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Article author: Erik Warwick, Asatro News / Published: 26th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 26th Night of January 2015
An Englishman's Asatro Awakening

As an English man of Northern Germanic decent I find it almost unbelievable that the word 'Asatro' is only six months old in my life's awareness, having started to read the Asatro articles via this website and after a long spiritual searching phase.

This ancient, elegant and pure ethno-centric way of viewing the world from our Germanic perspective has had an immediate resonance deep within my racial soul and everyday outlook. In no way should this be deemed as negatively 'racist' and I refute any claims as such, we must perceive our love of our folk as nature affirming normality, the first step to awakening ourselves is to understand that racial self-love is natural normality and through being natural it is a positive force and never before in the last 900-1600 years of our history have we been purely awaken with a balanced ethnic philosophy such as Asatro, that will elegantly and naturally reawaken our peoples self-pride, without coercion nor hostility.
Now more than ever I am feeling an immense bond with my folk and now is the time to vocalise and articulate this in a fine and beautiful manner, in line with our fine and beautiful nature. Thus I am dedicating some of my time to writing English Asatro articles.

Throughout my so called 'spiritual quest' I have searched many avenues. I was raised in a Church of England school, which in hindsight honed my skills to detect the fallacies and rottenness of the Semitic cults. I've had firsthand experience of the cult of over-consumption and intoxication. I've delved into new age philosophy, infinite-consciousness and dabbled with Buddhism and Yoga. Now it's arguable that they contained wisdom, although wisdom leading to meaningless, non-tangible ends. However for me personally, there was nothing of substance in them, nothing that I could really resonate with. So I turned to nature. I turned to Asatro.

My discovery of Asatro has it's roots in a deep connection with the Earth Mother, known in many guises throughout our Germanic history, Jord, Nerthus, etc. To us Northern Germanic folk, especially Nordic folk she is known as Jord. During this journey of spiritual awakening.
I was made aware of a Red-Ice interview with one Dan Rayner. The cue being that in order for our people and thus for humanity to correct itself, our Germanic folk memory circuits needed to be re-activated, especially those of our sacred Germanic races.

This is because it is we who pose the biggest threat and positive resistance to the current political, social and spiritual Semitic paradigm, ran by a people who have no right to impose their alien ways and vile ethnic mass-immigration manipulations into our lives as individuals and as a part of our wider Germanic and European nations.
The tragedy that has unfolded across Europe over the past two nine hundred to thousand years (depending on the area) has done nothing but stifle our natural growth and evolution. Yet despite this infection our folk have relentlessly excelled in science, art, literature, medicine, invention and other noble quests. The mind wonders at how far we would have gone -without- the interference.

The calendar this website uses, the Rune Era (if only a temporary one, awaiting the archaeological pinpointing of a more ancient date from which to start our calendars) encapsulates this for me, for it is already 2265 using this reckoning, just image the technological and civilization advances we will have by 2265.CE, now realise that we should already have achieved those advances, if not advances equivalent to five hundred or a thousand years, but have been denied this due to the degrading, stagnating effect the Semitic cults have had on our people, governments, education systems (Christianity prevented the teaching of science, cosmology and still tries to prevent the teaching of evolution to this day!), art and even in the way Semitic Christianity distorted the fundamental relationships between Man and Woman, paving the way for modern reactionary modern feminism promoted overwhelmingly by fascistic Jewish academic infiltrators and Semitic ethical, political and philosophical corruptions.
Our civilization and folk would be a thousand years ahead of where we are now if it were not for this Semitic degradation and stagnation imposed upon us. But more than that negative regret looking back at how our recent past should have been, it is our birthright to these green and pleasant lands going forward to improve our people's lives and natures in accordance with noble standards, to avenge the time wasted by Semitic defilers holding us back, we must strive forward positively.

Our ancestors have fought tooth and nail for us to be here today. They survived the ice-ages, where communal morality, honour, love and folk spirituality was our bond.
Can you imagine the strength of those that survived, and the honour that must have been maintained. Then along side that, the expertise shown in preparation, hunting, shelter making, fire making and perhaps most beautifully, storytelling. Our ice-age fore-bearers and beyond developed a linguistic way of perceiving and interacting with nature to a level equal or perhaps even beyond that of their immense practical skills. And with a spiritual system more complex than all of the Semitic religions combined.

All of this is folk memory, my folk, your Germanic folk. This view can today be defined as Asatro. True to the gods, our first ancestors and those immense divine saga figures such as Woden, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Heimdallr and Freyja amongst countless others. It's these personifications of wisdom, strength, and beauty that we can derive our folk inspiration. Hail our ancestors, I hail the Gods and Goddesses of our northern Germanic folk.

Through exploring Asatro, an immediate connection was felt, especially to Odin, known by so many names*, but whose meaning is the same. Now I'm not claiming to be anywhere near fully informed on Odin, never mind Asatro, but for me that is part of the power. I don't need to know all the sagas (although I'm in the process of doing so) because the archetype of Odin is so strong within my very own folk memory circuits.

*Grimsby on the Hull is named after Grim, which is actually one of the names Odin took whilst travelling upon Midgard for example, which is proof that Odin came to England! If only through our common Danish ancestors who carried his name so proudly.

One stanza that stands out for me and actually appeared in a dream the other day was a line relating to Woden's two ravens:
"Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) fly over the earth each day.
   I dread that Huginn may not come back, though I fear more for Muninn."
The translation of memory being of greater significance, without memory, collective or individual or thought cannot operate optimally, this translation works beautifully but I also read it as though any journey into the realms of the unknown has its risks and perils including that of losing your pre-conceived assumptions or state of mind. There is a fine line between life altering changes and inspiration, a truly Asatro lesson. I may fear becoming a different person but it doesn't stop me from exploring. The key is to control the fear of being controversial or confronting the entire world and direct yourself towards positive inspiration not negative despair, to have hope for our future, through our dedication to achieve a better future for ourselves as individuals and for our people as a whole. With this Huginn and Muninn shall return safely each day, as with each era in the future of our people.

Odin went forth into the depths of the unknown in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. And who was his lover, consort and partner at this point in time? Non other than Jord, the Nordic Mother Earth, mother of Thor, God of Thunder, God of War. Odin, the tree-hung Germanic noble-warrior and Seidr, is a miraculous knowledge seeker in the truest sense of the term.
As a result of discovering Asatro, I now have a responsibility to immerse myself into the study, practice and thought patterns of my noble, native, ethnic or racial spiritual disposition and ancestral inheritance. It is a challenge to learn to understand my own Germanic and Nordic ancestral mythology in the context of positive existential action.

As far as I can tell, this is not the path for those who want to 'opt out'. Quite the opposite. Asatro is an ethos that stands defiantly to declare war against all that has afflicted our folk in this era. Asatro folk are the positive rising armies of olden days reborn. Sharpening our swords and strengthening our shields on behalf of our beloved folk, who stand behind us through countless generations in our re-awakened memories and whose linear future depends entirely upon our actions and skill in this coming battle. Having the Æsir and Vanir on our side in this war, as spiritual forces and as naturally noble icons, proudly raised standards of all we hold dear gives us the strength and backbone required to meet this social challenge head.

All politics at both the fundamental and practical level is social action and interaction, convincing and winning over the allegiance of our folk.
I offer to you, the reader, who also hopefully is an awakening Germanic Ásatrúar, theshort anecdote written above, in openness and willingness, that it may inspire some of you, my folk, to do the same, to step up and raise tall the standards of our English people.
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