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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 25th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 25th day of September 2014
Anjem Choudary & ISIS alike have the effect of pro-Jewish manipulators

Anjem Choudary promotes and justifies Muslims fighting specifically against Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, these happen to be the 3 main Muslim geopolitical state-enemies of the Jewish state of Israel. Anjem Choudary & ISIS pretend to oppose the state of Israel whilst simultaneously promoting a ‘Jihad’ against the very same regimes that Israel is engaged in a long term geo political war against.
Anjem Choudary promotes and supports a multi-racialism expansion policy and sees the expansion of his Judeo-Islamic philosophy occurring through a comparative demographic genocide of the indigenous Europeans in order to enable his version of Semitic Islam, that supports all of the socialist, racially subversive Jewish and Christian underlying methodologies and ideologies.

Anjem Choudary promotes a socialist version of Islam, which in its socialistic ethics is identical to Christianity, thus exposing the fact that Christianity and Islam are two sides of the same Semitic coin, both in their well established Semitic origins and their contemporary political end-results, both of which are inherently anti-European on every level.

   "when the Jews were being persecuted in Europe, they ran to the Islamic state in North Africa"

   "When all of the education and social and economic justice of Islam is implemented, after that no one will insult any of the prophets, the irony of that is that... (Jewish interviewer attempts to silence Anjem to cover up what Anjem is about to say) wait a second... the irony of this is that Denmark is SUPPOSEDLY a 'Christian' country, but who are the ones who are defending the honour of Jesus? -Is it not the Muslims? (for those who insult Jesus)... under the sharia that would have capital punishment"

   -Anjem Choudary, interview with The Jewish dominated DR Nyheder (Broadcasts in Dansk).

To all the patriotic English, Germanic or Nordic folk reading this, and for all the self-denying cultural Christians amongst us who proclaim Christianity is a theoretical defence mechanism against Islam, the reality is that: Islam seeks to "defend the honour of Jesus" demonstrating that Jesus’s racially and socially subversive philosophy is beneficial to the promoters of Islam and their anti-European racial onslaught against our European demographics.

Anjem Choudary firmly states that the Quran’ an (which is of undeniable Semitic origins, as is Judaism and Christianity) commands Muslims to publicly behead all those who insult the Judeo-Christian fraud and racial subversive known to Christians as Jesus, son of the Semitic God Yahweh, capital punishment is ordered of all who insult the prophets, amongst the prophets is of course Jesus Christ. Islam and Christianity are two sides of the same Semitic onslaught against our European folk, where Christianity is designed to submit and in doing so attempt to take down European civilization with itself.

This was the initial reason the Roman emperor Constantine and the Mediterranean centric and crypto-Jewish dominated Roman empire adopted Christianity, after the conclusions of the subversive council of Nicaea in 325.AD Christianity was finally realised and unleashed as a weapon of racial subversion and identity degradation to be inflicted upon all those the Roman empire could reach in order to pacify and suppress the independent minded spirituality of the indigenous and unique peoples and ancestral nations of Europe.

   Islam like Christianity supports the absolute movement of all people, without regard to borders.

The Jewish promotion of Multiculturalism and multi-racialism is the only reason Islam is in our homeland as a direct long term result of the Jewish creation of Christianity and as a direct short term result of the Jewish promotion of mass non European immigration.

The only reason Christianity exists is as a result of its Jewish authors and it’s undeniably Jewish old testament origins, a suspiciously Jewish-friendly Islam exists amongst Pakistani and increasingly many other immigrant groups from sub-continental Asia, Malaysia, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa: demolishing the subversive lie that Jews or Christians are natural allies in the face of Islamic immigration, when in reality they are supportive of and promote a continued immigration of these immigrants behind the backs of our people.

The existence of this pro-Jewish Islamic tendency as epitomized by Anjem Choudary within our nations and ISIS internationally (which merely gives lip-service against Israel whilst simultaneously fighting, in-effect, for Israel: by inciting and engaging in terrorism and destabilization wars against all of Israel’s geo political enemies, such as Iran, Syria and the Lebanese/Palestinian Hezbollah) is a direct result of a subversive Jewish infiltration into the key contemporary figureheads of immigrant Islam within Europe and internationally.

