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Article author: Lars Alfgrim, Asatro News / Published: 24th Night of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2265.RE (Hrēþ-mōnaþ = Month of Wildness or of the Goddess Hrēþ) / 24th Night of March 2015
The Necessity and Normality of A Profound Resistance
Lars Alfgrim's first article: Let me be brief and to the point from the on-set of this article: My problem with a multitude of ideological or racial sites and movements is that they are not profound enough. They are always hindering themselves in one or another way, and this has been tremendously frustrating to me as an observer, seeing the dragging failures of various alternative outlets and ideologies. However, I was delighted to see English Asatro, run by volunteer writers organised freely by Dan Rayner, a practically unknown individual with pure potential.

It is the only alternative that I view as profound and direct enough in its opposition to the deep-rooted ills of modern society and yet professional and respectable in the way this message is naturally communicated to the reader. When the problem is cataclysmic, extensive and all encompassing, then the solution and our capacity to articulate it has to be massive to surpass the magnitude of the problem. However, too many people are afraid to take things to their logical conclusion. They claim they want to stay “mainstream” (and yet lack the basic political intelligence to change the very definition of what it means to be "mainstream") or they want to conform and change nothing profound in relation to failing to morally inspire the majority of the public, not realising that they are selling themselves out to the enemy and thereby weakening the few of us who are actually making a real effort to oppose the extreme and extensive problems facing our people that requires a profound solution, which is in reality a natural philosophical and fundamentally biological-spiritual approach and solution.

Despite the fact that I have been physically very frail ever since I have been recovering from a very long recovery process from a spinal surgical operation (making it impossible for me to write articles until now), I have never lost hope and instead I have actually found more determination to fight for our cause. It is in the most crippling or restricted states of being that we can find the motivation to fight or to think: Stephen Hawking is the Scientific epitome of this, where he made a decision to make his life into something magnificent despite his crippling motor-neurone disease, in the prison of his body he found his most noble minded spirit. I may not be physically strong since my operation, and my physical strength may never come back if I happen to be unfortunate, but I will always be able to fight with words.

  The greatest strength is a dedication to our people, for even when we die we live in our people. Writing down the obvious truths that we know is undermining to the enemy narrative, that threatens our people's future, through undermining our enemies we can help to reinforce our people's Germanic future.

Everyone who is aware of these truths and who has the capability to write, no matter whether they are physically frail like me or are hindered economically or is in a demanding 12 hours a day career or looking after a large family, has the moral obligation to write their thoughts and knowledge down in order to awaken others. It only matters that you contribute to the cause by writing down what you know or think, and that you follow visionary leaders, like I believe Dan Rayner to be or lead people yourself to the truth independently, if you deem yourself capable of as difficult a task as leadership or becoming a symbol for something greater than yourself.

I successfully contacted Dan Rayner several months ago, and I had promised him I would write an article to help inspire our folk as he described it, but my health condition prevented me from finishing the article. However, now I am writing an article for you, my readers, although perhaps not as complex and perfect as the one that I had originally intended to finish. What is vital to understand about this world is that we may be inhibited in countless ways, economically, logistically, financially in terms of media limitations without massive advertising but we should never give up and we should fight for our cause until we have won and our people have a future worthy of their existences. To surrender is to commit treason, and whoever surrenders is worse than the enemy, to not contribute to the awakening of our people is treason. Inaction is identical to Treason in its overall outcome.

I do understand that it is tempting in the current seemingly hopeless state of affairs to opt for surrender out of sheer laziness, but surrender to what, a worse state of existence?
Ultimately in the current state of affairs, there is never an excuse for surrender, and our ancestors understood that. If our ancestors had ceased to fight, you would not be here today. You would not even have been able to experience this world and to be conscious of it. You owe your consciousness to them, you cannot have come so far to give up now.

   I have had to suffer extreme pain and I have no words to describe the severity of that pain, but I will tell you this: I made it, I am alive today to write to you through my act of self dedication in simply holding on to the thought that to surrender is treason, then you and I can also make it when we hold on to the same declaration. We are going through cataclysmic times in which our Germanic race is being threatened with potential gradual degradation and defilement and on the other hand the possibility of an fantastic and unrivalled future, in this moment of our history anything less than victory is defeat, when we realise this obvious truth then we can motivate ourselves to emerge victorious as a people, by holding that same declaration.

