, racial motivations and political-racial agenda.
The Key extracts of a conversation between Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski and former finance minister Jacek Rostowski, who is racially Jewish:
   (Jewish) Finance Minister Rostowski:
   [Cameron] thinks he’ll go renegotiate and come back, no Polish government could agree to it. Except in return for a mountain of gold.

   Foreign minister Sikorski:
   It’s either a very badly thought through move, or, not for the first time a kind of incompetence in European affairs. He f***** up the fiscal pact. He f***** it up.
   Simple as that. He is not interested, he does not get it, he believes in the stupid propaganda, he stupidly tries to play the [Jewish] system... his whole strategy of feeding [his critics] scraps in order to satisfy them is just as I predicted, turning against him; he should have said, f*** off, tried to convince people and isolate [the sceptics].

   For the Polish government to agree, someone will have to give us some mountain of gold.
   The Brits won’t give it to us, and the Germans, in order to keep the Brits on board, won’t give it to us either.
   So the answer will be f*** off... [the impact of a British exit of the Jewish EU] will generally be bad for us [Jews], because we would like for Great Britain to stay [so it can be destroyed faster through immigration].
   I think it’ll be the case that [Cameron] will lose the elections (to the Jewish Ed Miliband).
   Great Britain will leave. Once they do, they’ll keep open borders. But not for [gipsy] beggars…

   Just like Norway [which is independent although still accepts immigration through the EU under the 1985 Schengen treaty.]

   (Vengeful tone)... Enough of this! They’ve f***** up Eastern Europe and a few other things. [Mimics a Brit/English person] If Europe doesn’t reform, it’ll end badly! Let them worry about their economy. If they don’t reorganise themselves, they’ll have as bad an economy as Germany.
   (mockingly)... How is that so monstrous?

   Jacek Krawiec – head of the Polish fuel giant Orlen – in a conversation with spin doctor Pawel Gras, referred to a reprimanding 'chat' between Polish PM Donald Tusk and Cameron about benefits:

   What the f*** are they on about with these benefits? [Cameron] seems a really sensible bloke ... when I met him in London he talked a lot of sense.

   Thoughtless, probably suggested by [some spin doctor] probably came from some focus group, he didn’t think through the consequences, the whole thing was stupid, Donald called him at once to discuss it, he had such a go at him, I mean f*** it’s a shame we didn’t record it, he had a such a proper f****** go at him.”
   Translation: Open Europe

The selfish, vile, manipulative attitude of the Jewish dominated Polish government has been utterly revealed and exposed due to the series of tapes leaked to the Polish press, featuring hours of comments and the above comments.

The Polish Government reacted defensively to the release of the tapes to the Polish paper Wprost, admitting their guilt and complaining that the release of the tapes was an attempt to "destabilize" the Polish government.

It is utterly disgusting that a government can call the publication of conversations and attempt to "destabilize" government, admitting almost implicitly that for a government to be stable, it has to be able to operate and discuss attacking the leaders of foreign nations and people (us English folk) in private.

They have been exposed for their anti-English, anti-German and anti-freedom of information, totalitarian corruption and hubris.

These leaks have indicated that the Jewish dominated Polish government and its Jewish-Catholic finance minister has a vengeful and hostile attitude toward all other European nation states, seeing the EU as a source for its parasitic income ("mountains of Gold") and existence, whilst also demanding the destruction of the homogeneity of the UK and Germany through enforced Polish immigration (and raging at anyone who even tacitly opposes such) and simultaneously promoting third world immigration through the EU into Poland itself, in a self-defiling cycle of immigration fuelled degeneration and destruction.
Evidently the above article indicates that we must leave the EU, along with all European nations ideally (so that the EU collapses.)
Although we must not only leave the EU to secure our borders but also take remedial legislative and demographic action to undo the current damage mass immigration has already done to the economy, culture, spirit and racial composition of our nation.

For the survival of our folk, for our resurgence and for our freedom, encourage all the folk you know to read this truth, understand it and act upon it, the future of our nation depends on ordinary, and yet extraordinary patriotic folk like ourselves doing the groundwork, delivering leaflets or engaging in political campaigning to support our folk's right to exist and to awaken all of our folk, so that together we can stand up for and fight for our right to exist as English folk, as the majority of our sacred Northern European nation.

Through the motivationary force of Asatru we can obtain the required sheer political willpower to retake our nation and to free our folk from the defiling spiritually degrading influence of Semitic ideologies and through this we will be able to save our folk from the Jewish Supremacist designed, promoted and executed anti-European European Union (EU.)

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