The pro Jewish tendency within Islam is also seen in the oldest teachings of Islam, which actually seek to protect the Jews racially, albeit under Islam, whilst destroying and undermining all other racial groups and bloodlines, as seen by the ISIS effort to "smash the blonde bloodline of the Yazidis" (an Iraqi tribe with an unusually high proportion of blonde hair). This genocidal, anti-European and overtly anti-Aryan ideology of ISIS is more reflective of its Jewish sponsors, Jewish anti-European philosophy and underlying objectives.

   The Donmeh, of Turkey where a similarly crypto-Jewish sect that is thought to have been largely responsible for inciting the genocide of the Armenians, by proxy as with the Yazidis and ISIS.

The majority of mainstream Muslims in our country actually subversively support Jews, Jewish multi-racial ideologies and their effects, after all they are the immediate short term reasons they are in our countries in the first place (besides the subversive Christians) and the media-generated Muslim figureheads know they owe their positions and existence even in some cases to Jewish lobbying and media promotion campaigns and thus key elements of the so called 'Islamic community' quietly support Jewish community organisers, the Labour party and countless other Jewish led anti-European efforts.

   Racially anti-European movements have infiltrated our homelands and are supported by 100% of all registered Christian organisations, Churches and Diocese, 100% of Muslim organisations and 100% of Jewish organisations.

Countless Christian, Islamic and Jewish organised and funded 'immigration agencies' exist throughout all of the urban centres in our country that are created to assist illegal immigrants in fraudulently gaining residency papers and are facilitating an ongoing wave of 'domino immigration'.

These overwhelmingly Christian, Muslim and Jewish organisations often auto-complete all of the required immigration paper work and often go on to provide fraudulent details of employment in order to facilitate the immigration of immigrant families and their relatives into our nation.

   Church congregation numbers in almost every single inner city urban area in the UK have increased as a direct result of mass immigration.

All Church numbers outside of these areas have terminally declined, with thousands of Churches having already closed. Christianity has thankfully declined by over 25% in the last 10 years amongst our ethnic population, and yet the inner city congregation numbers remain high as a direct result of the influx of Christian immigrants... the motivation of the racially subversive Christian Church is clear for all to see, especially as Christianity is undeniably in statistical decline amongst Northern European and even Eastern European folk, Christianity seeks to preserve itself at the expense of our European population. The same is also true in the United States.

The rise in Islam in UK is although not as significant as the rise in general of non-white immigrants, Muslims present only a percentage of the overall immigrant population.

The Jewish population in England has grown continually since the 1700s, despite economic hardships that have afflicted the rest of our nation, the Jewish population is continually increasing in size, as with all other non-European immigrant groups and Eastern European immigrant groups. In countless political surveys Jews admit to "feeling more powerful" and "feeling secure" in a multicultural society, which attempts to break up the democratic power of our European majority.

Positively 95% of the population of England believe "Multiculturalism has failed" (polling as of 2014), this vote is inevitably divided along racial lines, with the 5% minority inevitably being the views of the non-European minority who support Multiculturalism or "the Multiracial society" as the Jewish MP Margaret Hodge described it.

Positively 89-94% of our overall population believe immigration should be reduced and perceive that immigration has been overwhelmingly negative in its effect (accumulative of all against/hostile opinions v.s. immigration averaged out over several polls, Yougov, Channel 4, BBC etc, 2014).
The decline in Christianity is the single cultural trend, that has the Jewish and Christian establishment panicking, for it is permanent they know that only a folkish spirituality will rise in its place to fill the resulting cultural and political void, it already is doing so, which in turn will inspire and imbue our folk with a healthy and unchallengeable, unconquerable love for our English heritage.
The statistical surge in Asatro and its inspired, ancestrally rooted love for our folk, in a time of multi-racial nothingness is a spiritual, ancestral and genetic perspective that can only produce an uncorrupted, democratic patriotic uprising of colossal proportions amongst all ordinary English people, despite the malicious efforts of all the subversive Judeo-Christians, Jewish Supremacists and Anjem Choudary’s our folk will rise, in-fact the very existence of such subversives will only enrage and inspire our folk, for is their attempted deception not infuriating and so illustrative of what we must overcome and defeat?

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