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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 12th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 12th day of September 2014
Ancient Asatro Awakening:
Our extraordinary ancestors, an inspiration to our folk, a demonstrating of the power-potential of Asatro.
A surge in auspiciously synchronistic archaeological finds in Denmark and England are serving to annihilate the malicious Christian and more recent Marxist academic manipulations and degenerations of our ancestral histories and pure Asatro civilizations that once reigned true and free from the shores of Vinland to the ice plains of Sweden. Danish archaeologists are currently raising, cleaning and examining what is being called the oldest boat ever found in Denmark. In September of 2014 Danish archaeologists discovered the oldest boat to be found in Danish territory in the waters of the Askø Island, in the Smålandsfarvandet Sea to the north of Lolland.

At 6,500 years old, the pre-Denmark Danish seven meter vessel is demonstrating the long technological history of our civilizations prior to the arrival of any external influence, and six and a half millennia before Saul of Tsarsus concocted the Christian manifesto (which was akin to the Communist Manifesto of its day within the context of the still defiantly Pagan European folk, even in the Mediterranean).
The manipulative majority of Christian, Marxist and ethnically Jewish so called 'experts' in researching (denigrating) the history of our ancient and relatively modern European ancestors typically describe that the Roman empire as an entity is attributed with causing the societal and logistical advances in Europe and not our ethnic peoples of Europe ourselves, especially pertaining to us Nordic and Germanic folk, whose history is subject to continual defamation and defilement, in the guise of research by numerous bigoted Jewish historians who seek to assault and define out of existence our extraordinary Æsir faith (Asatro) or Germanic-Polytheism imbued Northern European civilizations through promoting Semitic ideologies like Christianity or Semitic-atheistic political Marxism and its accompanying feminism, anti-Germanic sentiments and anti-natural economic and social creeds.

This anti-Germanic and always ultimately anti-European false-narrative is in accordance with the vile academic and intellectual Semitic domination or 're-defining history' agendas which can exist only in ignorance of the prior millenniums of our extraordinary and now increasingly re-discovered history, during which we Northern Germanic folk constructed not only sea worthy vessels in a time period before 90% of the civilisations across the world even existed in any recognisable form but also, additionally constructed monuments to our Gods and Goddesses, our folk themselves and to honour nature: of such complexity and logistical magnitude and sophistication that even such feats are considered difficult with today's modern technology in an era of secular Christian anti-work-ethics and the Jewish-Egalitarian promotion of dysgenic welfarism, and the attempted destruction of our folk and the subsequent lack of drive in our civilization, that is simultaneously half conscious of its own artificially induced decline whilst still being manipulated into conformity with the lies about our own history...

The recent discoveries annihilate the Christian and post-Christian, bigoted Jewish narratives that are asserted in relation to the history of our civilization and folk populations.
Our oldest ancestors invented ingenious mechanisms and elemental techniques that are still used to this day the world over:

  “It split 6,500 years ago and they tried to fix the crack by putting a bark strip over it and drilling holes both sides of it... That two-millimetre wide strip has been preserved... The most exciting thing is that there is sealing mass in the holes.”
  Jørgen Dencker, the head of marine archaeology at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde [1]

To illustrate the validity of the above statement that Christian, then secular Christian and Jewish deliberately dysgenic welfare policies have deprived large portions of our civilization of a once extraordinary European cultural, ethnic and technological spirit, what percentage of people in today's society could even build a sea-worthy boat? or know to stand up for their folk? or understand the natural realities of human existence?

All of the above qualities were the everyday life practices and norms of almost all of our Danish, Angle, Saxon, Swedish and Norwegian coastal are dwelling folk ancestors.
These recent discoveries, and all of the histories and records of our ancestors combined, must surely inspire you, to inspire you to help inspire the rest of our Nordic & Germanic folk to awaken to these realities and to reclaim our once even greater excellence, expertise and extraordinary people's nature and spirits.