I live in a region on continental Germanic Europe where the vast majority of the people are overwhelmingly European and it is, in my personal estimation, likely to stay like that way throughout this entire century due to economic factors and being a rural location. However, although I am quite confident of the situation in my region, I do not appreciate any non-European presence in my region at all, and even when they are not a direct threat to my section of our Germanic population, I still know that as their numbers are going to increase like everywhere else, they will threaten our Germanic and European population as a whole.

My awakening has more been a theoretical one based on solidarity to other Germanic folk than one based on nasty experiences of non-Europeans in the first person thankfully. I have learned about our reality the easy way, unlike so many who have moved away from the larger cities and become awakened the hard way.

Nevertheless, I am definitely no less devoted than anyone else to our cause. Perhaps even more so, as my writing here despite all indicates because my optimistic mind-set has not been changed by the cultural pessimism that goes along with a growing population of racial aliens in the midst of our European local populations. Multiculturalism tends to make people more pessimistic and more distrustful of each other. This has been proven in scientific research by several American anthropologists. I have certainly observed this much myself objectively from viewing the most decimated inner city areas from the outside, even more recent scientific studies have also demonstrated similar facts. The obvious is there for all to observe. Go and observe, and you shall discover the obvious.
However, to note the obvious and to embrace the notion that a naturally profound solution is needed to an extreme problems created by foreign subversives is quite another step of courage in allowing oneself to see the obvious.

   Too many people choose to ignore the obvious, and too many of those who choose not to ignore it fail to embrace the notion that a profound solution is needed. Part of this problem is that it is seen as too Radical, when in fact securing the future of our people and the integrity of our nations is a 100% natural national-life course to campaign towards and eventually reach a position of power from which we can enact the safeguarding of our people from in all our Germanic and European lands.

   I have been reading article upon article drudging through all the “not truthful enough” or "not realistic enough" stuff only to eventually stumble upon Dan Rayner’s site and then his Red Ice Radio interview which greatly appealed to me. I immediately noticed that what distinguished him from others is his lack of cultural pessimism that makes other ideological sites or figures horrifically depressing to read or listen to.
I believe this to be his greatest strength which, in my humble opinion, makes him absolutely suitable to inspire an international community of like-minded Germanic individuals to their racial salvation.
He, unlike so many others, is willing to embrace the profoundness that the situation requires in a natural way. Therefore, I see him as really the greatest hope that we have. He has, in my view, and he will dislike me for saying it: the potential to become the greatest Germanic nationalist leader ever. That is why I have so much faith in him personally, and I hope that others will also see that to make our movement succeed, we will have to accept a good leader. Especially a leader like Dan Rayner, who in editing this article stated I had to tone down my praise. That is the most important virtue of a leader, that he does not want to lead but does so because no-one else will do so virtuously.

I am not so much interested in pointing out all the details which have led me to the conclusion that all other movements are not both professional and naturally profound enough. Suffice to say that when you are not willing to do what the situation requires, you are part of the problem. I do not believe that we need to somehow “accommodate” the beliefs of the indoctrinated and misguided masses, nor of the semi-awakened, nor Christian fanatics. To describe this elemental situation lightly: the enemies of our people are wrong and we will not let them have an inch.
Things are often just simple when you do not pretend they are different from what they are. Our duty is to teach our people, and we should never accommodate the wrong beliefs of those who attempt to be political in all the wrong ways, as is common of almost every other alternative cult. To accommodate their wrong beliefs is equivalent to the disgraceful crime of surrender, our enemies know this and routinely attempt to subvert or corrupt us.

The enemy who is absolutely radical or truly dedicated did not accommodate beliefs that they did not approve of, but they sought to change society and to wipe aside all positive indigenous beliefs entirely. If we have the guts to oppose our ideological, philosophical and demographic enemies, we should learn from what they did. It is quite a feat to change an entire society, and therefore we can definitely learn a lesson or two from their history.*

A pitfall for new profoundly awakened individuals is to be radical in all the wrong ways, almost to capitulate to the enemies' definition of radical, which creates an impression that they are deliberately trying to damage the image of the ideas they proclaim to adhere to. Your profoundly awakened spirit should be directed towards worthwhile things politically and culturally and no energy should be wasted on whatever is counter-productive or simply useless, let along one hundred percent counterproductive. Going from no natural profound beliefs to a naturally awakened and profound or positively folkish mindset in ideological warfare is like the historical change from using swords to using machine guns on a universal level.
You have to know what you are doing when you convert to a profound political or philosophical natural, nearly biological and yet spiritual world view as Asatro. This is my advice to all newly awakened, energetic people out there. I understand that you have to get to know your own political strength and ability to articulate what you believe, and that you want and need to learn this by trial and error in each conversation you have, but please take my advice to heart so that you do not waste a tremendous amount of your precious time or damage your image on things that absolutely are not worth your time. What is more, it should be obvious to you that stereotypical images or behaviour, although you might associate this with radical folkish ideas, is often going to get you nowhere. The enemy understands this, so must you.

