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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 28th Æfterra Jéola 2264.RE / 28th day After Yule 2014
A Day of Anger

French Protests
On Sunday the 26th of January 17,000 angry French citizens, 100% of them white, took to the streets of central Paris to stage a demonstration termed as "the day of anger demonstration" directed at Socialist President Francois Hollande's policies and his personal miss-conduct in office.
The Socialist Francois Hollande has been called on to resign by these protestors, who were obviously attempting to hitch on to the wave of protest-fever in the media among the continual and now bi-partisan supported Ukrainian riots.  

The French are angry at their Socialist president, whose original election resulted in jubilation from Jewish media outlets all over Europe. An alliance of over 50 predominantly right-wing groups organised this recent demonstration in central Paris, which was then joined by passersby, culminating in an estimated total of 17,000 people protesting, which is a substantial protest, although France saw larger protests only a few months ago, with dozens of different groups from farmers to shop-keepers demonstrating all over France.

The protest was enacted due to the fact that the French government:
   Does not listen to the people
   Ruins the army
   Is Letting loose delinquents
   Reducing the people's freedoms
   Assassinating our identity
   Destroying our families
   Giving away our sovereignty
   Letting in non-white Immigrants

The group which led the protest also has links to the Ligues, a now non-existent far-right group that existed in France during the 1920-s and 1930s, which held staunch racial positions, stood against the influence of Jews and once had 18 seats in parliament.

There are no records on Wikipedia of the group after 1938.  

At the protest, there were also Germanic racial salutes, demonstrators rightfully insulting the mainstream media press, especially the leftwing media and Jewish media entities.

There were also anti-Jewish-supremacist slogans being repeated, flares being lit, numerous and natural anti-immigrant chants and intellectual arguments-on-posters.  

The protestors also denounced the vile anti-white racist Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, the Justice Minister that was once hilariously compared to a monkey. The protest coalition states they have a:

   "Love of France, believe the country is sick and the actual government is leading the people towards the abyss".  

They marched from Place de la Bastille to the Place to L'Opera in central Paris.  

Demonstrators opposed the Socialist President's high taxation policies, and subsequently struggling economy and unemployment, whilst also protesting for the repeal of gay-laws and membership of the EU.  

President Francois's recent personal misconduct of separating from the official 1st lady, his girlfriend, and choosing to continue an affair in public knowledge, with another woman... Causing the 1st lady to spend a week in hospital as a result of massive amounts of distraught and stress.

   This massive display of unfaithfulness and dishonour aggravated millions of French citizens, that the highest elected office of their country could be occupied, and that is the correct term, by an immigrant loving, gay-loving, EU-loving, taxation-loving, Jew-loving, affair-loving, economically, morally and politically incompetent Socialist.  

Francois Hollande is also the most unpopular French President on record, with his approval rate falling to only 26 percent (BVA survey), and that was back as early as October 2013!

France's unemployment rate is currently at 3.29 million, as a result of mass-immigration, bad economic policies and the EUs economically disruptive and restrictive legislation.  

The French people are increasingly at odds with the view of the pro-Jewish mainstream political parties, resulting in polls almost all indicating the Front National will be the number 1 party in the EU elections in France in the upcoming 2014 EU elections this spring.

   The revival of groups with vague links to the Ligues of 1930s France shows that there is great potential in France for change beyond the Front National's stated aims and that France, despite claims of the dominance of the left, is not going to be willingly destroyed by the policies espoused by Jewish-supremacists and their instrumental and morally criminal political representatives like Francois Hollande.

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