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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 27th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 27th Night of January 2015

Affirmative action, implicit or overt empowers racially non-European criminals, alleged criminals and their associates to positions of political power through giving easy political, career or education elevation to exploitative minorities, especially in relation to electoral and party politics, this is proven through the recent experiences of implicit affirmative action recipients within UKIP subsequently using their positions solely to enact damage against UKIP, against the only de-facto mainstream, electorally credible, responsible and potential governmental patriotic party in existence in the UK.
Affirmative action empowers statistically criminally over-represented and on average lower than average IQ ethnic groups and rewards them with career opportunities, internships, work experience, education places, political party sponsorship, sports sponsorship, media elevation or financial assistance packages that they lack the meritocratic worth for through all available normal routes of achieving such positions.

Affirmative action in real economic terms is akin to taxing Europeans and only Europeans in order to giver that money, or education place (which is in reality simply tuition fees of lecturers, teachers and support staff), health-care or housing assistance to non-European ethnic groups, without any other criteria. Affirmative action exists in its most insidious forms throughout our universities, government internships and fast track programs and at the media level in relation to all endeavours, due to our systematically anti-English and wider anti-ethnic-European media establishment.

This has been overtly proven and admitted by the Jewish CEO of the BBC James Harding.

UKIP has rightly suffered as a result of its own illogical use of affirmative action in a vain attempt to stave of media accusations of being non-inclusive, through artificially elevating Amjad Bashir to elected status, instead of an ordinary, more intelligent and well qualified English MEP candidate, 1 place further down the MEP list for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Insanely Amjad Bashir, with his alleged criminal associates, such as Mujeed Bhutto was made UKIP's communities spokesman, a position which Amjad Bashir abused and then was subsequently was suspended from, due to implicit affirmative action UKIP media relations staff engaged in elevating Amjad Bashir to national status with only a minute amount of investigation made into why Amjad Bashir joined UKIP and what his motivations were in doing so, it is an absolute projection that Amjad Bashir stated to the BBC that UKIP was a "party of ruthless self-interest", as Amjad Bashir exploited UKIPs defensive affirmative action public relations tendency for his own gain, that is until normal UKIP members reported him for suspicious, allegedly criminal affiliations with the convicted Pakistani child-trafficking gang leader Mujeeb Bhutto. Amjad Bashir continues to affiliate himself with his ethic co-infiltrator Mujeeb Bhutto, despite that convicted Pakistani criminal having already been forced to resign from UKIP back in early 2014.

This is what affirmative action has always produced for UKIP, Amjad Bashir, Winston McKenzie the failed Black candidate who achieved a pathetic 5.7%, effectively downgrading UKIPs electoral performance, Sanya-Jeet Thandi, the manipulative, Indian-centric defector who used her affirmative action position to attack UKIP, many lesser others and Mujeeb Bhutto.

Mujeeb Bhutto was another Pakistani given prominence inside UKIP solely due to the fact that he was Pakistani, he served as UKIP's Commonwealth spokesman for an entire year and was the former leader of a kidnapping, child-abduction and extortion gang that operated from Pakistan, who remained the leader despite living in Leeds. An argument against immigration through his personal example, not his articulated views.

Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto's Pakistani child-abduction gang engaged in a high-profile kidnapping within Karachi back in 2004, which Mujeeb Bhutto received a £56,000 ransom payment for in Manchester. As of 2005, Bhutto openly stated he was the gang's "boss" and was subsequently jailed for seven years by an English court and less than a few years after the end of that 7 year sentence, months after having joined UKIP, the affirmative action'eers who had taken over the UKIP head office promoted him to the height of media attention as a media spokesman for all Commonwealth related policies, solely because he was Pakistani and he acted or passively agreed with UKIPs principles solely in order to attempt to egotistically seek political power.

Sanya-Jeet Thandi was an Indian girl, who no doubt received also benefited from alleged implicit affirmative action quota admission to the London School of Extremism (LSE / London School of Economics), with an egotistical, allegedly anti-white political ambition who manipulated her way to the heights of UKIP, solely through affirmative action, and continual leftwing media interviews and features and then stabbed UKIP in the back, by using her position, after only reaching it due to implicit affirmative action, to then damage UKIP by calling it racist from the very media height of relevance, rather than all the other minorities that merely rant at UKIP over social media, Sanya-Jeet Thandi took a page out of Searchlight's playbook and allegedly engaged in infiltration defilement.