The enemy is subversively radical, but not too radical. At least, they are not always too radical in public. Sometimes they cross the line, so that we can score a lot of points. This illustrates just how damaging being radical can be. However, the point is that although you should be profound, you should know that there are wrong ways to exercise your profound ideals.
You need to try to get a good feel for this. I will not preach another 10 pages about this point and elaborate on it in minute detail, but instead I urge you to figure out for yourself what an adherent to a unique and highly distinct ideology such as Asatro should do, ultimately there are noble and eloquent archetypes to guide you in this process, as a man or woman.
It would be too much work for me to teach you that, because it is all about developing the right feeling and reckoning for your political, æsthetic and social appearance and attitudes. It isn’t so much about conscious thinking, analysing, and so on. You have to feel it. You need to get a feeling like “this is good and this is bad.” People in this modern society have a tendency to deny their own instincts, but I advise you to get in touch with your own instincts again and to follow and trust them as you follow and trust rational thought.
   Our unique Germanic instincts are there for a good reason, they are the complimenting or guiding aspects of our psychology that helped your ancestors to survive and thus were passed on and evidently the same fundamental laws of nature are the same in evolution and life as they are in cultural politics alike.
Editor's note (Dan Rayner): Lars Alfgrim is a truly honourable individual in his appraisal, although it should be noted that I, Dan Rayner, as an individual am powerless, it is only through inspiring and informing you the reader that an Asatro movement comes into existence. I believe that it is you who will lead yourself and that our Asatro folkish movement will rise upon the strength of individual Germanic folk working together, leading ourselves and that only those capable of leading themselves will be awakened in the first place by definition. For it requires self-leadership to be courageous enough to identify and articulate the truth in our era, as in all eras. I have long appreciated that I am nothing and you my people are everything. I am not a leader but a symbol, an individual who dares to stand defiantly in attempting to inspire and inform my fellow Germanic folk to lead your own life and take control of our collective destiny, through the realisation that if we all become our own leaders than together we can never be corrupted and we can ultimately refine our destinies and ensure that our Nordic & Germanic folk's future is a pure, elegant, extraordinary and everlasting one.
If war is an extension of politics (which by my definition includes all human communication) by other means, then the same fundamental laws of warfare apply to politics. Political Warfare is what we all engage in whenever we talk about politics to anyone, even casually and when we have any social, spiritual, cultural, philosophical or demographic effect, politics is just a modern corruption and attempted compartmentalisation of what is fundamentally part of the natural interaction of human societies and groups. The attitude of a natural sincerity and ruthless dedication is thus necessary to augment a higher degree of efficiency in awakening our folk as individuals and in our collective awakening.

*Where Lars Alfgrim talked about the need to learn from our enemies, this is encoded in Asatro, in what I have described as the “Battle principle of Heimdallr”: inspired by Heimdallr's defeat of Loki to reclaim Freyja's Brisingamen necklace. When Loki changes form, each time Heimdallr follows precisely, eventually exhausting Loki's tactics by matching them each time, through his ability to match Loki’s manipulative shape-shifting Heimdallr is victorious. This story in the sagas is an elemental description of a natural process, that Lars Alfgrim hints at clearly in his first, of what I hope are many powerful articles.
I sincerely hope you can be inspired by Lars Alfgrim's first article and heartfelt example of dedication and idealism and that you can be inspired to find the strength yourself to stand up for our beautiful, excellent, intelligent, extraordinary Nordic and Germanic folk and the elegant and pure future that we as a people deserve and demand of ourselves and the future world that we shall carve.
Perhaps you too would like to write articles here? I accept articles from volunteer writers via email.
I will also take the time to help you to become a good writer by editing your writing until I no longer need to and you write stylistically in perfect sync with the style of this website.
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