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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: the night of the 1st day of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE / 1st day of January 2015 /
Our Ásatrú Future: The unrivalled spiritual purity, elegance, sophistication and cultural excellence of our Æsir and Vanir spirit that shall once again inform and inspire all Nordic & Germanic folk
Under these skies, upon England shall be waged a war for the soul of a people and it is war that Ásatrú is partaking in and must partake in, for Asatru is the only natural politics & philosophy of our people and is the only side in this war for the soul of our people and their future, that truly represents the long term genetic interests of our folk. All others seek to use us or outright attempt to destroy us.
Asatro/Ásatrú stands as the only political and spiritual identity politics that stands a chance of inspiring our people to stand up for their ethnic interests.

Ásatrú is the flame that seeks to re-kindle the fires of purifying, uplifting and safeguarding self-love in the hearts of our people that shall inspire our folk to an informed resolute defence and ultimate survival on behalf of our ancestors through ensuring our descendants existences, in purity, in perfection through perseverance this shall be so.

2014 saw the political atmosphere foundations laid for folkish Asatro to emerge, with increases in folkish, racial sentiments and a increase in folk dissociating with Semitic ideologies by the hundreds of thousands with each day that passes, the true potential of Asatro can only be truly realised in this context, that now millions of our folk are awaiting philosophical substance and leadership, Asatro will provide this in the form of an amazingly deep and sophisticated spirituality, political perspective and culturally uplifting crusade of a truly purifying magnitude.

As with the inspiration of each and every Germanic man, woman and child through Asatru, comes the re-kindling of the eternal flames of purpose, pride and purity that our folk have so desperately required for centuries.

Asatro will give our civilization purpose and direction, strength, beauty, purity and dignity and a scientific and simultaneously deeply emotional and spiritual depth and nobility that shall forge our achievements beyond all our wildest expectations and dreams as a people, a people formed of individuals of worthiness and inspired intellect and intensity of ambition.
2015 will see resurgent Asatro folk groups forming all over England, I know this will happen as I am right now forging them into practical organisational efforts myself, for no-one else will.
Asatru is the natural solution, a folkish, sophisticated, deep and powerful Germanic spirituality, cultural force and political motivationary driving force, inspired and informed with its own archetypes that uphold the ethnic interests of our folk when pursued and enacted practically in our lives and the individual lives of all the people of our nation, one day in the near future one hundred percent of our civilizations leaders will be Asatro adherent folk.

This is my ambition, make it yours also, and together we will re-take our respective governments, it may take 30 years, but that is the time we have left and the time destined for our ascension.
Resolve in yourself the solemn understanding that the violations of our people will continue to happen unless we act and organise to act further to deny our opponents hegemony and to work to overthrow it for the sake of all our beautiful folk in England and all Germanic nations.
So what you have to do after reading this article, is to not let the subversive political manipulators rule over you, to not implicitly collaborate with their efforts through inaction, do exactly what they do not want you to do, to get informed and to get inspired to politically, culturally, spiritually and socially fight against them, through one coherent and well organised ideology that is so powerful our enemies dare not even mention our philosophy: Asatro, for once they do it will only increase the awareness of the existence of our rightful philosophy.

We can only rely on ourselves to inform and inspire our folk until the point is reached where we achieve national prominence and then national cultural and political dominance.
You must campaign to increase an awareness in Asatro, spread information and seek to inspire other members of our folk to become informed and inspired, to get motivated, in exactly the way I am doing here, communicating to you why it is so vitally important to get informed, simultaneously informing you and then reinforcing in you why it is you need to do something about this, and providing you with a way to help awaken our folk, via writing articles to achieve accumulative awakenings.

Our Northern Germanic folk, from England to Denmark, from Australia to Canada are the sacred sons and daughters of the Æsir and Vanir, do not forsake our folk's naturally sacred existences, inheritance and rightful destiny, fight for it, and if necessary die for it in due course.

Our folk are expecting us key individuals to do our part, for we are the simultaneously fortunate and accursed brave first-awakened Asatro folk, our folk's ethnic interest demands of us that we must enact our destined role in our time of crisis, to be the Einherijar within our Ragnarok upon Midgard to inform and inspire the universal awakening of all our Germanic folk.

This is our calling this year and with each that comes, with more urgency with each day that passes forthwith.
With extraordinary elegance and intelligent information alone shall Asatro re-kindle the spirits of all our Nordic & Germanic folk.
An Ásatrú future is a future worth fighting for
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