Amjad Bashir had effectively enacted the same, albeit defecting with an important MEP seat in the process, denying the English people of Yorkshire and the Humber the UKIP representative they elected! Amjad Bashir was suspended for having alleged criminal associations, Amjad Bashir then immediately defected to the Conservatives, solely and purposely to spitefully damage UKIP and to start another career inside a rival political party that passively supports mass immigration. Amjad Bashir, the Pakistani with alleged affiliations with a convicted criminal had motivations to get elected that are clearly malicious and motivated by an egotistical political career pursuit as proven via him joining the Conservatives after having been suspended from the UK Independence Party, as did the convicted Pakistani criminal before him: Mujeeb Bhutto.

This is what happens when non-European minorities are given affirmative action into the leadership or media heights of a political party, a party which non-Europeans would not normally agree with politically, it is revealed that they too never really believed in what UKIP stands for, nor did they believe in UKIP whatsoever.

   Amjad Bashir MEP suspended from UKIP pending investigation into serious issues

   Published Jan 24, 2015

   Amjad Bashir, a Member of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom Independence Party has today been suspended pending investigations into a number of issues which we consider to be extremely serious.

   Mr Bashir has been informed of the specifics of the investigations which include unanswered financial and employment questions, interference with UKIP candidate selection processes and a continued affiliation with Mujeeb Bhutto, despite the party’s protests against Mr Bhutto’s involvement with Mr Bashir or UKIP.

   A UKIP spokesman said: "The UK Independence Party has a zero-tolerance policy and takes the matters at hand extremely seriously.

   The allegations against Mr Bashir are of a grave nature and we will be forwarding our evidence obtained so far to the police. "UKIP will not tolerate anyone abusing their positions in the party, as we have a firm commitment to differing ourselves from the existing political classes.

   As a result, Mr Bashir’s involvement with the party was suspended today with immediate effect pending further investigations.

Affirmative action elevates ethnic minority criminals and their contacts and associates allegedly as Amjad Bashir is, to levels of political influence, they would never otherwise be able to achieve through any regular political career. Those non-Europeans that seek political office will often seek to use manipulative means to get there, for non-European ethnic minority criminals and their power hungry contacts, it is as simple as presenting themselves to a political party seeking to appear more 'inclusive', thus exploiting the PR concerns of political parties, to gain an almost guaranteed status elevation, including political power and influence in the eyes of their criminal associations.

This helps these criminals and their contacts allegedly like Amjad Bashir get into positions of influence, from which they aim, or have the malign ambition of allowing themselves to gain more wealth (a Member of the European Parliament's salary is £62,816.91 per year with no taxation plus expenses) and to gain influence amongst their fellow non-European ethnic minorities and the media and political class (many of whom have been proven as fraudsters, paedophiles and power hungry egotists and Jewish political psychopaths) as the current composition of the House of Commons proves beyond dispute.

As the expenses scandal and Saville paedophile ring has conclusively demonstrated. Affirmative action elevates Rotherham abusers and fraudsters to political office. The Psychology of cowardly hedonistic and egoistic criminals tends towards attempting to gain political power, why because life is political, and those that engage in parasitic, criminal lifestyles see political office as an even easier mechanism to achieve such vile, lowly and obnoxiously sub-human motivated political ambitions.

This is why affirmative action is backfiring on the political establishment, and will always betray outsider parties like UKIP that attract only the most manipulative ethnic minorities to join their ranks.

The overwhelming majority of non-European minorities will never vote UKIP, even when UKIP engages in affirmative action, and even if UKIP changes its image, non-European ethnic minorities vote along ethnic self-interest lines, 99% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012, well over 70% of Mexicans voted for Obama, In the UK ethnic minorities vote by over 60%-90% (depending on the specific minority group) for the Labour party, which has systematically let them into our country.

Non-Europeans will always vote for open borders when they are attempting to settle (or colonise) European nations, it is simply self-interested logic for them in the vast overwhelming super-majority of instances. Never in UK political history have ethnic minorities (including and especially Jews) ever majority-voted for a centre-right political party, never.

And this will not change, for it is human nature. All elections in nations with multiple ethnic groups have been and will increasingly become defined as racially dictated. Just look at Belgium, and that is the mere difference between, the related Dutch, French and German segments.

Elections in European vs. non-European multi-racial societies become the proxy mechanism for what would otherwise be open racially motivated civil war.

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