The ancient Danes of Denmark became not only the fore fathers of the Angles and Saxons but also many Baltic and higher Scandinavian populations becoming the fore fathers of the core continental and Scandinavian Germanic populations, which flowed with the spirit of the Æsir from the North to south, with some historians stating that even the Greek cultures and Homeric tales were in fact Baltic of Scandinavian in origin.[2]

The influence of the earliest Danes was also fundamental in the creation of the entirety of England, Scandinavia and Germany. Inter-Germanic migration patterns suggest that these ancient, or pre-Denmark Danes were in fact the descendants themselves of the earliest Swedes, and from whom all Germanic folk seem to originate as genetic patterns suggest amongst our population, even after thousands of years of living in constant eugenic-war between rival Germanic nations and groups, as described by Tacitus in Germania.[3]

The distinct tribal territories of the various Germanic folk who existed for their later evolutionary history within continental Germanic lands, or Germania, fuelled our accelerated evolution and cultural development as with the creation of our distinct and yet so relate-able languages. Today German is still the closest modern language to English and the mutual intelligibility of the Scandinavian folk’s languages are a testament to our shared, elegant genetic heritage, spirituality and civilization origins.

Alongside the discovery of the 17 new structures at Stonehenge, the discovery of a 6,500 year old Danish seven meter vessel, the colossal fortress composing a perfect aerial replica of an ancient Scandinavian symbol was found on the island of Zealand* adding more inspirational power to the realisation of the immense and accomplished civilizations of our ancestors, which were suppressed gradually with the imposition of Semitic Christianity.

Judeo-Christianity in Northern Europe enacted the Semitic-designed slow death of our ethnic cultural ideals (and with them what they symbolised and carried through the generations, including hundreds of minor deities and concepts), customs, ethnic identities and spiritualities of all Germanic nations.
This destruction of our heritage will only continue for as long as we permit this legacy to be defiled and degraded before resurging through a scientific appreciation of our ancestral excellence and a spiritual embracing of our cultural Asatro, it is up to us Asatro folk ourselves to reclaim and unleash all the potential of our folk that has been suppressed for far, far too long.
*New Zealand is named after the Danish Island of Zealand, showing the ever-present close relations between our folk, New Zealand is primarily an English rightfully settled Archipelago.

  “Although there were Vikings in other countries, these circular fortresses are unique to Denmark.”
  -Lasse Sonne, a Viking historian from the Saxo Institute at the University of Copenhagen.[4]

After a comprehensive 10ft deep ground radar scan of the entirety of the Stonehenge area, in Wiltshire England, 17 new structures have been discovered, including a mile wide, 60 x2 meter construct made from vertically placed 2m wood poles in manually dug insets.
  "The communal burial ground from 6000 years ago represents the very origins of ritual and religion... it all proves that Stonehenge is not an isolated structure it is part of a landscape where multiple memories and traditions started in Britain"
  -BBC's Duncan Kennedy. [5]

The newly discovered communal burial ground at Stonehenge dates to almost the exact same time period as the vessel found off the coast of Denmark, indicating that Danish folk, and Schleswig-Holstein Angles and Saxons, long before they were even angles and Saxons, sailed to and from England and had the capability to do so at least 4,000 years before even the first Egyptian pyramids.
This is also proven undeniable by the fact that Solutrean European tribes traversed across the ancient ice caps to North America, over 21,000 years ago [6].

It is undeniable that we Nordic & Germanic, English folk have an age old claim to these islands, as the indisputable indigenous folk, that cannot ever be denied by any rational argument, as is increasingly being found in relation to ancient Canada and the Nordic and Germanic original inhabitants of what was to become known as Vinland to our more recent ancestors.
Our folk history is steeped in a deep evolutionary history in our Northern European lands and also our Nordic & Germanic folk have the right to claim to be the original inhabitants of countless other geographic areas,we must re-awaken the conviction in our heritage, to hold it high in our hearts and to resurge, purely to retake our nations, so as to safeguard 100% of our folk lands, past, present and future, that we hold through the right of our sacrifices and naturally extraordinary natures.

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